It was her first time (squirting) Chapter Seven

October 24 2023

Chapter 7.


Crow stands before Minx, his eyes filled with a primal hunger. He caresses the soft silk ropes, relishing their sensual texture against his skin. With practiced precision, he skillfully binds Minx's chest, the rope snaking around her supple breasts, accentuating her curves. Oh, the way those knots press against her sensitive nipples, reminding her of her helpless state.


Moving behind her, Crow reaches for the suspension ropes, attaching them strategically to Minx's bound form. His hands glide over her exposed flesh, sending a shiver of longing down her spine. He secures her arms tightly behind her back, ensuring she is completely at his mercy. Every tug of the rope only intensifies her vulnerability.


But Crow isn't done yet. He takes his time, methodically tying Minx's legs, making sure her delicate lips are spread open, exposing her dripping wetness. A knot on her clit adds an extra layer of stimulation, keeping her on the edge of pleasure.


With a mischievous grin, Crow starts to lift Minx off the ground, her body hovering at his waist height. She is now his captivating rope bunny, completely at his mercy, and oh, how pretty she looks, all exposed and ready for him.


Crow's voice drips with lust as he leans in, his breath hot against her ear, whispering, "You are my naughty little fuck toy, my gorgeous Minx. Just look at how delicious you are, completely at my mercy, suspended and eager for my touch. You're here solely for my pleasure, ready for me to use you in every way that I desire."


Minx trembles with anticipation, her desire growing stronger with each passing second. She is Crow's to command, his willing submissive. Her heart races as Crow revels in the power dynamics, savoring the dominance he holds over her.


With skilled hands, Crow has made her into a deliciously debauched fuck swing. She hangs there, her body swaying, her bound hands gripping the ropes for support, eagerly awaiting Crow's next move.


Positioned perfectly in front of Crow's throbbing shaft, Minx takes him into her mouth, deep-throating him with fervor as her body swings in sync with his thrusts. Each time he fills her throat, the suspension ropes create a thrilling sensation, causing her to sway and dance, almost like a puppet on strings.


Crow, fueled by his dominant desire, grips Minx's hair firmly, guiding her head back and forth along his length. With each forceful drive, Minx's moans of pleasure mix with Crow's, creating an intoxicating symphony in the air.


His voice, dripping with a mix of authority and lust, fills the air. "Oh, Minx, my insatiable fuck toy," he growls, his words laced with primal desire. "Take it, all of it. I want to feel the back of your throat tighten around my cock as I explode deep inside you."