M36 F37

My good wife

July 25 2023

So you are in black Lacie lingerie that type of bra that doesn’t have a the cushions just straight to your glorious tits. I had you on your knees with a blindfold around you with the music loud. Then 3 extra blokes came in to our hotel took their cocks out and lifted your hands onto theirs while I took my cock out of your mouth and someone took my place. I got down behind you and started to play with your wet pussy while you kept your blind fold on and moved from hard cock to hard cock not ever seeing who they were.


After making you squirt as your were busy with three Cocks I lifted you up and told you to bend over the couch then one of the other guys came behind you and slipped his big hard cock into your wet pussy while the rest of us got our spots in front of you so you could continue sucking and jerking our cocks. So you were getting fucked from behind very aggressively still while having your blind fold on. Then all you could hear was him moaning pulling out his cock taking his Condom off and cummin on your ass. While I’m telling you that’s your my good slut wife and you will do as I say! He then put his clothes on and left with out you ever seeing him or knowing his name.


We hand you a towel tell you to wipe yourself off and then I tell another guy to get on the floor lying down. Then I tell you to take your sopping wet black Lacie panties of position you over him and tell you to slide his large cock into you and get you to bounce up and down on it and I push you down lower so he is deep inside you. The other bloke and I stand to the side and keep your mouth and hands busy while we start pinching your nipples and I start to smack your titties hard. You moan with the feel of his cock and then wince with how hard I’m smacking your tits. You start playing with your own tits and nipple and the sounds you’re making and watching you fuck the guy on the floor is amazing. The other guy your sucking can’t handle it any more and I tell you he is about to cum on your tits. So you lean back on the other guys cock still gyrating while I have my cock in your mouth as he cums on your tits and then you feel the cock your on explode inside of you!!! You have cum on your tits and the guy on the ground is moaning as he cums inside you. You still have a blindfold on and are being called my good slut wife.


As you get off the ground and cock and wipe yourself off the last two blocks leave with out you ever seeing them. You have now fucked two hard cocks you never saw and made one cum before he could even get inside you.


I still don’t take your blindfold off and slam you up against the wall face first tell you to spread your legs and start finger fucking you and telling you you are not to come until I tell you!! I start playing with your clit while my other fingers are inside you making sure you know that i’m your master and you are not allowed to cum with out my permission. I take my fingers out while still playing with your clit and give you three smacks on the ass leaving marks.


Your start to ask if you can cum and I tell you to beg for it. Stick my other fingers back in slamming them in and out while still playing with your clit and you beg and beg you to come. As I say “you can cum for me now my good girl” I move behind you and slam my cock in so you can cum on my cock and you start thinking about the night and how kinky it was to get fucked by all those guys you never saw and that you now have your husband rock hard cock in you and you cum so hard on my cock while I unload my cum in your wet pussy. We cum together and moan and shake with the strength of the orgasms we are having. I finally take your blindfold off and you see that there is one more guy there who was just watching and playing with himself and as you see him he cums on his own from just watching you come on my cock. He then gets up and leave with out speaking.


We then lay down on the bed gasping for air and we cuddle each other and breathe until we are ready to go again!!!!! Love you my slut wife


  • coupleinlove1

    27 Jul 2023

    Great, I want to have some experience with my sexy wife. 🤪

  • Imup69

    27 Jul 2023

    Hmmm nice girl,thanks for sharing the story and your hot wife,those lucky bastards!!

  • ajaussie

    26 Jul 2023

    Very nice….. lucky guys

  • Lionboy

    26 Jul 2023

    I am hard already 😇

  • flyboy69

    25 Jul 2023

    What a great wife 😜😜