Honey I'm Home

October 09 2022

The house is spic and span, the lawns are mowed and it’s not even lunch time yet. I got up early as I was too excited to sleep this morning. I keep checking my phone for text messages from you, letting me know how close you’ve gotten. You’ve gone quiet with messages for a little but I know you’ll be home in the next hour or so and I decide to make myself look nice for you.


I opened my lingerie drawer and my fingers ran along the neatly folded piles of satin and lace before I closed it again. It never stays on for long when you’ve come home from working away so I settle on a plain red satin bra and matching undies.


I’m showered, smelling nice, wearing a short flowing dress and light makeup and I’m now starting to get impatient, constantly checking the time and pacing around the house until I hear your car pull into the driveway.


The door opens and you step through the doorway. Before your bags hit the floor I’ve flung myself at you, throwing you back against the wall before you regain your balance and steady the both of us. As we’re kissing, you reach sideways to push the door shut before sliding your hands under my dress. I’ve pulled your shirt up over your head by this stage and working on unbuttoning your work pants to push them to the floor around your ankles. I slide down to my knees, kissing your body on the way down, lightly pressing my lips against your skin and brushing my tongue against your skin. Every now and again pausing to trace circles on your skin with my tongue, savouring the taste of you. As I’ve moved down you’ve caught the hem of my dress and lifted it over my head, tossing it on the floor behind me. I push your jocks down to your ankles to join your trousers and hear you growl in frustration, telling me you just want a little time to be able to touch me and I tell you not until I’ve had a chance to taste you first. You work away for two weeks at a time and it’s always a race to see who gets their hands on who first as soon as you get home.


I trail the tip of my finger along the shaft of your cock and you can feel my breathe on it before I train the tip of my tongue up the undershaft and down the other side, pausing at the tip of your cock to trail tiny circles with my tongue. I lightly scratch your balls, raking my fingernails over them and reach up with my other hand to squeeze and tweak your nipples. I close my lips around the tip of your cock, tickling under the rim with my tongue before sucking at the tip of your cock like it were the most delicious popsicle I’d ever had. You throw your head back against the wall and let out a low growl. I take my mouth away from your cock and trail my tongue back down your cock to your balls. Running my tongue over and around each one before taking them in my mouth, one at a time, sucking on them and rubbing my tongue around them. I bring my mouth back to the tip of your cock, closing my lips tightly around it, sucking on it, moving my mouth up and down your cock, rubbing the tip of your cock along the roof of my moth and caressing you with my tongue.


You reach down and lift me up on the kitchen bench, knocking a couple of cups to the floor and smashing them but neither of us care at this stage. Breaking crockery is a regular occurrence during our initial greeting when you get home from working away. Your kissing me and taking my bra off with expert ease, flinging it aside and taking both breasts in your hands, filling your hands with them before sourcing both nipples and squeezing them. You bite my lip as I gasp in pleasure of what you’re doing and just your touch on my breasts alone. You kiss down my neck and as your kisses are trailing lower, so is one of your hands until it slides into my undies, stroking my clit with your thumb as your forefinger slides up and down my pussy before it slips in effortlessly. You slide another finger in and fuck me with two fingers while rubbing my clit at the same time, causing an explosive orgasm to escape me as I grip the edge of the bench. You hook your fingers in my undies and pull them off me, flinging them over your shoulder before you lean down and hungrily put your mouth to work at my pushy. You insert your thumbs inside me, spreading me open and fuck me with your tongue. I moan as you do this and bring my hands down to your head, raking my fingernails through your hair.


You bring your lips back to my face and kiss my lips, continuing to fuck me again with your fingers. Using two fingers from each hand, you fuck me vigorously, stretching me out a little. I wrap my legs around you and you lift me off the bench and carry me to the lounge room with my legs still around you. You rest me on the back of the lounge, taking your cock in your hand and, in one swift movement, you’re balls deep inside me. You pause for a moment before slamming in and out of me. You stop for a short moment, pulling out just long enough to flip me over, bending me over the back of the lounge and thrust yourself back inside me as you slap my ass cheek. You lean forward and take both breasts in your hands, squeezing them as you thrust harder and faster, bringing me to a second, third and fourth orgasm. With one final deep thrust, you come deep inside me right before you lean forward on me, wrapping your arms tight around me and kiss my back.


Welcome home my darling. I miss you when you’re at work but it oh so worth it when you get home.


  • gavsexy69

    04 Jan 2024

    Wow love it very nice

  • Unme2gether

    12 Oct 2022


  • Sayder0001

    12 Oct 2022

    Thats one very sensual arousing story as a person who works away a lot I would really love to come home to that every time.