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My husbands RHP birthday gift

September 15 2023

The events in this story actually occurred several weeks back, I have been sitting on the story for a while , but only posting now so enjoy!:


Hello again lovely’s! I’ve been meaning to write up this experience as a story for a week now.


So my husband’s birthday was Friday just gone. We have been living the lifestyle now for a number of months and both loving every moment of it.


For those unfamiliar with my previous stories my husband is Daniel, and we’ve become friends with a RHP member (Marcus). Who has been amazing for enhancing our sex life, so we again made plans to meet. I booked two CBD hotel rooms, one for myself and Daniel, and another for Marcus due to the long journey he had to make as he lives regional. I took Daniel to dinner in Southbank, and I dressed up real sexy for him. A long, tight fitting forest green dress with a big slit in the side to show off all my curves, a choker collar and sexy high heels. Daniel was already aware we were planning to meet Marcus again later that night. So the meal was a tease for us both, both eager to get back to our hotel. I didn’t wear any panties to dinner,


It hit around 9pm, and we head back to our room. And I asked Daniel what he wanted to do. He said he was ready, to start the festivities. So with that, I pushed him over to a lounge chair and started kissing him passionately with tongue, and started touching his body. I whispered in his ear, “do you want to watch me get fucked”? Tonight was going to have a big focus on dirty talk, we both enjoy porn and tonight I want to feel act like a pornstar. Daniel replied yes to my question. And with that I sent Marcus at text, told him to come to our room. While we were waiting for Marcus our hung black bull to arrive at our room, I unbuttoned Daniels jeans, and pulled out his cock. It was hard, he was clearly turned on. I started stroking him, whispering in his ear, you going to join us this time? Or just watch? “Watch… then join” Daniel replied. I placed his hand up my dress though the leg slit so he could feel my already very wet pussy. He started fingering me as I stroked him. I got a wax two days earlier so I was super smooth. I continued talking dirty. “I’m going to fuck Marcus so hard, he’s going to make me scream”.


There was a knock at the door, I ran to answer it. Marcus was here, yay! I bought him in, sat him down on the bed he exchanged a few words with Daniel, then I told Marcus to get naked and I ducked into the bathroom for a moment. In the bathroom I took off my dress and bra, I was naked, but left my choker and heels on.


I came back out, Marcus was there naked lying back looking at the roof. I crawled up on him and slid his cock into my mouth, started sucking him to get him hard. Getting him hard didn’t take very long at all, and before I knew it I was struggling to get his thick chocolate cock more then a few inches in my mouth. I made sure to spit all over his cock and balls to get them wet and sloppy. I can’t even begin to describe how sexy this man is.


I was keen to have Marcus inside me as soon as possible. Daniel moved his chair to the foot of the bed, and I got up, straddled him and slid him into my pussy. We started in reverse cowgirl so I could watch Daniels reaction. Daniel had pulled his pants back up since Marcus had arrived, so I gestured at him to start jerking himself off. He started stroking himself, as Marcus slid his 10 thick black inches into my extremely wet pink pussy.


Since we’ve been seeing each other semi regularly, I now have no problems taking such a big cock, it felt amazing. Time to put on a show.


Daniel loves dirty talk. So I dropped a few phrases to get him going.


“Do you like seeing your wife with another man”?.


“He feels so big, filling me up”.


“I’m going to cum all over him”.


Anyway riding him in this position drove me to my first orgasm. After about 5 minutes.I beckoned Daniel over and gave him a kiss on the lips. Then I said Marcus had agreed to do something special for Daniels birthday. And told him happy birthday, and instructed him to get on the bed.


We changed position, Daniel got on the bed, lay down flat on his back, and I sat on his face. Marcus came up behind me and slid into me again from behind, doggy style. I now had my husband sucking on my clit and my big black muscle bull fucking me from behind. It felt incredible, this is my new favourite position.


After a few minutes, I started moaning really loudly. I was going to cum again, this position felt simply incredible. Marcus was hitting all the right places, slowly but deeply fucking me and Daniel was flicking his tongue over my clit.


I yelled out "Fucckkkk!" and I came again. This time my pussy flooded with juices and a gushed all over Daniels face. My orgasm was so hard and I pushed Marcus out of me. After a moment, I caught my breath. Put it back inside me. I was going into super nympho mode in this position. Marcus was back inside me again. Slamming me, this time deep and hard again from behind. Daniel had stopped eating me as it was difficult due to how hard Marcus was fucking me. I put Daniels cock into my mouth, we were in the 69 position, but with Marcus still hitting me from hard behind.


Here it come again, I could feel the buildup. Orgasm 3, it was a full squirt all in Daniels face, Marcus cock was pushed out again, as my legs shook post orgasm.


I needed to change position. I told Daniel to go back to the chair, I lay on my back put me legs over my shoulders exposing my swollen creamy pussy in the air.


“I need you to come inside me.”


Marcus slid his monster cock back inside me, I was determined to finish this so I could give Daniel more of his birthday present. I was folded up like a little package getting used like a toy.


“That’s it, breed me. Empty your balls inside my married pussy”.


About a minute in this position and Marcus let out a groan, and I could feel him flooding me with his alpha seed. Another deep creampie from favourite bull. He caught his breath, pulled out and I could feel his warm cum run out of me down my butt cheek. Marcus caught his breath, then I asked him to leave us. He dressed and was out the door.


I called Daniel over, lay him down, and slid him inside my cum filled pussy. It’s clear to me now that Daniels completely bi curious, so I used this knowledge to my advantage in my next few phrases I threw out. I asked him:


“Do you like how I feel? All stretched out, full of another man’s cum”?


“Can you feel him in there? He’s like twice the size of you baby”


Daniels cock was covered in what looked like foamy cream. A mixture of Marcus and my juices. We stopped, took some photos before I told him it was his turn to enjoy his wife. Daniel fucked me harder than usual. It was sensual with lots of kissing, and he made me cum another couple of times before he gave me my second creampie for the night.


I gave him a blowjob to clean him up while he homered me to one final orgasm. Then we went to bed.


  • Amyabs

    29 Sep 2023

    Hu let have fun n give sruprise to yours hubby

  • Extraman

    28 Sep 2023

    Fantastic lucky lady ( bloody lucky Marcus)glad you enjoy your night

  • BrisbaneHotMale

    26 Sep 2023

    Well written. I was the birthday gift for many couples. It’s so sexy

  • sydney_tradie

    26 Sep 2023

    I’ve been very lucky enough to have been in a few hot wife scenarios and they’ve been awesome

  • FitMilfandFox

    25 Sep 2023

    Very indulgent naughty fun....

  • TheMinx

    25 Sep 2023

    Your very good at birthdays 😏😈

  • hotandready2

    23 Sep 2023

    You sound sexy 😍

  • benm88

    23 Sep 2023

    Just read all of your stories. Amazing! Got me so worked up. You sound like a Gem!

  • looking321

    22 Sep 2023

    Nothing better than cumming inside a married pussy

  • FunSingleMsc

    21 Sep 2023

    Love your stories, sound like alot of fun!!!

  • diesel75752

    21 Sep 2023

    Sounds like a wonderful night, hubby need to add this to our list. Thank you for sharing xx

  • Patrick2510

    20 Sep 2023

    Love your stories x

  • friendlyguy65

    20 Sep 2023

    What a great night!

  • BlackmambaX

    20 Sep 2023

    Nailed it with this one! Love how your dynamic is progressing! 😉

  • Swingingnudist

    20 Sep 2023

    Fantastic hot wifeing, nothing better than watching another man fill your partner then slip in after.