Meet up in a park

November 03 2023

It's a nice sunny Saturday morning and we arrange to meet in a park to have a coffee together, as we meet each other, we slowly kiss until we are kissing passionately some more and I take my chances by sliding my hand down between your legs and push gently against your pussy as I gently slidecmy hand between your legs, I can feel you pushing down on my hand and now know that your ok with me doing this so I start to push a little harder and move my hand a little faster between your legs, as you start to kiss me more firmly now and your tongue is exploring my mouth I slide my hand up to your waist and slide it into your pants so I can feel your knickers and continue to rub your pussy on the outside of your panties and can feel your panties becoming moist from your pussy starting to become wet, I slide my little finger under the elastic of your panties and move them to one side allowing my hand to run through your pussy lips and gently slide a couple of fingers inside of you as you gasp with pleasure, I start to use my thumb to massage your clitoris while fingering your pussy as you start to moan more and kiss me much firmer I work on your clitoris as you massage your breasts until you orgasm.


After you have orgasmed you straighten your clothes up and take me by the hand and we start to head back to the car and start to drive back to Ballarat, as we are driving back to Ballarat I rest my hand on your thigh and gently slide it over your pussy every now and then, as your still very horny you place your hand down your pants and continue to rub your clitoris as we drive back to your place, as we arrive back to your place we pull up outside and walk in as nothing even happened.


As we get through your front door you turn around close the door behind us and then grab my cock and drag me to the loungeroom where we sir on the couch and start to kiss as you unbuckle my belt and undo my pants as you stand up you pull my pants down and then you kneel down and take me in your mouth and start to give me a very nice and sensual blow job as I start to cum inside your mouth you start to suck harder, I stand up in front of you to kiss you and slowly remove your clothes stopping to kiss your neck, moving down to suck on your nipples and then removing your pants and your panties I sit you down on the couch and raise your legs up beside you and kneel down and start to finger your pussy and suck on your clit gently at first but getting firmer as your starting to enjoy it, I keep on eating your pussy and sliding my tongue all over it until you orgasm so I slide my tongue down and push it inside of you so I can taste your cum.


We get up and you grab me by my cock again and lead me into your bedroom wear we lay on your bed caressing each other as we lay there kissing each other as I become aroused again I get up kneel between your legs and slide a pillow under the small of your back to lift your hips up a bit and slide my cock into your pussy slowly and start to slide in and out of you but not all the way out softly and slowly as I look down at you and reach down to massage your breasts I take your hand and place it on your clitoris as you start to rub your clit as in slowly thrusting in and out of you, you reach down and spread your fingers apart so you can feel me sliding in and out of you and to soak your fingers in your juices so you can apply it to your clitoris and use it to lubricate it.


As you start to thrust your hips upwards to meet mine I slowly start to pull all the way out and then thrusting it back into you slowly building up the speed of my thrusts as you start to tighten around my cock I can feel you trying to push me out, I push in as far as I can as you start to cum as I cum deep inside of you, as I keep on slowly thrusting into you as your orgasm subsides I pull out and slide up beside you to kiss you, hold you tight and gently caress you, as we regain ourselves.

After a while we start to play with each other some more until I'm hard again and I have you hop on top of me and slowly rock backwards and forwards on my hard cock as I reach up and play with your nipples and sliding my hand down to rub your clit to bring on another orgasm, as I'm finding it harder to cum now I get you to hop up on all fours and take you doggy style so I can really thrust into you deep and fast and then slow it down with some reasonably hard thrusts into you holding onto your hips and pulling you back onto me with every inward thrust, as you rub your clitoris to another massive orgasm as I finally cum deep inside you, as we lay beside each other and gently kiss each other I run my nails gently over your back as we contemplate if we should go again as we are enjoying it so much.