Meeting the couple

January 04 2023

I arranged to meet them at a bar in the city at about 7.30 on a Saturday night.

The bar was quiet and they were sitting outside so I immediately spotted them. They seemed relaxed but slightly nervous and already had a gin waiting for me.

After a few weeks of text conversation, I was finally meeting a couple I’d been speaking to. They were attractive and dressed casually, but well presented.

They were really nice people. Smart and successful, the conversation moved easily from pleasantries to flirty and suggestive.

As the drinks flowed, I could see we were getting along well and there was definitely mutual attraction. When she suggested having a few more drinks back at their hotel, there was no hesitation from me or her husband.

We piled into the back of a taxi, her in the middle. She had one hand on my leg and the other on his. Her hand started to make its way up to my crotch and then back down my thigh. She repeated this teasing, which made my cock harder with each stroke.

We get to the hotel and make it into their suite.

We have a few more drinks and then she excuses herself into the bedroom and comes back out wearing a sexy black lingerie set and a see through robe. Her body was curvaceous and sexy. The lingerie fitting her perfectly.

Her intention was clear and she made her way over to her husband and I on the couch in the living area to move us all into the next phase of the night.

She slowly moved closer to me, making sure her husband could see every movement. She straddled me, kissed me, and started unbuttoning my shirt.

She looked over to her husband and asked if it’s ok to move to the bedroom. Of course he says yes.

We enter the bedroom, she approaches me and takes my belt off and then unbuttons my pants, whilst never taking her eyes off mine. A wicked grin on her face shows she’s enjoying taking control.

I take off my pants while she makes her way over to her husband and does the same.

By this time, she is just wearing her g-string and bra.

She moves over to me and starts kissing me, but stops quite quickly and moves back to her husband who by this stage is now naked. She leads him onto the bed.

They kiss a little before she moves down and takes him in her mouth.

She’s lying on her back on the bed and he’s kneeling beside her. He sees how much I’m enjoying the show and invites me onto the bed.

I slowly remove her bra and g and start kissing my way down her body from her breasts down past her stomach. At the same time she has her husband in her mouth.

When I get to her pussy I can feel she’s already soaking wet.

I gently kiss around her and in between her thighs before starting to touch and feel her.

My fingers enter her quite easily, she’s already writhing to my touch. I sense it’s something she’s been wanting all evening.

My technique seems to be to her liking because I can already feel her approaching climax, which happens soon after. Her moans fill the room.

I don’t stop my torturous play, with my fingers inside her and my other hand circling her clit. She climaxes for a second and third time.

We pause and reposition ourselves.

The husband and I are now sitting next to each other at the head of the bed. She crawls towards both of us, grabbing us both at the same time. One of us in each hand.

She takes me in her mouth, then switches to her husband and continues to swap between us.

While she’s doing this, we are fondling her. Me with her boobs and her husband with her pussy.

She then asks her husband if she can fuck me.

Of course he says yes.

We kiss again before she mounts me.

She continues to make eye contact with both me and her husband.

He’s sitting next to us on the bed, watching us and playing with himself.

She gasps when I’ve fully enter her, and slowly begins to ride me. I grab her ass while she does.

She builds up speed and begins to grind and ride me excitedly.

At this point her husband stands up on the bed over her and she puts him in her mouth again.

It’s quite a hot visual.

She climaxes several times while riding me, her juices pooling at the base of my cock, which I love.

She rides me for what seems an age, before dismounting.

The night continues….