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Lisa discovers her appetite…..

October 14 2023

Walking is my way of switching off and enjoying the fresh air. The area I live has many parks and trails to walk , run or bicycle including along the river. Just had my 42nd birthday and want to keep my toned body in great shape. I’m a tall girl at 188cm, brunette medium length hair and very easy on the eye. I want to keep it that way.


I’ve decided I’m walking tomorrow morning early 6am. I don’t need to be at work until 9am. I’m a legal secretary at a popular local business with many clients. I love my work and arriving motivated after a long walk is the perfect way to start the day.



I love to shower before and after I exercise no matter the activity. After a quick cool shower I grab my favourite activewear from the draw and dress ready to go. This particular activewear is tight and a size too small but I love to show off my curves. It shows off everything and I mean everything, especially my privates. I enjoy watching guys eyes wander all over my body as I walk past them. It turns me on.


It’s darker as it’s a little overcast but fresh and cool, my nipples are standing to attention. I decided to take the track along the river and up through the park then around past the shops and home. It’s a good 5-6km. Along the river track it’s peaceful and the sun is now rising as I near the park area. This area has some roadworks and construction going on. I walk this way as there is always lots of tradesmen and landscapers working, they enjoy my firm activewear clad body. Wearing no underwear at all they can see every curve and crease of my groin and ass. My nipples become even more prominent as I approach the first of the workers. Each of them taking time to look me over. I slow my pace to allow them a good viewing. At this stage I’m aware my pussy has become wet and I am very horny. I am enjoying this a lot!!! I can feel their eyes undressing me and their minds fucking me. I love it. A few of them say hello as I near them.

Suddenly a guy running up behind me says out loud “all these guys are in love with you” as he speeds past me. Mmmmm the smell of his deodorant had my attention. He kept running a couple hundred metres and turned left before the shops.

As I neared the street on the left my mind took over and led me to take the same street. I was hoping to smell him again lol.


As I walked the clouds had started to part and more sun was shining, it was becoming a great day. Taking in the nice homes on the street which most are custom homes and very appealing.

Out of nowhere a barking mad dog runs up from behind me and bites the back of my calf, luckily it was a small pup red cattle dog. Still my leg was bleeding a fair bit. I heard a guy yelling at the dog to sit as he ran toward me, he was extremely sorry and shocked that his dog had bitten me. Then the smell hit me, it was the runner from 15 mins ago. At first I did not recognise him but his smell was delicious. He continued to apologise and told me the bite needs cleaning asap to avoid infection and asked me into his home only 2 doors up.

He introduced himself as Sean and asked me to lay onto the kitchen table so he can clean the bite. He went into a bathroom and collected a first aid kit, still apologising. We continued to chat as he cleaned the wound, he mentioned that he remembered me from the park area earlier and has seen me around the area many times. I asked him if he was stalking me which he promised he wasn’t but that I simply stand out as a very attractive person. Wait did he just say that, yes he did. We talked some more until he had bandaged my leg.

Sean is a real estate agent in the area and 10 years older than me, nice personality, nice house, pool, Tesla car and lives alone. I was certainly impressed with everything including his first aid skills. He then said he had to shower and head out to a meeting. I thanked him and continued on my way home, my leg was not too sore for the few block walk home.


As I walked through the door at home my sexual mindset took over. I started to imagine Sean attending to my leg and his hands begin to wander up my thigh. Slowly making advances toward my inner thigh area. I’ve worked myself up and my pussy is throbbing, soaking wet with my juices. I quickly grab my mini vibe from my bedside draw and place it on my swollen clit. Ohhhhh that’s good.

Eyes closed I can feel his hand working my inner thigh and nudging my pussy mound and rubbing my lips through the thin activewear material, it feels so good. It doesn’t take long before he is removing my pants, slowly exposing my entire groin to him. My manicured pussy is now fully exposed to Sean and throbbing wet.

Sean compliments my well kept pussy before inserting two fingers forcefully and unexpected as I groan loudly. Sean then lowers his mouth and tastes me, licking softly at first then locking his mouth over my lips and clit sucking me into his mouth.


My mini vibe is hard on my clit as I begin to cum with this scenario in my head. I cum solid for over a minute leaving me breathless and panting. Holy shit that was good. Very random but ohh so good. I regathered my mind and hopped into the shower thinking to myself what did I just do lol. I’m married. It felt unusually different, masterbating to a guy I literally just met. Why? What? I was asking myself all kinds of questions. Admittedly I was immensely turned on by Sean.


