M35 F31

MFM with two younger studs

October 13 2023

I told David to lie on his back, I got on top and straddled him, sliding him into my pussy. Luke stood in front of me and I sucked him off. We enjoyed this position for a few minutes. Then I told Luke to go to my suitcase and pullout my bottle of lube, which I put on his cock and in my ass. I then confessed my desire for them to double penetrate me… DP. My only regret is that I didn’t have a third using my mouth.


It took them a few minutes to get into a position that minimised man on man contact, but soon they were both fucking me hard, both in my pussy and ass. This made me cum, I orgasmed hard, soaking David below me. I moaned and told them both, to keep going, keep fucking me hard. Luke started pulling my hair, “Do you like this you slut?”


“I do, fuck my married holes” I replied. This set Luke off I could feel him stiffen, slow and start cumming inside my ass. A moment later I could feel the same in my pussy. Two younger guys had just cum inside me at the same time. This was a first for me.


They both pulled their cocks out, I lay on my back and fingered myself to another orgasm (squirting) while they watched. Watching me play with myself got them hard again, Luke jerked himself off and blew one final load over my chest.


They both got dressed and left.


  • BBCMan88

    31 Jan 2024

    I would love to fuck your married holes msg me

  • Patrick2510

    16 Oct 2023

    Love your stories, I'm local if you're ever looking for an extra guy