My First Night With a Cougar & Her Cuckold Hubby

September 07 2023

It was a warm summer evening, the summer holidays were in full swing..


It was the perfect night for my first sexual encounter with a stunning British Cougar and her Bi “sissy” husband.


As a straight, young 28 year old guy, the idea of having a threesome with an older couple in their late 30’s.


Since I can remember, I have always been infatuated with older women, specifically for some unknown reason, older women with British accents drive me crazy.


The lead up to our encounter, Involved some chat online with both the gorgeous Mistress and her sissy husband and their kinks and desires. We agreed, that she would open the door for me and lead me down the hallway to where her bitch hubby would be kneeling in a skirt and lingerie, ready to have my thick, 8.5” member shoved down his throat. I walked towards him, while she saddled up on the back of the couch stroking my arm as I undid my pants and pulled my cock out, slapping his mouth in the process. She couldn’t hide her excitement and groaned while complimenting my “beautiful cock” from there, it felt natural, her husband sucked and swallowed my juicy, throbbing cock all the way to the hilt, she encouraged me with touch and her arousing British accent to “face fuck” her slut of a husband which I did, ferociously, while gazing at her gorgeous slender legs and somewhat curvy MILF arse.


It didn’t take me long, the combination of her sexy sultry accent talking dirty to me and revealing her bum cheeks while her husbands gobby mouth kept going and going and without much warning I pulled my cock out of his mouth and shot a huge load of hot cum across his face and lips before he continued sucking every last drop out..


The prior plans had been, that would be the first meetings encounter, with the second likely to involve me fucking him like a bitch, however, it appeared to be mutual, the desire I had for her and her for me, we kissed longingly while I rub my hand between her arse cheeks, it became clear, the next meeting, would be more of a cuckold type encounter, that I desperately hoped, would include me eating her gorgeous asshole, while the sounds of her sexy British voice ring out begging for more ;)


Stay tuned for Part 2