That afternoon I found myself thinking about driving past Sean’s house on the way home. I really don’t need to go that way but my mind was saying do it. I approached his street and turned left into it. As I approached his house he was out the front mowing the lawn. Ohh shit he has seen me as I drive past shit. I waved and he waved back and I continued home. That was embarrassing. But at the same time my pussy was tingling.


I arrived home somewhat turned on.

I walked inside and could hear hubby was in the shower. I was really surprised at how turned on I was.

I grabbed a vodka and began to unwind. I could hear hubby finish his shower, he was in the ensuite. I suddenly had the urge to be fucked so went to the bedroom pulled my pants and underwear off and bent over the end of our bed. Hubby walked from the ensuite to a view of my ass and pussy in the air ready and waiting to be fucked. He was a little surprised but instantly become hard stroking his cock ready to fuck me. He only said hi babe you horny yeah. He knelt down behind me and licked both my holes from behind. It felt soo good. I closed my eyes with enjoyment and instantly imagined it was Sean. He commented I was soaking wet and my clit was swollen.

He stood up rubbing his fat cock head up and down my slit parting my wet lips and rubbing my clit. Hubbys cock is 7 inches uncut and thick it’s very nice. In my head it was Sean behind me,mmmm all of a sudden he pushed his entire cock up my pussy balls deep. It took all my breathe away as I groaned aloud. It filled my pussy and felt superb. He kept pounding my pussy occasionally removing his cock to thrust it full length into me again. I told him I was about to cum and to fuck me harder.

I was so overwhelmed with my orgasm I was thinking of nothing but Sean fucking me. I began to tremble as my orgasm approached and hubby also started to shoot his load up my pussy. Again I cum long and hard. Hubby unloaded his seed into me, it was a massive load of cum and it was overflowing from my gaping hole. For the first time I imagined cheating on hubby with Sean. Being fucked by a stranger that I only just met. This was a huge turn on, bigger than any other I have felt.


Several days went by and each day I had thoughts of Sean fucking me. What was he like to fuck, would he want to fuck me? All I thought about was having Sean’s cock in me.

Saturday morning came and I decided to get the groceries from the supermarket. Halfway through I see Sean chatting to a much younger girl. I wonder if he’s fucking her? Wait what she works here lol. I walked towards him and we both smiled, he asked how my leg was going. It’s on the mend and feels great. I thanked him again for helping me. He still felt terrible about the dog bite. We talked for ten minutes before he asked if I’d be interested in walking of a morning with him to have someone to talk to. Before Sean finished the sentence I said yes no worries.

We decided every second day start 6am at the river. Awesome see you then. With this in mind I headed home with the same twitching in my pussy.

Once home I realised I was alone and went straight to my toy draw. I grabbed my suction cup dildo its big!!!

Ten inches long and three inches thick. I smothered it with some lube and wiped it all over my pussy. Stuck it to the tiled wall and backed up to it.

Because of its girth it takes some work to get it inside me, 5-10 mins later I have the dildo up my pussy feeling it stretch me open. I persist with pushing it into myself and I am close to cumming. It’s realistic, thick and I feel every inch inside me.

Would Sean feel so good?

I can feel the orgasm buildup within my pussy, the deep sensation the throbbing the pleasure. Then bang it’s here another body shaking orgasm. As I fall off my big toy I can feel my pussy is gaping open, wet and still quivering. In two days we are walking together and I’m very excited.


See part 2


  • Diesel1958

    16 Oct 2023

    A great story and well writen, I'm looking forward to part two.

  • CharlesD

    15 Oct 2023

    Beautiful erotic. Very well written 💦

  • JohnnyBbad

    15 Oct 2023

    Great story, I found myself entranced, imagining the reality of the story, in my mind I was Sean, and it was my dog that bit you, for a moment there I thought I was reading from the pages of an erotic best seller, I take my hat of to Sean, wow, what a gentleman, go get him!

  • Playfulpair

    15 Oct 2023

    Very sexy story, looking forward to part 2, do you give in to temptation? 😬

  • Trev882

    15 Oct 2023

    Great read 😈🙌🏼

  • diesel75752

    15 Oct 2023

    Great story, looking forward to part 2. Hubby and I love the river walk and try to do it at least once a week. Will be keeping an eye out guessing which one could be you lol