Late night lick

September 17 2023

I get home from work late at night and I am bushed. I think you are already asleep so I have a shower and head downstairs to read up on operations for the next day. I hear you call me from our bedroom and I turn around. You are standing draped in the doorway wearing a fine black silk nightie that doesn't quite cover your sexy ass and beautiful pussy. I am instantly hard and I walk across the room to kiss you, deeply and passionately. You take me by the hand and lead me to the bedroom, where there are four silk ropes tied to the bedposts. You give me a long, lingering kiss then push me gently back onto the bed. You tie my arms and legs gently, but firmly to the bed. You put on some soft, sexy music, and begin to slowly slide your hands over your body, moving sensously in time with the music. You watch my hard cock bob in the air as I am turned on by your sexy dance. You slink over to me and stand above me, giving me full view of your hot pussy. You spread your legs wide and slowly slide two fingers inside you and I see they come out slick. You stand above me as you start to slowly rub your clit and squeeze your nipples, and I see your wetness start to run down your thighs.



You turn around and kneel over my face. I can smell the sweet scent of your pussy and I strain my neck forawrd, trying to taste you, but you are out of reach. You look down and grin at me, then slowly start to suck on my hard cock. You feel my dick pulse and I groan as you work your magic on me. Just when I think I can't be more turned on, you reach around behind you and pull out a large, purple dildo. You moan as you push the head inside you and I see your flesh stretch around the dildo as you slowly slide it in. Just after you reach all the way in, you slide it out and begin to pump it in and out of yourself. As you feel your orgasm building you spread your legs further apart and bring your swollen clit down to my eager tongue. I lick and nibble on your clit as you fuck yourself with the dildo and it sends you over the edge. Your orgasm rips through you and floods my tongue and I hungrily suck on your clit. At the same time you feel my cock spasm in your mouth and I spray my hot cum deep into your mouth, my cock jerking as it sprays more and more. Finally we are spent and you collapse on top of me, our sweat soaked bodies radiating heat.