Midnight suprise!

March 21 2023

In the middle of the night, I quietly walk into the spare room where you’re sleeping. I see you sleeping face down... in that red shirt I gave you half under the covers.

I slowly pull the covers back and down past your feet... you mutter something and move around to reveal that the red shirt is all you're wearing.


I can't quite see anything with how your legs are... I take a quite deep breath decided to make my move.


I slowly run my fingers up your inner leg... only just touching just to see what you reaction is you move your legs apart and fuss slightly, showing me your pink juicy pussy. I resist all my urges to just slide my dick in then and there.


My hands slowly work up your inner legs as I gently spread your legs further apart... I don't want to wake you yet, so I slowly run my fingers over the edge if your pussy... I feel you tense up as I touch you... then relax... I spread your pussy open... i wet my fingers and slow rub your clit... you instantly moan and push back so slightly.


I instantly see your pussy start to glisten with juices... I keep gently rubbing your pussy as you get wetter and wetter. Once I can feel you pushing back hard... and hear making muffled moans in the pillow. I decide it's time to make you really enjoy it.


I spit on my now rock hard cock... and make sure it's good and wet... I spread you now wet and juicy pussy with one hand... and slowly guide the just the tip of my cock into your open hole... I hold it just for a second to see what you'll do... as it touches... you push back and let out a moan, may favourite noise a lady makes is when you first slide in... that somehow makes me harder than I already was. Your pussy takes the tip of my cock into its warm wet depth... this subconscious reaction to the tip of my cock, almost makes me cum then and there.


I slow myself and slowly slide deeper... till my cock is balls deep in your pussy. I hear you moan... and let out a "mmmm …fuck yes, deeper”.

I do as I'm told and slide even deeper... your hips buck up and you moan.... the surprise had clearly worked...

Your hips pushed back and forward on me, face still in your pillow... I grab your hips... And start fucking you hard and fast... you moan with every hard thrust... And beg for more... I feel your pussy getting wetter and your moans get more intense.



I slide my cock out of your pussy.... now dripping with juices... and slam my face in its place. My tongue now lapping at your juices... I slide my fingers into your pussy with ease and hook them around so start hitting your G spot that makes you beg for more. My tongue and mouth lapping the juices and sucking and lucky your clit... and my fingers fuck your pussy hard and fast.

I feel your hips start to buck and push hard back on me ... I know your close... so I pull back.

I slide my hard cock back into your now dripping and hot pussy... I hear you moan as you take all my cock... and start fucking you hard and rough... and I feel you bucking back... and I can feel your pussy start to tense around my cock... I hear you let out a moan and scream "fuck yes" as your pussy contracts I feel you cum on my cock... this instantly makes me cum... and fill your wet pussy with a huge load, I hold you there as we both pulse and contract, every last drop being drained from my cock... you fall forward as I let go of your hips.. and my cock slides out of you now dripping pussy.

You lay there face down... cum and juices flowing out of you... the sight makes me rock hard again... but we are done for now.


I get off my knees... and stand next to you whisper in your ear... "hope you sleep well, see you in the morning" and walk quietly out of the room.


  • MrsTingle

    29 Mar 2023

    Dream fuck…omg I LOOOOOVE waking up like this 🔥🔥🔥🔥💦💦🌊🌊

  • Pammy99

    23 Mar 2023

    Omg... I wanna sleep over too!!!