Le petit morte- the little death

July 15 2021

The night approached and the scene was set, nerves ran through this normal man of steel's body for he knew he was about to encounter a woman that mentally he knew was beyond his limits. She oozed that sensual prowess with a quiet confidence, but it radiated from her persona like a beacon in the night air. Everyone she passed and bid good evening too were captivated by her but not being able to pick a good reason why, after all there were plenty of good looking attractive women in the fray who would gladly challenge, but no, this woman had more and did not need to say it, only to glide past any male species and they got it, whether they understood it or not.

The meeting place had the usual buzz of city chant and noises that bellowed from the city streets and suddenly died once inside the door of her lavish city apartment. Inside laid the soft plush Persians all over the floor and a touch of refinement that only an eagle eye would spot was everywhere. Her phone buzzed and an air of excitement cloaked her as she nearly tripped with one shoe on and the shower running.

Wow he was early and nervous, he texted her and wondered, should he call it quits, he straightened himself up, up one step, down a step, oh what the hell lets go, she told him half an hour and this killed him, he checked under his arms for pools of sweat that weren’t even there but it felt like it. His clothes felt uncomfortable and usually they were ok, he paced, should he eat something nearby? Should he have a quick drink? All the confusion within 5 minutes so he decided to find a corner where a cool breeze came and wallowed in it for a moment. The thoughts of all he had quoted in his emails, her mails, all the anticipation that had boiled and stewed in the incestuous cauldron that was now time to serve up and see if all the spices that were added really stood up to the test. Was it infatuation? Was it love?

Neither knew and both very experienced in their dating game. This was a meeting of minds almost a coming together of two sexual intellectual gladiators that would not battle but join as one, and to explode each other’s myths and transcend them into reality. While he still bustled out in the noise and checked his own scent, she lavishly took her time in the shower with a careless, timeless effort as if she knew she had the power, as if she knew which way to play the pawn, like a female spider who controls the male and devours him. Her web was spun weeks ago and now was the time for her to enjoy the culmination of the anticipation that had built up over all that time.

She better not be disappointed! He stared at his phone as if he was trying to raise it telepathically and strangers that passed by made him feel like he was loitering in the busy streets below. His cheeks rose and a smile came as her text came through ‘I'm ready’ he rushed up so fast that when he got into the lift he forgot he didn’t even know what room or apartment she was in and felt like a fool texting her back. She played with him, it’s between 10 and 20, she knew this would rile a man’s angst and he would sexually liberate it from her later.

At last the door arrived or should I say he did a quick check to make sure he felt tall, to make sure he was straight, check of the teeth, breath and everything that normal confidence would quell in its wake but he checked. As he knocked, the door opened and smiles greeted each other although rather nervous ones. His etiquette was kicking in once he surmised the apartment and reacted accordingly. She was in her lair and comfortable. She was the host and knew where to seat him best depending on her mood. She cracked open a Chateau neuf du pape and served it in crystal, of course at room temperature for best flavour and scent. She filled the air with the voice of Chris Isaac and Wicked Game in the background. His eerie voice was deep soulful.

By now John was being introduced to a setting he wasn’t familiar with as he tried to concentrate on conversation. There was no mention of the emails as it was almost taboo, do we speak about our incestuous liaisons online, would that be too forward? Would it be wiser to let it slip? Strange world desire makes foolish people of you came from Chris Isaak’s mouth as she sat down and the silk form her dress straddled up her leg revealing a soft shimmer that he couldn’t help but see but tried not to be obvious.

‘Are you comfortable John?’ she asked. She smiled and took a half sip while staring straight at him as she asked, the game was on and he wasn’t even aware it started weeks ago and he was now on the last few metres but would he fall or race with her to the enigmatic explosive finish line? Her finesse and body language almost consumed him and now he knew he was sunk if he didn’t react.

She was in full control and she knew it, she set the scene and the mood, and he was dead if he didn’t come up to task as he was the last part of this game. He silently got his game together and counteracted the queen by trying to steer the conversation. A 2012 wine, as he smelled the glass, he was shot down straight away.

‘Oh god no my man, that was a bad year for Rhone it’s a 2006,’ she smiled while her back was turned to him and gleefully grinned. He could either fall apart or get it together, the female prowess was almost choking him, it was sink or swim. A lot of vibes filled the air as if both just wanted to cut the small talk and cut to the chase, but each knew it had to be electrifying and special or else there was just no point. It was agonising on both sides, neither wanted to overpower and lead, but both wanted to be led.

Their conversation eased and the body language spoke volumes, she sat almost sideways on the chair in complete power of her looks, but seductively giving ominous signals out to see if he would read on them. He saw them alright and stacked his info in his mind to come out with a better topic of conversation, the game of getting close to what you want but with subtly and charisma.

