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Lisa discovers her appetite….. Part 2

October 16 2023

It is the morning of our first walk together, and it’s pouring rain for fuck sake. I’m actually really annoyed and frustrated. We didn’t swap any contact details so neither of us can cancel due to the rain although is was obvious no walking was happening in the heavy rain.

I was out of bed anyway so thought I’d drive to the cafe for a coffee and maybe just a quick drive past Seans house. I reverse from my driveway and deliberately go the long way past his house. What am I doing.

I drove up his street slower than I would normally hoping he’d see me. His house is in complete darkness so I continue to the cafe. I park my car and soon realise I have no umbrella in the car, thinking to myself I’m about to get wet lol. I open the car door and run for shelter at the entrance of the shops. I make it but the rain wins as I’m fairly soaked. I enter the shops as I see Sean walk from the cafe with a coffee. He smiles and greets me with a good morning Lisa you are drenched as he laughs. He’s quick to inform me that my breasts and nipples are very visible due to my wet tshirt. Damn I’d forgotten to put on my bra. Sean tells me to use his rain coat to cover myself. I observed Sean having a good look at my tits until I put on his raincoat. This was a huge turn on for me. We chatted as I ordered my coffee. The coffee was ready and Sean told me to wear his raincoat he will get it from me another time and we left the shops at the same time. I returned home enjoying my coffee and brief meeting with Sean, he’s really nice I thought to myself. I headed to the shower to get warm and change my clothes.

Once in the hot shower my mind again was imagining Sean bending me over fucking me, he totally takes control. My hands quickly moving between my pussy any my tits.

I’m extremely turned on and insert three fingers into my pussy. I’m craving him. I reach climax and once again cum very hard on my own fingers and tasting myself as I lick them with lust.


It rained for the rest of the day while I was at work. I was excited to walk two days later with Sean but decided I should return his raincoat before then. I drove to his home once again it made my groin twitch. I parked my car and walked to the front door and noticed the garage door open so I know he’s home which is great. I knock a couple times but no answer so I walk to the open garage door hoping to see Sean. No sign of him so I walk to the rear garage door and open it, it opens to the backyard and pool area and I still can’t see him.

I can hear voices or a tv on in the outdoor room bbq area so walk towards it. Then I see Sean through the open window, he’s with a woman and they are both half naked and kissing. At first I’m stunned but soon realise I shouldn’t have let myself into his home. I stood and gazed through the window as she removed his shorts showing me his cute ass, now he was completely naked. I was instantly wet and my pussy throbbing. She was obviously playing with his cock and balls which I couldn’t see. She began to suck on his cock and he moaned with enjoyment, he was loving it.

Then that bloody dog started barking from inside the house and Sean turned to yell at the dog to be quiet leaving me with a view of his hard erect cut cock. It was a perfect cock and huge balls well manicured with a slight curve in it. It was bigger than my hubby. Her saliva made it very shiny as she was just sucking on it.

I was envious of her I wanted it to be me sucking his hard cock. They resumed their fun and soon she stood up and removed her shorts and underwear her tits already out as her top was off. She was much younger than Sean, maybe mid to late 20s blonde with model looks and a smoking hot body. Perfect medium size tits and a very small completely smooth pussy with meaty lips. I had a great view now as they moved towards the table and she sat back onto the table opening her legs to him. Fully showing her pussy to him he moved his head down and began to taste her delicious looking pussy.

She was loving his oral skills her head tilted back eyes closed moaning with pleasure. Sean stood up and I could see his huge cock waving around as he grabbed it and rubbed his mushroom knob over her clit and large pussy lips. She asked him to put his cock inside her telling him to fuck her. Sean didn’t waste time and pushed his cock in her but only half the shaft length then withdrew and repeated the action, she was moaning loudly now. Sean was now sliding his cock into her at a faster rate with every thrust going deeper inside her pussy. She asked him to pull out when he cums, as soon as she said that he withdrew his cock from her meaty pussy and began to explode cum. I mean lots of cum. The first cum rope shot up over her shoulder and landed in her hair. The next several jets of cum were big and thick landing on her face and tits, it was insane the volume of cum shooting from Seans hard dick. The next 4-5 cum ropes covers her tits stomach and smooth pussy mound. Her face is mostly covered in his creamy white juice as she licked her lips tasting his cream.It is the most cum I have ever seen shoot from one cock. I was actually stunned. I quickly turned and walked back to the garage quietly closing the door as I left.


