Janes 1st hot wife solo date with me

May 25 2023

Read Jane's birthday surprise for lead up....


It's been a few weeks and I not heard from srce and Jane but that's ok was just a random fun night for her birthday .

I was just sitting watching tv and a message came on my phone it was Steve .

Hi curious hows things ,just wanted sti say how amazing Jane's birthday night was and how we have not stopped talking about it ,we even use the experiance as foreplay when we are having sex ,as .going down giving licking her wet pussy I get her to how good it felt having your cock inside her then as she is having an orgasm I get her to scream your name and telling you to cum inside her .

I was shocked but also excited that they still enjoyed that night .


He then said we would have spoken about it and would like to forfill another fantasy ,I want you and Jane to have a night alone and then she comes home to me still dripping with your cum .

I want her to have the best time and enjoy herself with you , of cause I was surprised but agreed I'd be up for it so let me know .

A few days later Jane called and said let's get together Friday night I have booked a motel room and the details .

Friday night came and I arrived at the motel ,it was another amazing penthouse suit overlooking the city ,very sexy and seductive see decore .

She was dressed in a very short tight dress that showed off all her amazing curves and heels that made her legs look like they go for ever ,and a body and breast that would cause a car accident with people dreaming of her .

She greated me with a deep long passionate kiss ,grabbed me hand and placed it under her skirt ,she was already wet I could feel it thru her soft silky panties. She said Steve picked this outfit out for me to wear for you ,we have not stopped talking about that night and he has really taken in the kinky role.of cuckold hubby with a hot wife role .

I just smiled an said well let's not disappoint him. We grabbed a glass of wine and sat by lounge that faced the large open glass windows and chatted while kissing and hands all each other ,even took a photo to send to Steve ,he replied with a smile and said ,enjoy your night can't wait for you to get home .

A few wines later Jane was getting very naughty and stood up Infront of the windows facing me and slowly seductively slide of her dress to reveal her sexy lingerie , I reminded her that people.may be able to see ,she replied I don't care that's what I want I feel like being very naughty and want to be watched .

She looked amazing in the candle lite room ,and the city lights behind her ,her long legs in those high heels and her sexy silky panties and matching push-up bra .

She slowly moved closer to me and as.i sat there with my hard cock pushing against my pants she got on her knees and while looking me in the eyes ,undid my belt and zipper to expose my cock . Taking it in her hand stroking it then kissing and licking it from my balls to the head of my cock ,taking it deep in her mouth not loosing eye contact at all ,I could tell that she was in for a wild night and being a hotwife was her thing .

She stopped and said send my husband a pic of me on your cock I know he wants it .

So with that we did ,with a reply omg please send more .

After a while if Jane sucking my cock I had to stop her as she was so focused on the pleasure it was time I repaid the pleasure .......tbc