M42 F42

My 1st 3some

May 10 2023

He made contact with me, it was Mother's Day, I was stuck out patrolling, and was horny as hell. I checked out their profile, she looked cute and sexy, so I responded. An hour later, I was at their door, nervous and excited.


She came to the door, wearing a little black skirt, and a bra, she was hotter then her pictures, I stiffened up just looking at her, 5 foot 7, long dark hair, just under a handful of breast in each cup, she turned around, and lead me in. We spoke for a bit, with me saying this was my 1st 3way, and her putting me at ease, eventually she asked if I had ever had my cock sucked by a chick in front of her man, before I could fully respond, my cock was out and in her hand.

I looked at him, he was rubbing his own cock already, she brought me back to her by taking me in her mouth, she sucked good, really good, slow, fast, using her hand around my shaft, between groans of enjoyment I kept glancing at him expecting him to kick me out, but he just kept wanking, feeling myself getting close, I told her he needed to be sucked too, and she raced over and got to work on him. So far so good, was so out of my comfort zone, and yet soo hard and excited watching her work him. He took her bra off, and she lifted her skirt, no underwear, fully shaven, and looking soo fuckable, I was inside her in an instant.

She felt amazing, I happily pumped away, some how not busting my nut for some time, he said something and she spun around, riding him reverse cowgirl while sucking me. Between mouthfuls she asked me to cum on her face, to be honest I wanted to get inside her ass, but going with the flow I held her head and pumped her mouth hard. He grunted seeing that, and she spun again quickly, just in time for him to spray her face, it was so hot seeing that, I told her my turn, and she spun again, gripping my cock hard and wanking me off onto her cum covered face, I was flowing in seconds. She looked so good in our spunk, she cleaned us both, then herself, I got dressed and went back to work.

Was a fantastic day after that.