Late night at the office

December 26 2022

I had a backlog of paper work and my husband was hosting his poker group so I decided to stay late and get on top of things. The last of my coworkers said their goodbyes as they passed me at the scanner just after 5. I finally had a quiet office to myself. About a quarter of an hour later I heard the click of the office door behind me unlocking and open then close. After a moment of silence I turned to see who it was to find the owner, Ross's face only an inch from mine. His hand gently touched my waist as he stepped in and kissed me. I was surprised but I always had a thing for Ross and I found myself closing my eyes and eagerly returning his affections. He must have hit the gym downstairs before heading back up to work late.

He pressed up against me and his other hand found my arse while his first hand circled around to my stomach. I could feel my pussy tighten and my panties started to get wet. I pressed my arse back into his crotch to indicate how ok with this I was. Ross got the idea. I could feel how hard he was through his trousers and both his hands crept down my thighs to the hem of my skirt and began sliding it up. When he reached the top of my thigh highs, held up by a garter belt, he broke our kiss and chuckled. In a husky voice he said "I would have never imagined you'd be wearing such sexy lingerie under this skirt". I smiled, "a girl should always be prepared for the unexpected" I responded. The truth was I'd intended to jump my husband on the poker table once his mates left tonight.

His hands had found the top of my panties and he slide them down over my arse as he reignited our kiss. One hand trailed down my front to my pussy and he found how wet I already was. "Do I need a condom?" He asked. I shook my head, "no I want to feel your raw cock fucking me".

That sent him over the edge. He quickly unbuckled his trousers and his huge cock burst out. He pushed me over the scanner and started rubbing his head back and forwards through my wet pussy lips, lubing himself up before pushing himself into me. He fucked me slowly, edging himself a little deeper with each stroke. I let out a deep moan as he reached my cervix. His hands clasped my hips as he quickened his pace and my pussy quickly reacted and my first orgasm was already building fast. I moaned loudly as he pounded hard and I came and squirted. "You fuck like a goddess!" He exclaimed as he kept pounding away at my shaking pussy. "Only when I find a deserving cock" I replied.

I quickly came again. Ross's trousers must have been a mess. My stockings were drenched down my thighs.

"I don't think I can last much longer fucking your tight pussy when you keep cumming like that. Where do you want me to cum?"

"As deep inside of me as you can". He couldn't hold back after that comment. He rammed himself deep up against my cervix and unloaded rope ofter rope of his hot seed into me. In turn I orgasmed hard again with a loud moan.

He pumped his twitching cock slowly a few times before pulling out. Some of his cum flowed out of my pussy landing nicely in my panties.

"Fuck that was incredible" he said shakily. I pulled up my panties as I turned around. "I was about to say the same thing" I said breathlessly. I kissed him briefly before sinking down to my knees to lick our combined juices from his cock. He let out a soft moan, "I'm glad I keep a change of clothes at the office. I wouldn't get away with showing up at home with my pants covered in pussy juices".

I finished cleaning him and rose back up to share the tastes with another deep kiss. He tucked himself away and pulled my skirt back down into place while glued to my lips.

I broke away from him. "I should stay late at the office more often" I commented. "Please do" he responded slighly. I gave him a peck on the cheak. "I better head home so I can clean myself up quickly before my husband finishes his poker game". Ross kissed me deeply one last time before stepping back and letting me passed.

"Goodnight you goddess" he said. "Goodnight" I smiled back at him.

As I lowered myself into my car I could feel Ross's cum collecting in my panties. Little did Ross know that I wasn't on birth control. My husband and I had been trying to conceive for almost a year with no luck and I had just increased that luck. I'd just have to get myself tidied up well for my next session at home.


  • bigtittiesnass

    19 Jan 2023

    My husband doesn’t know that his boss has been cumming in me once a week for 3 years almost. He also doesn’t realise that I make him eat me out when I get home and he has no idea I’m full of someone else’s cum. Whoops. Yolo

  • Yoursifyouneedme

    10 Jan 2023


  • Cranch

    10 Jan 2023

    I must always be working in the wrong offices. Great Story

  • mintaste

    09 Jan 2023

    Gorgeous story told from a gorgeous woman❤️💯

  • River246T

    07 Jan 2023

    Breeding season

  • Jaja2

    05 Jan 2023

    Love this just brilliant 💦

  • Andy_Magn

    02 Jan 2023

    Great story!

  • Justaguyforfun

    01 Jan 2023

    Great story! Wish you were in melbourne;)

  • joder181

    29 Dec 2022

    Hot hot hot. I love it. Please post more

  • chacing_fun

    29 Dec 2022

    Absolutely amazing story, soo hot 🔥 I was fully involved in every word I could literally feel it happening 😈

  • eligiblejames

    28 Dec 2022

    Really yummy!

  • nqbeaches

    28 Dec 2022

    I liked that !!!!