Both saw the clock and time was running out, so much anticipation had built up, she stared him up and down when he wasn’t focused. Her mind trying to imagine all the parts as they fit together and how they would feel if put together with hers was an agony that was starting to test both of them. When he came back from the bathroom she was sitting on the couch comfortable and sideways so as not to be offensive, one arm over on the edge of the chair. As she swirled her wine he sat opposite almost mirroring her to perfection. By now the visual feast that both beheld only stirred anticipation, what more mental anguish could one endure? But both were cool, they had to be.

As they drew closer she stopped playing with her hair and read it so. She smiled then stopped as he moved closer and touched her lips just almost like a feather, he whispered ‘you’re gorgeous’. She by now had her moment of truth arrive, slightly caught off guard but wasn’t denying it. Their eyelids closed slowly and both lips just moved closer, neither knew when the final touch would hit, it was like forever in a second and not a moment too soon. Once the magnets hit and both touched it was like a chemical reaction in the body, not to be rushed, but endured because it was almost a pleasurable unbearable. It just magnified all the orgasmic angst that both had arrowed to each other over the last few weeks.

Their lips got looser as both enjoyed the kiss and as their lips opened, their tongues met and danced softly in each other’s mouths. Her tummy was in knots and her skin sensitised everywhere, uncontrollably, she was in control of the game right up to that point, but it seemed like she had won and lost at the same time. Blood flowed to all the areas that lay dormant for a long time and even clothes felt restrictive and a barrier between what had now become two lovers instead of game players.

They kissed and the saliva just flowed, their blood boiled and both their erogenous zones awoke in a frenzy. It wasn’t just there, for it had started a long time ago when they first spoke but was only manifesting now. He touched her face as she leaned into his hand and kissed him stronger but still gentle, she grabbed his hair at the back of his head. All these first touches were almost unbearable, those were so off limits for all this time, but the want in each other was so strong. She felt his hair, she palmed his face as she kissed him more.

Their bodies were by now so tortured that his pre-cum had soaked through his pants and her wetness was flooding her panties. Each time she moved she knew she was ready, her lips had become swollen and his cock raged as the back of his pants got tighter. She ripped his buttons and didn’t care, she just wanted it off, he pulled her blouse with a force that ripped all the buttons and you could hear them bounce of the coffee table adjacent to them. My god she held his head as he looked at her well cupped breasts and her perfect fitting bra, the hot air that he breathed upon her chest she could feel, she roughed his hair and didn’t care, he pushed her back and she wanted that moment to happen for so long. He kissed her tummy and licked her sides almost as if he couldn’t get enough.

She moaned and reached down for his head without looking, to grab and release her angst by pulling his hair and head into her, gripping him tight, he pushed her hands back and stopped. He stared into her eyes and gave a silent message that she knew too well. She let her hands fall back behind her and he proceeded to kiss her bare skin from the pouch in her shoulders which shuddered her to the sides of the breast area through her bra and down her erogenous sides. She could hardly bear it but loved it. She put his fingers in her mouth as she sucked them and this excited her more. He ripped her bra upwards to expose her breasts that flowed out bouncing in full view he couldn’t resist them, her nipples had raged in there since he arrived and now were set free.

His saliva was the cure for their pain and sent electricity down her aching body. As he lay her back on the couch after serous sensual succulent kissing of her nipples she moaned with desire as her hair spread over the end of the couch. As she moaned she grabbed his hair as he kissed her panties which still covered her fresh scented wet pussy. Her panties were almost buried in her pussy the wetter it got. He brushed past and kiss that soft skin inside her thighs as his hands reached up to feel her breasts, nipples hard and sexually aching, dying to be sucked and moistened from a hot mouth again.

He kissed her legs inside and brushed past her wet panties and her hips moved and shuddered in a moan and he licked her pussy with the panties on so she could feel the pressure of his tongue. She grabbed his hair and he pulled the panties aside and gently kissed her labial lips enough to make her jump and he kissed them again all the way to her ass. He could see her clit glistening as strings of juicy wetness covered everywhere, a sexy mess that needed to be cleaned up by a magic tongue. He smelled her and suckled her left labia, he heard her moan and writhe all over the bed. He tasted her and drank her juice, oh so fucking hot it made the veins in his cock bulge and his balls feel suddenly heavier with hot sticky cum. He pushed on to her right labia, suckling and letting it go as it bounced back and he licked between his lips from clit to ass hole in gentle circular movements all the way down.

After a few of these he just pushed into the opening of her love hole feeling its ring and widening with his tongue. He licked back up and suckled her clit again exposing it from its hood, so sexy and wet, his lips stuck to her gooey pussy and he plunged his tongue in while circling her clit with his finger, as he French kissed her pussy she moaned and moaned in ecstasy and he put a finger over to rim her wet ass also. He could feel the hot sexy walls inside her pussy as he tongue fucked her and drank her at the same time, feeling her tummy as it swelled with a Cumming orgasm, he couldn’t wait for her to cum, and to cum in his face so sexy and powerful is her pussy, it owned him and wanted to fuck him but had to be licked first...

to be continued ;)