It was her first time (squirting) Chapter Nine

November 03 2023

Chapter 9.


Crow takes Minx by the leash, yanking on her collar, exerting his dominance over her. She obediently follows his lead, her eyes filled with a mix of submission and eager anticipation. He guides her over to the bed, adorned with restraints, where she willingly climbs onto it, ready to be his obedient plaything.


As Crow stands before Minx, he slowly and seductively strips off the rest of his clothing, revealing his naked, muscular body in all its glory. Every rippling muscle, every enticing curve displayed before her hungry eyes. A soft moan escapes Minx's lips involuntarily as she takes in the sight, her desire evident with nervous anticipation.


Both of them kneel together on the bed, their bodies pressed against each other, creating a palpable heat between them. Crow's voice drips with desire as he whispers in Minx's ear, his words laced with dominance and raw lust. "You have no idea how much you turn me on," he growls. "The way you submit to me, the way you surrender yourself entirely, it drives me wild."


Minx, her voice trembling with need, replies, "I crave your touch, your control. The power you have over me, it excites me beyond words. I'm yours to command, to pleasure, to possess." Her words hang heavy in the air, fueling the fire that burns deep within them both.


With an assertive force, Crow pushes Minx down onto the bed, exerting his dominance over her, positioning her arms above her head as he secures the ropes to the restraints. Her body is now at his mercy, completely vulnerable to his desires, and she revels in the thrill of her own submission.


Crow begins his descent, leaving a trail of scorching kisses, nibbles, and bites along Minx's exposed skin, each touch igniting new waves of pleasure within her. His voice dances with a mix of affection and desire as he whispers, "You belong to me, my sexy lil pet. Every inch of your body, every moan that escapes your lips, it is all mine to pleasure and torment as I see fit."


Minx gasps and arches her back, her voice dripping with need as she replies, "Yes, Master. Take me, use me for your pleasure. I am your willing plaything, awaiting your every command."


He trails kisses downwards, leaving a tantalizing path along her body, his hands roaming and exploring every inch of her skin. When he reaches her feet, Crow attaches the ropes on Minx's ankles to the restraints on the bed, making sure her legs are spread wide apart, exposing her glistening, soaked pussy to his hungry gaze. She squirms in anticipation, her breath coming in short gasps as desire courses through her veins.


With a wicked grin on his face, Crow lowers his head, his warm breath grazing against the delicate skin of her inner thighs. He teases her mercilessly, his tongue darting out to taste the intoxicating sweetness that awaits him. He can feel Minx's body quivering with need and he revels in the power he has over her pleasure.


In a low, sultry voice, Crow whispers, "You're so wet for me, Minx. I can't resist the taste of your desire. Your pussy" firmly placing his hand over her wetness and sliding a finger inside "Mine!" The words hang in the air, sending shivers down Minx's spine, her anticipation reaching a fever pitch.


Without further hesitation, Crow dives in, flicking his tongue expertly against Minx's sensitive clit, eliciting a moan of ecstasy from deep within her. He devours her with an insatiable hunger, his lips and tongue skillfully exploring every fold and crevice, drawing out every ounce of pleasure from her throbbing core.


Minx's cries grow louder, her body writhing beneath Crow's expert touch. She clings to the restraints, her muscles tensing as an overwhelming wave of pleasure crashes over her. "Yes Crow, My master! Don't stop! I need you!" she gasps, her voice a symphony of desire.


Crow intensifies his assault, his mouth becoming a vortex of pleasure as he expertly brings Minx to the brink of ecstasy. He savors her taste, relishing in the way her body quakes, her moans reverberating through the room. The two of them are lost in a world of unadulterated bliss, the boundaries of pleasure pushed to their very limits.


And as Minx reaches the pinnacle of her pleasure, her body convulsing in ecstasy. He grabs hold of the ropes around Minx's waist, pulling her down onto his eager mouth with force. She gasps at the sudden sensation, her wetness coating his hungry tongue.


