M50 F40

Kindness can pay off sometimes

August 04 2023

It was late one Friday afternoon, I'd finished work at lunch time and was having a few drinks. Then I realised I hadn't bought milk for my morning coffee. I really need my morning coffee. So instead of risking a drink driving charge i decided to walk to the servo which was only 4 blocks away. On my way back home I noticed this stunning brunette in her early 20's standing on the corner. She was looking left then right and looking a bit confused. She had an amazing body, a white singlet hugged her perfect body that enhanced her more perfect breasts. As i approached she turned around and was facing away from me looking down the road. She had black tights on and damn she had a great ass too.


When I got closer I asked "are you alright, you look lost" she replied "no I'm fine thanks" and gave me a cute little smile. I got maybe 10 steps away when she said "hey, I am actually am a bit lost. Do you know where buckle Street is" I said "I'm not sure, but I do have a Street map in my car and I only live just down the road, I could have a look for you" "that would be great" she said. After I showed her where to go she walked off down the road. She must have felt me staring at that beautiful ass as she turned and gave me another smile. I went back inside, lubed up my cock and masturbated fantasing how awsome it would be to fuck a woman like that.


The next day I was woken up by a knock on the door. I opened the door and there she was. "Can I ask a favour" she said "sure" I replied


"Can I stay here for awhile, just till my aunty picks me up. You seem like a nice guy. I was supposed to stay at my cousins but they keep fighting" I said "no worries, come on in" I put out my hand and we shook hands "I'm jim by the way" "I'm Heidi" she replied. She had a firm but soft handshake"Would you like a cup of coffee" I asked her. (Good thing i went and got milk, in more ways than one)"That would be awesome, can I ask another favour. Do you mind if I do a load of washing" "sure" I said then showed her to the laundry and i went off to make the coffee. When I returned with her coffee to my surprise she was standing there naked bar a nice black G-string. I nearly dropped the coffee as a rush of blood raced through my body. "Shit, I'm sorry " "don't be" she replied. With a sexy grin she said "do you like" her body looked even more amazing naked. "Fuck ofcouse I do" I said with my jaw hitting the floor. "Well you'll like this too" and slowly took off her G-string throwing it in the washing machine. My cock was throbbing and my heart was racing. I couldn't believe my luck. There was this amazingly hot 20 year old brunette standing naked in my laundry. I pinched my arm and she let out a small giggle "what are you doing" "shit, I'm just making sure I'm not dreaming" I said. "Well you're not" she said looking sensually into my eyes, "do you want to touch my titts"


Before I could even muster up a syllable let alone a word, I was over there. I put a hand under each beautiful breast and lifted them up feeling their weight like I was checking the ripeness of fruit. I started massaging them running my fingers over those erect jelly bean sized nipples. This went on for awhile till she grabbed my right hand and took it away, I thought she wanted me to stop but she guided my hand down to her smooth shaven and surprisingly wet pussy. So there i was with one hand on a beautiful breast and the other on a beautiful pussy. As I ran my fingers up and down her pussy and rubbed her clit her breathing intensified so I stuck two fingers inside her. She let out a few little moans then said "stop, I want to see what you've got". Before I could even get my shirt off she'd undun my jeans and pulled them down in one quick motion. My now extremely hard cock sprang out like a jack in the box. "Mmm, nice" she said. She slapped it softly on her palm a few times then started licking under my knob and did circles around it with her tongue. She opened those soft sensual lips a took my cock in her mouth, shallow at first but slowly getting deeper and deeper till she had a perfect rhythm going. I didn't know how much more I could take and she knew that. She pulled my cock out of her mouth and slapped my knob. "Not yet big boy, I want you to eat my pussy and make me cum first" without saying another word she sat up on the bench and spread her legs. That was the first time I got to see her beautiful shaven flower in all its glory. I dove right in cupping her pussy in my mouth and running my tongue up and down. I stuck my tongue in as deep as I could enjoying her sweet nectar. Moving up to her swollen clit I flicked my tongue over it a few times then softly sucked her clit between my teeth letting my tongue go wild.


Using her hips she pushed her pussy harder into my face. As her breathing and moaning got more intense I shoved two fingers in her and started massaging her g spot at the same time. Her body started shaking like an earthquake and she let out a loud moan. "Oh my fucking god" she screamed as she came all over my face. With panting breathing she said "now I want you to fuck me" without hesitation i dragged her off the bench and bent her over it. Looking at that perfect ass I was admiring the day before I rubbed my cock up and down her pussy then inserted my self into her. Giving her deep, slow, long strokes. Her pussy felt amazing. So tight and so wet. I think I lasted about a minute till I said "fuck, I'm about to cum" "not in my pussy" she said " I want to drink your cum" she turned around and dropped to her knees. I barely got my cock between  her lips before I erupted like a volcano in her mouth. I pulled my cock out and she licked her lips and stood up. Panting she said "do you mind if I take a shower now" I replied "ofcouse you can, but what about your clothes, they're all in the wash" looking me in the eye with that sexy grin again she said. " I figure you'll join me in the shower, then we can lay naked together in your bed fucking, chatting and watching tv" so that's exactly what we did till her aunty picked her up. I never did see Heidi again but she told me she was on a dating site and told me her user name. I got on that site but couldn't find her. What I did find was another amazing woman that I'm now married to. But that's another story......