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MFM fun

August 06 2023

It had been a while since Dani and I had played with someone and we were both feeling like it might be time for another adventure.

We refreshed our profile and started looking online if anyone that took our eye. It was long before we started getting bombarded with the inevitable messages from single guys. Dani took an interest in a few of the single guy profiles so we started messaging back and forth, chatting and swapping pics to see if there was a connection.


After weeding out the undesirables Dani established a re-pore with a young guy called Brett. We established a three way chat and all got to know each other a bit over the next few weeks messaging back and forth establishing banter and boundaries. We eventually worked out a night when we were all free and decided to meet up.

We made arrangements to meet Brett at a pub on the other side of town, we turned up about 20mins late on purpose so that he was there first and as we entered the pub we could see him sitting towards the back of the beer garden. We paused as we entered so Dani could check him out and I knew after about 30 seconds she liked what she saw when she smiled and said to me lets go meet him.

Brett was about 15 year younger than us which concerned Dani a little as she had never considered playing with younger guys. Brett was about 5’8” quite solid build and was quite a good looking guy. Dani was wearing a tight pair of jeans and thin sweater top which showed her slim figure but was still appropriate for the pub. We settled into some idle chat as we has a few drinks after a while the conversation turned to the lifestyle and the Q&A about what and why everyone liked and their thoughts on different subjects. After our second drink Dani went off to the little girls room and gave me the secret double wink signal as she left. This was the green light so I asked Brett if he would like to follow us back to our place, he agreed and I laid down the ground rules as well as told his Dani’s likes and dislikes.


I gave Brett our address and Dani and I left to drive home. We had been home about 15 mins when Brett arrived at the door, I invited him in to the lounge room were he and I sat chatting. After about 10 mins Dani came out from the bed room, she strolled into the room wearing a black bra, tiny panties with thigh high stockings and 6 inch heels. She walked up to brett sitting on the lounge leaned over and kissed him then states you are going to do what your told yes? He nods his head in agreement and she takes him by the hand leading him to the bed room were I follow. In the bed room she tells Brett to undress which he does exposing a toned body and thick cock that is now rock hard, she looks up at me and tells me to do the same. She stands in front of Brett and starts kissing him slowly at first then with more passion as she warms up, she reaches down stroking his cock. Dani pulls away and moves to my side of the room, Brett goes to follow but she immediately commands him to stop and wait where he is. She moves over and kisses me deeply with passion then turns around with her back to me I undo her bra pushing the straps over her shoulders letting it drop to the floor, Brett is staring at her, I slide her panties down to the floor as she steps out of them. I wrap my arms around her waist sliding up cupping her breasts as I kiss her neck and shoulders.


She beckons Brett over to her with one finger then tells him to get on his knees. Brett drops to his knees and rubs his hands up Dani’s thighs grabbing her butt checks then berrying his tongue between her legs she lets out a sigh as I continue to rub her breasts and kiss her. Brett is making a real meal out of my wife's pussy and Dani starts to get very worked up moaning, aching her back and gasping for air. She pulls away from Brett and tells us both to lay on the bed, as soon as I lay down Dani jumps up on top of me lowering her now dripping wet pussy over my cock, I slide into her with ease then she start to ride me. Dani reaches over and strokes Bretts cock as she rides then she leans forward kisses him telling him to put a condom on, as soon as hes does she jumps over onto his cock and starts to riding him. Dani continues to to swap back and forth between Brett and me getting faster and more excited with each swap, finally while riding me she turns to Brett telling him, I’m getting close I want you to fuck me.

Dani gets up off me and lays on the bed Brett move straight over on top of her and slides his cock deep in her, he brings her knees up to his chest and expertly starts pumping Dani with good rhythm and speed she is moaning straight away I move over and kiss Dani then start take turns sucking both her nipples. Dani aches her back and screams out faster, Brett increases his pace as Dani explodes into orgasm Brett pumps her a few more times then pulls out and we both run our hands over Dani’s body as she shakes with pleasure.

After a few minutes Dani comes down from the high of her orgasm, she smiles up at us both and says ok your turn to cum how do you want me? I looked at Brett and he shrugged his shoulders at me so I grab Danis hips picking her up placing her into doggy on the bed I get behind her first rubbing my cock up and down her pussy I can feel her pushing back towards me I slide inside her and start to slowly stroke in and out I can feels her pussy pulsing each time I press deep into her, Brett see this and positions himself close to Danis front. Dani pulls him close to her and starts to suck his cock with great enthusiasm, after a few minutes I signal Brett and we swap places. I take in the view of Brett pumping my wife from behind as she sucks me and it’s a stunning view seeing her being pleasured, I hear her enjoyment through the muffled moans. I ask Brett if he is close and he knods In agreement, I tell him to fuck Dani as if she was his until he cums. Brett rolls Dani onto her back and slides into missionary he wraps her in his arms kissing her as he starts to pump her, he continues to kiss her deeply as he fucks her faster and faster they both are breathing fast and moaning with pleasure Brett stiffens and tenses then he quickly pulls out and away from Dani moving up to her breasts while removing the condom then he shoots a large load of warm cum all over Dani’s breast. Dani is laying on the bed with Brett kneeling beside her as she strokes his now empty balls she is panting and I can tell she to is close to cumming, I slide inside her and instantly start to fuck her fast she is moaning loudly as her breasts bounce back and forth with Brett’s cum still spread all over them she screams as she starts to climax I feel her pussy clench over my cock I pump harder as she warps her legs tightly around my hips she pulls me in deep and I loose control I cant hold it any longer I feel my cum pump from within me as I exploded with orgasm inside her. Dani screams as the second wave of her orgasm rolls over her. After, we all collapse into a hot mess on the bed Dani in the middle and both me and Brett wrapping our selves around her beautiful body as we take turns kissing her while stroking down her body.