It was her first time (Squirting) Chapter One

October 22 2023

this is my first attempt at writing erotica, based on my own real life adventures in the alt life.

hope that you enjoy and stay tuned for more. as i am always on the hunt for more story insperations, never know who/what might be reading about next ;)...


Welcome, reader, to a world where desire and kink intertwine, where passion and restraint dance in perfect harmony.


Step into this intimate space, a room of soft BDSM that exudes sensuality and exploration. Here, the rigger, Crow and their alluring rope bunny, Minx, come together to indulge in the art of Shibari, playful dominance, and unbridled pleasure.


The room is an oasis of seduction, bathed in the warm glow of soft lighting. In one corner stands a sturdy wooden frame, a centerpiece adorned with vibrant coils of rope, ready to encase Minx's body in intricate restraints. Expertly crafted knots and skillful ties await their turn to bind and control, turning Minx into a mesmerizing work of art.


But this room offers more than just ropes. On a nearby table, an enticing assortment of toys awaits with eager anticipation. Vibrators of various shapes and intensities promise to ignite sensations that will leave Minx quivering with pleasure. Nipple clamps, feather ticklers, and impact toys stand ready to enhance the dance of pleasure and pain, adding an electrifying edge to their play.


The ambiance is further heightened by the presence of sensual props, from blindfolds to satin and leather restraints, intensifying every touch, every whisper, every kiss. The air is thick with an intoxicating mix of anticipation and surrender, as Minx willingly surrenders to the Crow's skillful hands and the desires that bind them together.


As Crow gracefully weaves ropes around Minx's willing form, their connection deepens, their desires intertwine. Every touch, every knot, every toy chosen creates a symphony of pleasure and dominance, leading them towards the precipice of ecstasy.


So, my reader, let us embark on this journey, where the boundaries of pleasure are pushed and where the art of trust and surrender blossoms. In this soft BDSM room, eroticism unfurls like delicate petals, and desire becomes an exquisite dance. Embrace the desires that stir within you, and let Crow the rigger and Minx his rope bunny guide you through a world of heightened sensations, where passion flows freely and inhibitions are left at the door. Welcome to our realm of lustful exploration.



Chapter 1.


In a dimly lit room, the potent air of desire engulfed them as Crow, a dominant figure, and Minx, his eager submissive, succumbed to their carnal urges. The dominance and submission dynamic pulsed through their veins, urging them to push the boundaries of pleasure.


"Strip for me, you filthy little slut," Crow's voice drips with desire, igniting a fire within Minx. "I want to feast my eyes on every inch of your sinful body." His command echoes through the room, making Minx tremble with both excitement and obedience.


With trembling hands, Minx obeys, stripping off her clothing layer by layer. Each garment that falls reveals more of her supple skin, fueling Crow's growing hunger as his eyes roam over every inch of her exposed form. The anticipation builds within him, an insatiable desire that demands satisfaction.


Once Minx stands before him, vulnerable and bare, Crow's voice grows husky with lust. "On your knees, you submissive little pet," he commands, his voice dripping with authority.


Minx's eyes widen, captivated by the sight of his dominant figure. A surge of submission floods her veins, making her heart race with anticipation. "Yes, Sir," she replies, her voice trembling with excitement. "I'm ready to be your obedient little pet."


As she sinks to her knees with a tremor of excitement, Minx revels in the intoxicating power dynamic. She's ready to surrender herself completely, to become a vessel of pleasure and serve Crow's every desire.


But Crow, being the devious mastermind that he is, has something special in mind. He walks away, a wicked smile playing on his lips, and opens a nearby drawer. Inside, his eyes light up as he finds a collar and leash, a tantalizing addition to their passionate play.


Returning to Minx, Crow's gaze becomes filled with anticipation and possessiveness. He holds up the collar, a glint of mischief in his eyes. "My sexy little pet," he purrs, his voice dripping with seduction, "you deserve something special. A collar to mark your complete submission."


Minx's heart races with excitement and surrender as she locks eyes with Crow. A wave of pure bliss washes over her, knowing that she's about to embark on a journey of unadulterated pleasure. She's ready to be Collared and Leashed, ready to writhe and moan beneath Crow's dominant command, immersing herself in a universe of raw passion.


As Crow holds up the collar, the room pulsates with an electrifying tension. Minx's breath quickens, her body already aching for the touch that awaits her. She smirks, her eyes filled with a mixture of anticipation and defiance. "Put that collar on me, Master," she purrs, her voice dripping with need. "Claim me as your naughty little pet."


Crow's eyes gleam with primal desire as he steps closer, the air crackling with electricity. With a decisive motion, he encircles Minx's delicate neck with the leather collar, his fingers grazing sensually against her skin. She shivers, feeling an intoxicating mix of vulnerability and surrender.


"Good girl," Crow says, his voice laced with dominant authority. "Now, down on your hands and knees, my pet. Show me how you adore wearing my mark."


A shiver runs down Minx's spine as she obediently complies, her body now intimately connected with the plush carpet beneath her. Every movement sends waves of pleasure radiating through her core, igniting a fire that threatens to consume her. She crawls towards the mirror, her hips swaying seductively with each tantalizing inch.


Once in front of the mirror, Minx gazes at her reflection with a mix of desire and curiosity. She marvels at how the collar transforms her, enhancing her natural beauty while accentuating her submissive nature. Her eyes sparkle with a newfound sense of belonging, as if she has finally found her place in this world of unbridled passion.


Crow steps forward, his presence dominating the scene. He takes hold of the leash attached to Minx's collar, his grip firm yet full of undeniable arousal. As he pulls lightly, Minx gasps, feeling a surge of submission coursing through her veins. The mix of pleasure and pain creates a heady cocktail that intoxicates her senses.


With each tug of the leash, Crow guides Minx's movements, guiding her to reveal herself to the mirror with an unapologetic display of carnal desire. Her body, contoured with the enticing curves, is a masterpiece of seduction. She runs her hands slowly up her thighs, stopping just short of her throbbing center, tantalizing both herself and the mirror's reflection.


"Look at yourself, my slutty little minx," Crow growls, his voice a seductive command. "See how beautiful you are when you embrace your submission. Embrace the power that comes from surrendering to your desires."


Minx's eyes lock with her reflection, her gaze a combination of lust and longing. The mirror reveals a woman fully immersed in her own sensuality, a creature unleashed and unashamed. She revels in her newfound freedom, embracing her inner vixen without reservation.