It was her first time (squirting) Chapter Eight

October 24 2023

Chapter 8.


The swinging motion gains intensity, amplifying their physical connection and heightening their pleasure. Crow's grip tightens on Minx's hair, his dominance asserting itself further. "Gag on it, my filthy little slut," he commands, his voice husky with raw desire. "I want to feel your throat squeeze me, choking on my cock but not stopping."


Minx, dedicated to fulfilling Crow's every desire, holds her breath and braces herself, allowing him to thrust deep into her throat without relent. Crow's voice, filled with a mixture of pleasure and dominance, fills the room. "Feel my hot, thick cum emptying into your throat," he grunts, unable to hold back any longer. "Swallow it all, my obedient little minx."


grabbing hold of the ropes his grip tightens around Minx's waist, tugging on them with a force that sends waves of pleasure coursing through her body. In a fit of ecstasy, Minx's orgasm crashes over her, her bound nipples and clit throbbing in response to Crow's deliberate actions. She can't help but scream out in pleasure, the ropes adding an extra level of sensation and intensity. Her body arches instinctively, seeking more of the intoxicating bliss that Crow is expertly coaxing from her.


As Minx indulges in the peak of her pleasure, Crow seizes the opportunity to fulfill his own needs. With an assertive thrust, he plunges his cock deep into her waiting throat, not holding back an ounce of his desire. The sensation of his throbbing hardness in her throat only intensifies Minx's pleasure, pushing her orgasm to new heights.


Crow thrusts his hips one final time, his throbbing cock hitting the back of Minx's throat, causing her to gag in a mix of pleasure and euphoria. In that moment of sheer rapture, Crow releases his orgasm, delicious cum.


As the climax overtakes him, Crow releases his warm, potent seed, filling Minx's throat with his thick essence. The depth and intensity of the thrusts amplify the sensations, causing Minx to open her mouth and gasp for air, her eyes watering, drool and cum covering her face then dripping onto the floor. but she remains resolute, determined to please Crow.


After Crow pours the entirety of his hot, thick cum into Minx's waiting throat, she eagerly swallows every last drop with a look of pure bliss on her face. As she gazes up at Crow, her eyes filled with submissive adoration, she softly asks, "Did I please you, Master? Was I a good girl?"


A wicked grin spreads across Crow's face as he gazes down at Minx, satisfied with her obedience. The sound of his voice, strained with dominance and pleasure, fills the room. "Oh, you were more than just a good girl, Minx," he responds, his tone filled with a mix of authority and desire. "You were a perfect little fuck toy, fulfilling my every dirty desire without hesitation."


Crow releases Minx from the suspension, allowing her to step down, but he can't resist the temptation to keep her bound in ropes. He wants to continue playing with her, to relish in the power and control he exerts over her willing body.


Minx's eyes sparkle with delight at Crow's words, she eagerly kneels before him, her body ready for whatever he may demand next. Her voice, overflowing with eager submission, whispers, "Please, Master, use me however you desire. I'm yours to command."


Crow's desire for dominance intensifies further as he revels in Minx's unwavering obedience. grabbing hold of her by the collar, he pulls her in closer, his voice dripping with authority. "Oh, don't worry, my obedient little pet," he growls. "I have many more wicked plans in store for you. Brace yourself, because this is just the beginning."


  • FibiFun

    30 Oct 2023

    I thoroughly enjoyed each chapter! The detail is well crafted - I was there experiencing it all - hot 🔥 hot 🔥 hot 🔥 . I saved commenting until this last chapter as I was eager to keep reading. Minx lapped up her squirted juices like the good girl she is. Keep writing as you have a talent to articulate a dynamic that is difficult to capture in words. Thank you!

  • wannaplyus2

    28 Oct 2023

    First Ive read of your work. Well written but not very interesting. The title is about squirting but not mentioned in the story. Patrick2510 has a valid comment that maybe you should ‘just let it be’.

  • Patrick2510

    28 Oct 2023

    Don't mean to be rude mate but you've had no support for the previous 7 parts so just let it be