My last fling with my ex.

October 12 2023

The divorce was over and settlement done but a call from Mandy the ex highlighted 4 boxes of odds & ends that she wanted gone, so I agreed to pop over and pick it all up.

She hadn't taken any time to find another guy, but there she was settled and happy. As I rang the door bell i realised they were doing well or he was and she was in her element, when the door opened a very well built guy answered quite handsome - Tom introduced himself and we shook hands as he ushered me in.

Mandy was chatting at the kitchen bench with a gorgeous older Asian woman who I took a liking to immediately and wow I popped a huge election when we shook hands hearing her name Soolyn.

After collecting all my stuff and putting it in the car the invite came to have a drink before I go.

The chance to get to know Soolyn of course I said.

After about 3 bottles of red and much discussion, everyone relaxed it was then Mandy tripped and spilt food drink and everything else all over me, I was a mess and they quickly ushered me to the bathroom to undress and shower, while they took and washed my clothes.

Im in the shower when Mandy comes in with a towel and a track suit follow by Soolyn, i was embarrassed as Mandy smiles and whispers to Soolyn, i could help it my cock grew as the two of them looked upon me.

Mandy didnt hesitate to strip enters the shower immediately rubbing my cock sucking my cock and finger fucking my anus. I look over to Soolyn who is sitting on the toilet seat with her hand between her legs rubbing and fingering her self. OMG a woman is masturbating watching Mandy sucking my cock and finger fucking my ass. I close my eyes to enjoy the moment.

Tom is at the door enjoying the action but im unaware as I have lifted Mandy up turned her round and started to fuck her from behind.

Mandy starts to scream and I'm worried Tom will hear, I look up and around to see Tom on all fours head buried into the crutch of Soolyn.

I start to blow and I can't stop the load.

I explode to Mandy coming and yelling stop stop I can't take it.

Mandy has to pull back and steps out of the shower as I enjoy the water soaking my body. But I feel a caress on my back and soft stroaking hand that parts my legs it's Tom naked in the shower he guides his hard monstrous cock into my anus to Mandy screaming oh my god, yes, fuck him baby fuck him.

It took time for his cock to go in a push relax a push relax and a push to enter me, slowly but he did, as I screamed with pleasure and pain. But I felt another touch and naked holding me in front was Soolyn facing me her perfect body her naked beautiful form there aroused kissing me stocking my face, she whispered ... take it ... enjoy it ... and with that she grabbed my cocked rubbing stroaking pulling she guided it into her while Tom pumped my ass.

We stayed in that shower till everyone came and that night I left with Soolyn.

We promised to return ...