Thrusting his tongue deep into her quivering pussy, exploring every inch with a relentless fervor. He flicks, licks, and sucks, knowing exactly how to make her scream with pleasure. Minx's back arches, and her body trembles as a powerful orgasm builds within her.


Crow's tongue works its magic, Minx's moans grow louder and more desperate. The ropes strain against her wrists as she writhes in ecstasy, her pleasure mounting with each thrust of his skilled tongue. Her screams fill the room, echoing his name, begging him not to stop.


The intensity builds, and Minx can feel the pressure building deep within, ready to burst forth. Just as she reaches the edge, Crow applies a firm suction, his tongue swirling with purpose. The floodgates open, and Minx's body convulses as she experiences a mind-blowing squirting orgasm, her essence gushing out in waves.


She cries out in ecstasy, In the midst of their passionate encounter, Minx's voice echoes through the room, dripping with desire and desperation. "Crow! Don't you dare fucking stop! Make me cum over and over again! Please, Master, I beg you, make me squirt like a filthy, wet slut!" Her words fuel his primal instincts, and he's more than eager to oblige her lustful plea.


With relentless hunger, Crow laps at her gushing cunt, savoring every drop of her sweet nectar as it flows endlessly. His tongue explores her depths with an insatiable appetite, coaxing out wave after wave of pleasure that crashes through her like a tsunami. Her sensitive clit, swollen and throbbing, becomes the epicenter of her explosive squirting orgasms, her entire body trembles in ecstasy. Crows face, hands and bed soaked with her juices.


Stopping for a moment, he wants to push her beyond her limits, to make her scream and squirm with pleasure that borders on pain. Looking over to a drawer filled with forbidden treasures, each one designed to bring Minx to new heights of ecstasy. He reaches over and finds the perfect weapon to bring her to new heights of bliss. "oh Minx, you are so deliciously sweet and naughty, i am not going to stop until i have drained every last drop out of you, my slutty lil fuck toy!" Crow's voice sends shivers threw her body.


He chooses a powerful vibrating wand, its pulsating vibrations promising to ravage Minx's senses. With a devilish grin, he trails the wand along her sensitive skin and ropes, teasing her with its deliciously wicked buzz. Then, without warning, he presses it against her engorged clit, sending bolts of electrifying pleasure coursing through her body. Minx's moans become a chorus of desperate cries, as the vibrations intensify her ecstasy to an unbearable level.


But Crow isn't finished yet. Oh no, he's just getting started. He reaches for a set of nipple clamps adorned with delicate chains, their glistening metal tempting him to indulge in Minx's exquisite pain and pleasure. He attaches them firmly to her erect nipples, relishing in the way her breath sharpens and anticipation fills her eyes.


With each subtle twist of the clamps, a delicious mixture of pain and pleasure spreads through Minx's body, igniting her senses like never before. Crow takes his time, teasing her nipples with his fingers and tongue, heightening the sensations pulsating through her core. He knows exactly how to push her boundaries, striking that sweet balance between pleasure and delightful pain.


As the clamps squeeze and tug at Minx's sensitive peaks, her moans become more urgent, a symphony of ecstasy filling the room. Crow savors the sight of her squirming beneath his touch, the clamps serving as a constant reminder of her submission to his desires. He alternates between gentle caresses and firm tugs, driving Minx closer to the edge of bliss.


"Fuck, Master Crow!" Minx gasps, her voice a blend of desperation and longing. "I need your cock inside me right now. I'm dripping wet and ready for you."


Crow's eyes glint with a primal hunger as he positions himself between her thighs, his throbbing member hovering just above her slick entrance. He leans down, his hot breath grazing against her earlobe as he murmurs, "You want it, don't you? You want to feel every inch of me stretching you open, claiming you as mine."


Minx's response is immediate, her voice filled with unbridled desire. "Yes! Yes, I want it. I need to feel you deep inside me, pounding me until i cant take anymore."