Island getaway

August 30 2023

For the story starts on RHP…

Put an ad up travelling to an island, looking for some fun while we’re there, straightforward, right?


Anyway, made contact with the first three guys who wanted to party with my wife and arrange to meet. As it seems common on here, only one turned up. Luckily he was visiting for a yachting race and had a whole heap of mates who were also keen to party.


My partner wasn’t big into gangbangs until she saw the range of sizes and ages. After explaining the ground rules, my partner stripped off and started to play with herself. Her pussy was dripping, wet, wide open legs spread apart on the table in our room. I flopped my cock out and she started to suck on it while two guys got naked, and another was licking her clit, Another guy with a massive cock in his hand looked at me with a “can I?” look in his eye. I nodded in approval. She initially thought it might of been my cock in her, quickly, realised that even he was bigger than me. He pounded away for nearly 10 minutes before he pulled out and blew all over her chest. His cum was rubbed all over her chest.


She was in heaven. Cuming every couple of minutes. Pussy clamping down on hard cock after hard cock as they shot their loads deep inside her. After drinking a can of JD, it was time for doggy on the bed. She asked me to watch, but I didn’t realise she wanted me to lay under her and lick her pussy while she was being fucked, their balls slapped my forehead as they pounded away. I didn’t realise how much another blokes cum in your eyes can sting, but I’ve never seen my partner more enjoying her sexual experience. She was almost in a state of constant orgasm.


This continued well into the night, swapping positions and her rotating through all different guys. Her breaks became slightly longer between each guy as her pussy, although now red raw, was still in high demand. By 3 am most of the guys seem to of had enough - or couldn’t keep it hard. But for those who could, all they had to do was to look at her or gently touch her and off they go again.


We have a practice that I’m always the first one in her pussy and I’ll be the last one for the night. When it looked like the other punters have finished, I chose doggy style as our final position as she knelt on the bed and spread her lips. It was a constant ooze of the mixed cum seeping out of her red pussy. As I pumped away, her moans, we’re just as much in pain as they were enjoyment. As I pumped away, the remaining three guys left, she collapsed into a heap, not even enough energy to have a shower. Every part of her body had been caressed, massaged, kissed, and she had so many endorphins running around inside her, she fell asleep, real quick.


We repeated this two more nights. On the third night, we were joined by some more women - but it was still pretty much a massive gangbang weekend. My partner lost count just how many times she had been fucked over the four days and I think it must’ve been over 25 guys as well.


It was fun walking around during the days on the island, she would wear a skimpy little low cut dress that the wind could blow around and with cum leaking underwear wasn’t an option… We’d walk along the docks and guys would look up and see exactly what they wanted… that got her invited below deck a few times… after all, sailing is a male dominated sport.


She was certainly male dominated that week.


  • HarperG

    06 Sep 2023

    I'm in Patong and could only hope for this much fun

  • cheekyone9

    04 Sep 2023

    Damn wish that was my island

  • Coralman

    02 Sep 2023

    Which island I’m in the Whitsundays

  • Playfulpair

    01 Sep 2023

    What a wonderful weekend, an insatiable lady and many willing men to assist her