November 21 2022

It had been eighteen months and my best mate, Jason, had only just started to recover after splitting with his wife. It was hard to understand what took her away as Jason was strong and fit with all the ladies thinking he was ‘hot’. U might say that ladies thought he was the complete package. After having lived and worked together for two years when we were younger, I also knew he had a 9” cock that had a huge girth. Hard times had hit for Jason after his property settlement and we allowed him to live in our caretakers cottage on the farm until he got back on his feet. Karen, my wife who is also ‘hot’ was questioning me as to why he wasn’t getting back in the saddle as he hadn’t been out at all since his wife left. Karen’s a beautiful lady, about 165 cm tall, athletic runners figure, nice small tits with a gorgeous arse. She is also a terrible show off. I told her what he had told me about how the break up had destroyed his self esteem and had removed any sense of confidence. I told her that he said he didn’t mind looking but felt like he didn’t want anything more. She commented that he didn’t need to be in a relationship and that he should just go out with some girls to which I just laughed. Work on the farm needed doing which included putting our brood mares to the stallion. On this particularly hot day I needed Karen’s assistance as I had a mare cycling which needed walking to the yard where the hand serving takes place. I had caught the mare and tied her up while I then went and caught Romeo, our stallion. As soon as I put the rearing bit in Romeo’s mouth he started whinnying as he knew the routine. Karen and Jason walked the mare, who was whinnying back, to the stallion yard and the process began. Karen led the mare into the yard. It was obvious that Romeo was ready as he approached the mare and they started responding to each other before he mounted her and performed accordingly. Karen looked at me smiling and mouthed ‘is that a bulge in Jason’s pants’. I didn’t look but I did say ‘well if it is it would nearly be as big as the stallions’. She looked at me questioningly and I said ‘his cock a is nine inches long and as thick as old Romeo’s’. Romeo did the job one more time before we took the horses back to their respective yards. Because of the heat I decided to clean the round concrete trough in the yards so after draining, scrubbing and letting it refill, we had worked up a significant sweat. I looked at it and said if I had me swimmers I’d go for a swim, to which Karen stripped off her boots and jeans leaving her in a t-shirt and g-string before hopping in. I then stripped down to my jocks before I hopped in which left only Jason. He looked uncomfortable as Karen said ‘no one’s looking, get down to your jocks and get in’ before he responded saying ‘I’m not wearing any’. He took off his boots and shirt before removing his jeans. He had an athletic figure and his semi erect cock was already huge. As he got into the trough he was beside Karen who was between us and it was a tight fit. There was very little room in that six foot trough and Karen was on her side pushed up against me and Jason was behind her with his hand resting on her hip. During this her hand came to rest on my cock which she stroked lightly. After cooling down for about fifteen minutes I hopped out, followed by Karen. We were waiting and as Jason got out I could see Karen looking at his cock, which was now fully erect. Karen, not being the shy one, gave a low whistle and said ‘just as well the mare didn’t see that as she wouldn’t have wanted old Romeo’ to which we all laughed. Karen looked at me and rolled her eyes while whispering ‘that cock is huge’. We then walked back to the house for some lunch. After getting back I went into the bathroom to clean up followed by Karen who shut the door behind her. She started kissing me before moving my hand to her nipple which I squeezed hard. She had undone the button and zipper on my jeans before grabbing my cock and stroking it hard. I moved my hands into her pants and only rubbed her pussy for about 30 seconds before she came on my fingers. She collapsed on the floor before shuffling her jeans down, grabbing my cock and saying ‘cum on my pussy’ while moving her hand up and down the shaft. It only took about ten strokes before my cum was shooting over her pussy. She left my cum on her pussy before reclothing and eating lunch.

