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Lisa Discovers Her Appetite…….Part 3

October 26 2023

Sean moved back a little and pulled his cock from his shorts, semi hard and growing in size and placed my hand on it.

Wow I have not touched another guys cock in 20 years.

I slowly caressed it as it twitched, flexed and continued to grow both length and girth. It was smooth and soft with a big firm mushroom head. He was totally quiet just watching me admire his big cock. I was lost in the moment and completely unaware of anything else. Both my hands are exploring his hardness. Running my fingers over his cock head touching his slit as the first drop of crystal clear precum rolls out. I am simply amazed and continue to stroke him. I taste his precum, it’s sweet and very slippery. I want more.

Slowly lowering to my knees my face is now staring at his big erect cock leaking precum. I lick the tip and taste more precum. I look up at Sean as he nods in approval. My mouth opens slowly and covers his fat knob. Wow it is big. He lets out a grunt as I apply suction with my mouth. Releasing slowly only to apply more pressure to his knob. Then slowly licking his shaft and underside of his meat. Im loving this, this is wrong but I can’t stop. I am craving this man’s cock. I can only fit 2/3 of his cock in my mouth, it is swollen rock hard now and pulsating in my mouth. I can feel every vein on my lips.

I continue to hungrily suck him as he remains silent apart from grunts of pleasure. I’m looking up at him with his hard cock I’m my mouth, he’s loving it. I stop briefly to remove my top exposing my tits and very erect plump swollen nipples.

I resume my mouth on his mushroom knob which is producing a lot of tasty precum. It tasted so sweet and tangy.

Sean rubs his hands through my hair touching my face, I like that. He gently pulls my hair and pushes my face onto his cock with some force. I like that too. I am experiencing sexual attraction I have never felt, it’s almost animalistic. Raw and passionate.

My pussy is soaking wet as are my pants due to no undies. I mean you can see how wet I am. Sean notices how wet I am and lifts me to my feet grabbing both tits firmly and sucking and licking my erect nipples. My nipples are so sensitive and feel electric with each bite and sucking motion. My clit feels like it’s about to pop. I’m reaching a new sexual peak.

In one motion Sean spins me around and removes my pants effortlessly and jambs his tongue inside me from behind. I buckle with lust and pleasure. He can sense my body is preparing to orgasm. Sean holds my ass cheeks open and licks my asshole and pussy simultaneously, no one has ever eaten my asshole with such vigour and intent.

Without any notice Sean quickly stands up behind me arm around in front me holding my tits with his right hand, with his left he guides his massive cock into my saturated throbbing pussy and drives it deep into me absolutely consuming my hole entirely. Seans first thrust is strong and with power lifting me into the air, he whispers in my ear to enjoy the moment and places his hand around my throat with a choking motion at the same time he keep’s rhythm driving his cock into me. I’m on the edge of cumming.

Sean asks if I can feel his fat cock inside me and he advises he is getting close to blowing his load. I moan louder with each thrust and my pussy is stretching with his cock inside me. Sean stops briefly only to spin me around to face him and pushes me back onto the massage table spreading my long legs wide apart. He again eats my pussy very intently stopping just as I was about to orgasm.

He slides his hard cock into my pussy and lifts me up so I’m impaled on his shaft. I’m facing him with my arms around his neck bouncing on his cock, it’s reaching deep into my pussy creating waves of immense pleasure. He is completely carrying me with his arms under my legs allowing my body weight to increase the depth of his cock into me.

I begin to feel my orgasm approaching and tell him. This only makes him lift me higher to only come down harder on his rigid shaft.

Suddenly he kisses me hard and deep with his tongue which pushes me off the edge and instantly I begin to orgasm hard. I clench my entire pussy gripping his shaft tight and he comments to me good girl enjoy my hard cock in you. Sean leans back and grunts his intention to cum. I can feel his cock swell as he throws his head back and starts to flood my pussy with his seed. I’m overwhelmed by his strong cock shooting huge jets of cum into me. I can actually feel his cum pumping into me. My entire lower body is trembling and shaking as I orgasm hard and loud. I can feel his hot cum being forced out of my pussy due to overload. He was still pumping me as I experienced my first ever multiple orgasms. This was the best orgasm I have ever had. Intense shuddering within my pussy and ass I could feel it everywhere. I actually think I squirted over Sean’s cock. There was a wet mess all over the floor.

Sean gently lower me back onto the massage table his cock still inside me slowly moving in and out of me.

He leant forward and kissed me again, telling me I was beautiful as he caressed my tits.

I was in shock as to what we just did, but I loved every second. I looked at the clock on the wall over Sean’s shoulder and we had fucked for close to 40 mins. I was exhausted but extremely satisfied.

Sean slowly withdrew his semi hard cock from my pussy releasing a flow of hot cum onto the massage table. My pussy was beyond full capacity with his hot cum. His cock was so nice and shiny with our juices covering it completely. I jumped down on my knees in front of Sean, looked up at him smiled then slid my mouth over his cum soaked cock. Yum, it tasted so good I continued to lick and suck him clean.

I noticed his thick white cum was still running from my gaping pussy. With my fingers I gathered a copious amount of Sean’s cum on my fingers and placed them in my mouth eating and licking his cum from my hand.


I was amazed at the volume of cum he produces, as I remembered his load shot all over Nicole’s face body and pussy. Now he has literally pumped his massive cum load into my fertile pussy.

This guy was a fuck machine and his huge ball sack produced massive thick cum loads.


He pulled me up from sucking him and brushed my hair back and kissed me again which I really enjoyed as he was tasting his own cum. We kissed for a couple of minutes swapping our juices.

I realised I was going to be late for work but didn’t care. As I dressed myself I noticed my activewear pants were soaked, I had no choice but to wear them home. Sean asked if I was ok and if I feel comfortable, return if I needed to. I thanked him for the great time and asked he be discreet and keep our friendship a secret. He promised total discretion.


I kissed Sean and left for the few block walk home. Suddenly I remember my wet crotch lol.

As I walked the leaking continued. I have never felt so aroused and sexually devious. Sean has opened my inquisitive mind to a possible sexual world I have been immune to.

Once home I removed my top then pants, a huge dollop of Sean’s thick cum was in my pants and more dropped out onto my pants. I am still amazed by the amount of cum.

I stood naked in front of the mirror and noticed bite marks on my tits and nipples. I turned my back toward the mirror to find my ass was also marked and bruised from his mouth. I don’t remember any pain at all. I can’t let hubby see these marks on me. It was at this point I reflected on what I had just done, cheated on my husband of 20 years with another man. As I showered Sean’s cum continued to drip from my pussy and I began to wonder when my next adventure may be. Sean has popped the cork in me, driving the urge to explore myself sexually. I loved the feeling of what I just did. Already I want more.


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