In Chains

November 30 2020

Seduce my senses.

See me, touch me, taste me, hear me, and smell my arousal.

Pull me against you, so that I can do the same to you.

Stoke my fire.

Arouse my passions.

Build my need.

Make me a slave to your desires.

Capture my imagination.

Change my perspective.

Show me what is possible between us.

Show me that you are different, that you deserve to be worshiped.

Shackle me to your passions.

Show me your strength.

Make it clear that you can handle me, that it is safe to be myself.

Teach me that I can trust you.

Give me as much of you, as you desire from me.

Quiet the demon in me that is ravenous.

Take me to that place where mental, emotional, and physical intimacy dwell together in balance.

Don’t be my good time, or my release when I need to scratch an itch.

Be my everything.

Make me crave you like my next breath.

Make it impossible to walk away from you.

Be the masculine to my feminine.

Be the wall that I crash against, when the storms drive me.

Be the arms that hold me safe.

Be the voice that I ignore all others for.


  • Sexy_Perth

    10 Apr 2021

    I love this. ❤️

  • gesambar

    02 Apr 2021

    So true

  • bigKev8

    02 Mar 2021

    Thats hot

  • Joyfullife

    12 Feb 2021


  • Anemone2019

    04 Feb 2021

    Exactly. ❣️

  • LetmeXxxU4Mmmmm

    14 Jan 2021


  • Beyondrealms

    01 Jan 2021

    Those words act as an aphrodisiac, using your words only to raise my heartbeat is a sensuous skill.

  • MissArtemis

    26 Dec 2020

    I love. Thank you for sharing. Incredibly deep, and struck a familiar cord within myself. Again. Thank you. Merry Christmas babes.

  • MissBNM

    19 Dec 2020

    Your mind and you...through strong, genuine, loving intimate sensual gentle longing wanting needing giving words... are beautiful and is spot on 💯 to how I perceive/needed real true soulmating love and Hubby/partn. to be .. I m blessed with this NOW ❣️

  • KLady

    12 Dec 2020

    Hit the head on the head there Inquizitive_1 Exactly how I feel too Well written

  • jimbobity86

    08 Dec 2020

    I would lick your pussy like a dog licks his own balls

  • Browdiamond

    08 Dec 2020

    These days high on my feelings. Can handle ur feelings and mine. If would like to meet, waiting for ur response

  • Browdiamond

    08 Dec 2020

    Would love to please you.