Janes 1st hot wife date with me

May 26 2023

As I moved Jane of from sucking my cock , We moved to her kneeling on the bed and taking if her bra to expose her amazing firm breast and very hard erect nipples , she laid down on top of me and we passionately kissed as our hands explored each others body ,it was a hot erotic kiss and the feeling of our naked bodies close enjoying the closens was amazing ,I could hear her deep breathing and her body moving over me ,she was really enjoying the passion of being with another man after all these years and knowing her husband approved ,it wasn't an affair she had not feeling of guilt ,she knew that she could go home and tell Steve all about it and not feel guilty so she was going to enjoy the moment .

I pushed her off me onto the bed and slowly kissed her from her neck all the way down ,paying attention to her hard nipples and her soft smooth skin , her moans where getting loader and she just closed her eyes and let her mind and body live in that moment .

I got down to her stomach and as I went lower she was squirming knowing knowing that I was going down to her pussy . I kissed her inner thigh and then slowly slid off her panties to expose her very wet and soft smooth pussy ,the look in her eyes I knew she was wanting me to taste her .

My first slow lick of her clit with my tounge she let out a loud moan ,she was already so wet and the taste was so sweet ,she opens her legs wide inviting me to just please her .

I started out slow long sucking of her clit and moving down to taste her juices that where already dripping from her . Omg she tasted so good and was so smooth ,was heaven ,she grabbed my head and pushed me closer ,one hand pushing me harder into her Nd her other hand playing with her nipples . It was so hot she was in another world ,he eyes where just focused on watching me and her body shaking ,'please do not stop don't stop she was screaming at me .I'm going to cum ' I then slide 2 fingers inside her and felt her tighten around them I found her gspot and kept sucking her clit ,she then yelled out and came so hard I felt her juices squirting al over my fingers and mouth ,her hand was still pushing me against her she didn't want to stop and was now fucking my mouth and fingers her juices where all over the bed already , she was in her own world at that moment it was so hot watching her in that moment , as she came down from her high she looked at me and said hope ready for a wild night ,that's just the beging......