I have only ever had sex with my hubby over the past 20 years and witnessing a near stranger have sex really intrigued my mind. I was now often thinking of Sean fucking me. Would I actually do it?


The following morning I met Sean and we walked and talked for 40 mins. As we reached his house he thanked me for returning his raincoat.

Oh shit! I left it near the window and left without realising, what do I say?

I just replied no worries at all. He then asked if I often watch people have sex? I felt myself turn red with embarrassment. I replied um no not really. He then pointed to several surveillance cameras around his home. I was totally busted. He was not upset at all and told me he understands it was by accident.

He then asked me a very direct question, what did you think as you watched us? I was bumbling for words um ahh it was good. He laughed at my comment. Only good he asked. I explained how it happened and my intention to return his raincoat which he understood.

I couldn’t help but ask who was the lucky girl? Her name is Nicole and he met her online recently. I was amazed at the concept of online hookups. They met a week earlier and he invited her over for sex. I asked do you do this often and he replied yes at least once a week. Wow. He thanked me for the walk and walked to his front door. I waved and smiled.


It was the morning of our next walk meet up and I was feeling tired and sore so spent 20 mins stretching before I left. As I walked to the river I noticed Sean already waiting for me.

He asked how I was and why I was late. I apologised and told him I my legs are sore. You need a firm massage to ease that. I replied with I agree totally and would love it. He said let’s walk to my house and that he would massage my legs and promise they feel better.

We arrived at his place and he showed me to a room with some exercise equipment and a massage table. You know massage I asked. No not really I wanted to get you alone…….I was silent as he laughed and said I’m joking. I know a few massage techniques but still a lot to learn. He asked me to jump on the massage table laying face up. He removed my shoes then socks, I was getting a familiar feeling in my groin.

He asked me to close my eyes and concentrate on breathing, as he started to massage my feet and ankles. It was very relieving. He then concentrated on my shin area knees and thigh before asking me to roll over. As I lay face down I thought he has a great view of my ass with only activewear covering my ass and pussy. Also is he looking at me with desire? Surely he is having a good look at me.

With him rubbing my calves and then hamstrings I felt very relaxed. He asked if I wanted any more? Sure I said my shoulders need a rub, as he moves to be above my head I felt him rub against my arm. Was that his cock? Did he mean to do that? Then again as he moved to the other side. It was his cock I know it.

Out of nowhere Sean asked so how much did you see the other day through the window?

What do I say to that but um I seen you from behind as she was giving you head, I left when I seen you. He laughed and said my cameras told me you were here for ten minutes.

Really I replied. He asked do I enjoy watching others have sex. I told him that actually this was a first for me.

Sean asked did you like it? My reply was delayed…..yes I said.

With that he said ok I’m done how do you feel? You can sit up now as he began to clean up. He threw me a hand towel to wipe myself over.

I noticed my pussy was again very wet. I told him Nicole could have done with a towel the other day, we both laughed. He said no she needed a shower and laughed more.

I had to ask him, do you always produce a lot of cum. Always have he said. I told him it shocked me how much there was. I could see he had a bulge in his shorts.

As I stood up he directly walked into me and we paused……only 20cm between our faces. I wanted to kiss him, but didn’t instead apologised for bumping into him. He was staring at me, into my eyes. He touched my face and commented you are married, but you can come here anytime you want. I almost came in my pants. He then said what happened the other day is only the beginning. You tell me if you liked it?

I was breathing heavy now and I’m sure he could sense my emotions. I slowly replied I did like it…..a lot.

He asked what I liked most? I paused before my answer…..I liked the look of your cock, and the amount of cum you shoot. He asked if I want to touch it now? Immediately I said yes. He moved in closer took my hand and placed it on his cock through his shorts. I was shaking a lot now. I felt dazed and so relaxed my pussy was throbbing and aching.

Part 3 to follow….


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