Memory #2 - First and only MFM

July 16 2023

It was a warm evening in December and despite feeling extremely anti-social after a long week at work and a recent break up, my housemate had convinced me to go to a party. It was his girlfriends sisters birthday party, I knew her and her friends, we all worked for the same company - I just worked at a different site to this group. I also figured since it was literally across the road from our unit I could bail pretty easily any time I wanted.


The party went pretty much as expected, the usual groups hanging together bitching about work, though there were a few new faces there, and I did my best to put on a good face and introduce myself, finally relaxing after downing a few drinks. Around 11ish I had had enough of the noise and took a seat on a bench out front. Not long after a member of the group who all worked together came out and sat next to me starting to chat. Lets name her Sally for this story. She chatted idly at first asking about work and changes in relation to my store intertwined with sarcastic teasing. Her banter had always been great and a little flirty, and it was something I loved about her - though I thought she was way out of my league. She slid in a question about my ex, not looking at all surprised when I said we had broken up, clearly my housemate's gf had gossiped. A guy from the group emerged from the house with a few drinks, handed her one and sat on the other side of her - lets call him Miles. We all chatted for a bit, and at some point one of her legs had hooked over my knee as she leaned a bit on Miles. I knew from past conversations that Sally was a bit interested in him, and it was clear as day that he was really into her. Despite this I found myself resting a hand on her thigh where it rested above my leg, and unconsciously began running my fingers around in slow circular patterns. We had all been chatting for a while when Miles got up to use the bathroom, and as Sally adjusted to not having a support to lean on she had to move her leg away. She winked at me and said I was really enjoying that, making me realise two things - What I had been doing, and that she had very hard nipples showing through her top - both pierced.

Being the smart ass that I am I retorted "If you are that turned on from a few fingers running along your jeans, imaging how it'd feel to have all of them running along your bare skin." Which earned a laugh as I'd expected, it was within the usual banter range...except this time she was blushing a bit. Miles returned with another couple of drinks, and we returned to the previous positioning. This time I decided to be cheeky and gave a squeeze as I rested my hand on her thigh, I saw her bite her bottom lip and she shifted her leg just a bit closer. I continued running my fingers along her thigh, though more consciously know, and I decided I didnt care that Miles was right there or what he thought. They were talking and laughing at something and I decided to be even more devious and started sliding my hand higher along Sally's thigh, I felt her tremble and a warmth radiating from her as I got higher. I grinned at her just as she tilted her head back...and Miles took it to be her wanting him to kiss her. He made the move and I saw Sally tense up as if unsure what to do, before she began returning the kiss. I started to remove my hand, and make to leave them in pravacy when I felt her hand on mine, guiding it firmly with purpose. Just as MIles was breaking away from the kiss, Sally sat up blocking him from noticing where my hand had been placed, and announced she was going to go say bye to everyone, it was about time she headed home.

Miles and I were both a bit stunned, and he agreed he was going to do the same and made to follow Sally. Just as she was entering the house she called back, dont go anywhere yet. I had been ready to head home and take care of business myself, Sally wasnt the only one that had been turned on, but I was curious and somehow optimistic at her request.

Not even 5 minutes later Sally reemerged with Miles in tow, and pointedly stated she needed me to walk her home. I knew she lived two streets over, and there was a park right next to the house that cut through to her street. She didnt need to be walked home, I knew she had made the trip frequently - including one earlier that night. But she had a look in her eyes that said she needed me to agree, and so I got up and agreed to make the trip. Miles looked a touch forlorn and had obviously though he would walk her home after their kiss, and Sally didnt leave him hanging for long spinning round and kissing him again before asking if he was also going to walk her home. He agreed but looked at me with utter confusion on his face, and suddenly I knew exactly what game Sally was playing. It left me torn, I was competely straight with zero interest in males, yet I'd gotten to the point of wanting her badly. I decided to go with it, I'd set my boundaries when the time came.

We walked through the park, making it to a playgorund, where Sally promptly sat on a bridge section that was just under my waist height. I knew from experience just how perfect the height of that bridge was. I grinned at her and made a nodding gesture towards Miles in question. She motioned him to come to her and pulled his face to hers kissing him deeply as I watched. After a few moments I made my way around to the other side of the bridge. Miles noticed me and started to pull away from the kiss, and I saw Sally's hand slide into his crotch and begin rubbing. It was enough to make him pause, and Sally took this opportunity to lean in and whisper in his ear. I heard her say " I want you both, so either I get you both tonight or no one gets me at all." Miles had a look of absolute shock on his face, and Sally kissed him some more easing his tension away a little as she continued rubbing his crotch. Then she undid his jeans and freed his cock. I followed suit, releasing my own and stroking it as I observed for the moment. Sally spun round on the bridge laying so her head was just off the side closest to MIles, and pulled him closer, wrapping her mouth around the head of his cock. This placed her legs closest to my side of the bridge and I stepped forward, running my fingers up the insides of both her legs, before undoing the bittons on the jeans and pulling them off exposing a bright red gstring underneath. Sally was guiding Miles in a rhythm and he had his eyes mostly closed, clearly unsure what to do. Running my hands up the length of Sally's body again I allowed them to slide under her shirt, up over her breasts, and gave them a squeeze, running my thumbs around her pierced nipples eliciting a muffled moan. Leaving her breasts exposed as a hint for MIles I bent to my knees. The gstring was removed as I kissed up along her thighs before I slid my tongue between her wet lips. We remained this way for a while before I heard a gasp and moan from Sally, right before I felt her hand grab my hair and pull. I though she wanted me deeper and I pressed more firmly working my tongue over her clit, which caused her to press up into me for a moment before she yanked on my hair harder. I lifted my face and saw her looking down towards me, her chest heaving as she gasped for air as if she had just run a race, and cum sliding down her cheek. "fuck me now!" she gasped. She let out a great moan as I entered her, working her legs around me and pulling me in hard. Miles looked quite jealous, but he had cum already after all. I learned that night that Sally was quite loud when she came, and also very insatiable. After coming twice she spun round to finish me with her mouth. Miles stepped forward and began rubbing Sally's Pussy as she did so, earning him an appreciative moan, I came down her throat and she grinned up at me as she swallowed giving me another of her flirty winks I had assumed meant she was just teasing - guess i had that misread.

She motioned for Miles to lie down and mounted him, riding him hard and fast as I watched and stroked my cock as I readied for my own round 2 which Sally decided would be doggie style at the park table. Shortly after 2am Miles and I finally escorted Sally home. "What a night to fulfil fantasies! Outdoors, and with two guys" she proclaimed as she hugged Miles goodnight and turned to me. She gave me a grin as she stepped forward to hug me whispering in my ear, "and it was about time you finally fucked me too."


I'm still surprised no one called the police with how loud Sally was, but then from my housemates comments the next day, I am pretty sure our activities were observed by a few people leaving the party that night.