Improvised Striptease

June 05 2021

And he sat there. In a suit!

A commanding posture. His long arms resting on either side with his hands at the end of the armrests. His knees parted with ankles crossed. His back upright, straight and steady. He looked directly at her. Only her.

A minute before that he said to her, “undress for me.”

She walked up to him and stood in front of him. 1.5m away. Far enough that he couldn’t touch her. Close enough for him to see her in glory detail, from head to toe. (It was easy, she had been practising being covid safe all year!)

He saw a lady, in black heels and stockings. She wore a hip hugging, knee length dress. A low plunging cowl neckline, revealed just enough cleavage to grab the attention of any man. What he was thinking no one will know. What he saw was good.

She looked at him. What she saw excited her. A straight stern face, with eyes that demanded “let me see you". She hadn’t planned for a striptease, and wasn’t dressed for it either, but she had to perform. She wanted to please. She wanted to enjoy and savour this, because the clock had stopped. Time is now frozen.

She slowly rolled her head in a slow circular motion. Her long wavy hair draped around her and followed her action. The rolling motion flowed to her shoulders, they turned one side at a time and moved her breasts. Her trimmed waist twisted in sync with her heaving breasts and the motion rolled down to her hips. As her hips moved in a slow dance, her legs started to part. As her body swayed, her hands raised up, elbows bent, clutching her hair by back of her head. Her body moved in a very slow tease, leaning forward to expose more of her breasts, letting out whispering moans.

He didn’t move. He didn’t make a noise. He continued to gaze at this woman.

Her hands left her hair and made their way down her body. Stroking her neck with the back of her hands, cupping the weight of her breasts, smoothing over the curve of her waist and down past her hips, her hands eventually rested on her thighs. Slowly, her fingers tugged at the fabric of her dress. Each finger motion pulling the skirt of her dress up, painstakingly slowly.

Finally the hem of her dress was in her hands. The full length of her toned legs were on display, while the pooling skirt hitched up at the sides still hid most of her body. She moved her legs, parting them, bending her knees and turned, so that her arse can be seen under the lifted skirt. Her hands moved to her rear, lifting the dress up, slowly, showing more of her arse, but then sliding it back down, only to lift it again, each time revealing a bit more. She felt the fabric against her arse, the neckline plunging between her breasts as she bent her knees and lowered her body. She was lost in the moment.

He just sat there, continuing to hold a steadfast stare.

She performed this slow tease until she turned and straightened up to face him. She leaned forward, her legs wider apart in heels, her neckline dropping as she lifted her skirt over her arse. There were glimpses of a red velvet bra and a lacy red g-string. And then the skirt came over her shoulders, exposing her body. In a swift but smooth motion, the dress was over her head. She whirled it once above her and threw it to the ground.

The jewel at the top of her g-string sparkled as brightly as the crystal gemstone on her necklace and her matching earrings. Her breasts were bound in red straps of her velvet bra. She ran her hands over her body. She felt up her legs, feeling the smooth thigh high stockings. One hand followed the line of her g-string and wondered over her exposed arse, while the other stroked the side of her breast. Eventually both hands rested on her waist. She stood tall, full frontal and presented her gift wrapped body to him.

He stood up, stepped forward and grabbed her firmly by the hips... ❤


  • mrmanly61

    10 Jun 2021

    Ohhh Diane! You have a way with words! I’d love that to happen to me. I wouldn’t mind doing a strip for a lady too!

  • Bright_Cannon

    09 Jun 2021

    Felt like watching it in real! Impressive!

  • FancyFace

    09 Jun 2021

    Mmm more