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My wet, broken bed

July 20 2023

Beth came to my place as she was passing through for work, it took ages for our schedules to align and in the end we would only have an hour. But that was enough!


I'd met her once for a coffee when I was up that way for a meeting. We clicked straight away and I could tell she wanted to play with me and my man really badly. She needed a hard and fast session and we could certainly give her that. I met her at the door, she wanted to get straight into it but we waited for my man to arrive. It was only a few minutes but it built up the anticipation. Our flirty looks and light touches...


He arrived and we went straight to my bedroom and all stripped off. Kissing her was amazing, she was as enthusiastic as me. I played with her boobs and sucked her nipples, and I wanted to head further south but could see that she was mesmerised by my man's package. He lay back and we both licked his cock together up and down slowly, teasingly, and kissing at the top of each stroke, and we took turns taking him into our mouths. Then I helped her mount him.


He's tall and broad and Beth is relatively short so she was grateful for my help as she got into position. I spread her pussy lips with my fingers and guided her over his shaft. She was so ready for it she slipped right on and let out a huge shudder as she took him all the way in. I stood behind, reached around and held her boobs and rubbed my thumbs around her nipples as she rode him greedily. Then he indicated for me to assume the teepee position. We love this triangle, and Trigonometry is my favourite branch of maths so I'm all sine, cosine and tangent in my head which gets me right off. I straddled his face and as he buried his tongue in my pussy I leaned forward and kissed Beth long and hard.


After a while I climbed off, and my man took Beth from behind with her on all fours. I lay on my back, slid my head underneath the action and started licking her clitoris and she did the same to me. It was awesome, and she squirted all over my face when she came! Then there was a loud cracking noise and the bed shifted - quips about the earth moving of course! But we lifted up the mattress to inspect and sure enough we had snapped a bolt on the bed base and it was now resting on the drawer unit underneath!! Oh Damn!!


But we didn't let that end the party, we kept right on. We switched around - this time Beth sat on my man's face and I rode his cock, we kissed and caressed each other's boobs and really enjoyed each other, and then it was my man's turn to cop a face full of squirt!


I then took out some toys and we gave Beth a DP experience, which she loved - more squirt!


And when it was time for my man to cum, I licked Beth's pussy clean. Yum yum!


  • hotandready2

    24 Sep 2023

    I'm jealous 🤣

  • Patrick2510

    22 Jul 2023

    You guys are incredible, you're a brilliant story recounter too gorgeous girl x

  • Naughty_RiRi

    21 Jul 2023