In bed that night I asked if it was seeing Jasons cock that made her so horny. It was then that she told me that when we had gotten into the trough the lack of room meant that as Jason lay behind her in a spoon position that only room for Jason’s cock was pressed against her pussy. She said as his cock went from semi hard to rock hard she could feel it pushing into her pussy through her g-string. She said it was an amazing sensation and she wished she had no knickers on so his cock could have entered her. Jason joined us for breakfast the following morning, appearing upbeat as Karen fussed over his breakfast, coffee and juice. Karen was dressed in a dungarees with only a boob tube underneath. After breakfast I said that I was going to do some slashing in the back paddock. Karen said she was going to do some gardening and Jason said he wasn’t rostered to work so would give Karen a hand if that’s want she wanted as he couldn’t help me. I had been slashing for about four hours when I went too close to the swamp edge and bogged the tractor due to recent rain. I needed a second vehicle to tow me out and as I didn’t have a phone or uhf radio I was going to have to leg it home to get either Karen or Jason to help me. The 1.5 km walk home went quickly and it wasn’t long before I was in the house yard. I looked around but wasn’t able to locate Karen anywhere in the garden. As I took off my shoes and opened the back door I could hear what sounded like talking coming from the bedroom. I approached the bedroom quietly, hiding from sight but where I could see Jason with the first aid kit tending to a cut injury up high on Karen’s back. The dungarees were unclipped with the boob tube removed, exposing her small boobs as he sat behind her applying some sort of medication and a bandage. As he finished Karen gave him directions to get her a shirt as her clothing was torn and had blood on it. As he came back she removed her dungarees, fully exposing herself to him. He took in the full view before discarding the shirt she had asked for. She looked at him and said ‘would u mind if I touched your cock’. Jason reached out his hand and rubbed his fingers across her nipples which instantly became erect. Using both hands he then held a nipple in each, pinching them hard as he used them to pull her towards him. As she stopped I heard him say ‘I’ve always wanted to fuck you’. She moved closer, putting her lips to his as she undid his pants before pulling them down. He quickly stepped out of his jeans and removed his shirt. They were standing naked in front of each other, Jason’s huge cock rigid between her legs, touching her pussy. His hips jerked forward rubbing his cock against her pussy as he grabbed her arse and pulled it towards him. His lips left her mouth and made a trail down her neck before sucking her nipples. Karen moaned loudly before sitting on the edge of the bed. She took Jason’s cock in her hand and moving it from left to right as she appreciated it’s size. She then licked it from base to tip spreading saliva over it in anticipation of it entering her pussy. Her hands were jerking up and down it’s length while her mouth worked the bulbous mushroom shaped head. Jason’s hips started jerking as he started fucking her mouth. Karen pulled away before standing up and turning around before getting on her hands and knees presenting her sweet pussy to him. Jason held that big cock and put it at the entrance to her pussy. I could see Jason’s cock being swallowed by Karen’s pussy lips which parted and stretched as he expertly manoeuvred that big cock forward. As soon as the head of his cock was inside her I saw Karen shudder and yell as she came on that big cock. Jason held still until her orgasm had subsided before starting to move his cock back and forward, gradually getting more and more in until his pelvis was banging against her arse. Jason withdrew his cock which was covered in Karen’s juices before placing her on her back and pushing his cock back inside her. Karen was moaning loudly as I heard Jason say ‘does your tight pussy like my big cock’. Karen replied ‘fuck my married pussy with that monster cock and cum deep in my pussy’. Jason started driving his cock into my wife’s pussy hard as she shouted she was going to cum again. Jason yelled out he was going to cum before he pushed his fat cock into her and pumped his load deep into her pussy. Karen wrapped her legs around him and pulled him into her until their orgasms had subsided. I then left the house without them ever knowing I had seen them fucking only to return a short while later when they were gardening again to ask for some help.


  • Zippycactus

    27 Aug 2023

    Hmmmmm. "Fuck my married pussy" do people really say that???? Good story none the less

  • canidoitallnight

    24 Nov 2022

    I’m curious if they eventually let you in on it or was it spoken about early on. Super hot non the less and something I’d be ok with had it been my wife.

  • Kindlysin

    24 Nov 2022

    If you only had a video camera in your hand my friend. Great story. Well done ❤️

  • TA25991

    23 Nov 2022

    Awesome I swear I know that karen tho. Lol

  • jackont54

    23 Nov 2022

    Now, THAT'S a Karen I would love to meet...