Husband was nervous but it happened.

August 12 2023

The digital age has its quirks. Among the memes, viral videos, and endless scrolling, I found myself connecting with a couple online. Our conversations started innocently enough, discussing shared interests and life experiences. But as the weeks went by, the tone shifted, becoming more intimate and revealing.


They shared their fantasies, desires they had never dared to voice, let alone act upon. The world of cuckolding and threesomes was a realm they were eager to explore, and our digital connection hinted at the possibility of making it a reality.


After weeks of anticipation, the day finally arrived. I was invited to their home. The atmosphere was thick with nervous energy when I walked in. He seemed particularly on edge, his eyes darting between his wife and me, a mix of jealousy and excitement evident in his gaze.


The evening began with casual conversation, an attempt to ease the tension. But as the night wore on, the undercurrent of desire became impossible to ignore. With a nod from her, our digital fantasies began to materialize. Our lips met, hands exploring, the room filled with the sounds of soft moans and whispered encouragements.


He watched, his initial apprehension slowly melting away as he became more involved. The highlight of the evening was the moment of double penetration, a fantasy they had both expressed a keen interest in. The intensity of the experience, the blend of pleasure and vulnerability, was palpable. His earlier reservations were replaced by sheer ecstasy, the pleasure evident in his every moan and movement.


The night was a whirlwind of passion, a testament to the power of connection, both digital and physical. It was an exploration of boundaries, desires, and the complexities of human relationships.


As dawn approached, we lay intertwined, a tangle of limbs and emotions, reflecting on the journey from online chats to a night of unforgettable passion.



Your truly