It was her first time (squirting) Chapter Five

October 22 2023

Chapter 5.


As Minx hungrily consumes the taste of her own arousal, her body hums with a potent mixture of pleasure and anticipation. Crow watches, his eyes smoldering with lust, as she traces her wet fingers along the curve of her body, leaving a glistening trail in their wake. With every touch, she shivers under her own sensual exploration.


Unable to resist the pull of her throbbing clit, Minx circles her fingertips around the sensitive bud, her breath hitching in her chest. She can feel the heat radiating from her pussy, the need building within her like a wildfire. Without hesitation, she plunges two fingers deep inside herself, her walls clenching around the intrusion.


As she works her fingers in and out of her slick entrance, Minx lets out a series of wanton moans, surrendering to the pleasure that floods her body. Her hips buck against her own touch, seeking more of the delicious friction that sends waves of ecstasy coursing through her. The taste of her own juices lingers on her tongue, enhancing the intensity of each sensation.


Driven by insatiable desire, Minx brings herself closer to the edge. Every stroke, every touch, pushes her closer to that peak of pleasure she craves. And just as she teeters on the precipice, Crow's voice breaks through the haze of her arousal.


"Well, well, look at you, my insatiable little fuck toy," he growls, his words dripping with provocative delight. "But you know what? I think it's time to take things up a notch. Get ready for a night you won't ever forget, my filthy little slut."


Excitement courses through Minx's veins, her body eager to be pushed to new limits. She yearns to serve her Master, to fulfill his every desire and be rewarded with pleasure beyond measure. With a mischievous smile, she slides her fingers out of her dripping pussy and brings them to her lips again, tasting her own essence with a hunger that matches her anticipation.


Crow tightens his grip on the leash, a symbol of his dominance over Minx. With a tug, he pulls her towards him, and she willingly follows his lead. Their bodies collide in a passionate embrace, lips crashing together in a frenzy of desire. They taste each other, tongues entwining in a dance of lust and hunger.


As their hands wander, exploring every curve and crevice, the room becomes a sanctuary for their darkest fantasies. Crow's hunger intensifies, his gaze fixated upon Minx. The hunger in his eyes is mirrored in her own, a shared thirst for ecstasy.


With a commanding voice that drips with authority, Crow demands his possession. "Tell me, my dirty little slut, who do you belong to?" His possessiveness reverberates in his tone, fueling Minx's submission.


"I belong to you, Master," Minx breathes, her voice filled with devotion and desire. "Every inch of my body is yours to use, to take, to enjoy."


Her words hang in the air, electrified with an unspoken promise of pleasure. Crow embraces her tightly, their bodies pressed against each other, an unspoken understanding passing between them.


But the hunger in Crow's eyes doesn't subside. It only intensifies, pushing him further into the realm of their shared desires. He leans in, whispering in Minx's ear, his voice a seductive growl.


"Now, my delicious Minx," he murmurs, the hunger evident in his voice, "I'm going to explore every inch of my fuck toy. I'll bind you in ways that make you shiver with anticipation. And this time, my cock will plunge deeper into your throat, stretching you to your limits."


He pauses, savouring the anticipation in Minx's eyes. as he sticks a thumb in her mouth "And even if you gag, my filthy slut, I won't stop. I'll keep using your mouth, throat-fucking you until you're swallowing every drop of my hot cum."


As the words flow between them, the energy of their desires intertwines, pushing them to new heights of pleasure. The room becomes an arena of unapologetic indulgence, where Minx surrenders herself completely to Crow's insatiable appetite.