Hey it was a bad date can I stay at your house?

December 03 2023

You love when you go on a date only to crash at another dates apartment and be given whats been missing throughout the day…


(This is my first story here)


I just so happen to be matched with two lovely ladies online. One of them I already met prior and got to be shown around her new apartment in the city when we first met and at the time she was also looking for some form of friendship with a sexual connection with someone. So, let’s call her B.


The other lovely lady I had been talking to for a little while, I never met her before and eventually we teed up a date to a beer festival in St Kilda. We are gonna call her H. Seeing that there was probably gonna be a lot of drinking and also at the time I was still on my P’s I opted to catch the train in from the Mornington Peninsula and meet her at the festival as she came from the other side of town. In the scheme of things I contacted B and asked her if I could crash at her apartment for the night just so I didn’t have the travel home drama. H and I eventually meet up and go for a walk around the festival, sampling all the different beers and just seeing how the evening went. I knew from then H wasn’t really gonna be progressive and didn’t mesh her vibe with my vibe and as soon as the sun went down, we called on a night and I made my way over to B’s


B was coming home from Seymour that afternoon, and I had to wait for her at Southern Cross Station for a little bit. Eventually, she arrives and her and I make our way back to her apartment. As a token of appreciation, I bought her dinner nothing too flash just some Chinese food and we spent the night watching movies and bantering about video games. It was about midnight when we decided that it was time for bed. Now in the back of my mind, I’m thinking there’s no hope in hell that I’m gonna get something out of this so I was remaining very reserved with also the thought of just take it as it comes and little did know that she was going to be down just a pair of knickers, but I didn’t mind a single bit. She rolls into bed and we Spoon me of course being the big spoon, and I tuck my arms underneath her tits and curl up for the night


B’s body is curvy and has a big set of tits and short red hair.


Now usually I’m a very deep sleeper and I can normally fall asleep instantly but my mind was just 3/4 of the way still awake and normally when that happens, I know something bound too kick off or stupidly somethings coming to hurt or kill me, idk how but thats how its been for a long time. Anyways, Sure enough, all I could feel was her leg starting to wrap around me until eventually she rolled over and started making out with me. Eventually, she whispers in my ear “ why did you take so long to make a move?” And come back with “ you were just playing hard to get ;)” At this point I’m letting my mouth and lips do all the walking all over her body and make my way downtown for a good old feast. After eating away and playing with her nips, sending her into overdrive, she then became hungry for me and I let her suck me and she wanted it so deep down inside her I couldn’t resist but to pull her hair and let her enjoy it as she looks deep into my eyes and it got sloppier and rougher as it gone on.


This whole thing kicked off at midnight we did not sleep a single wink, and all we did was just fuck at every hour until about four in the morning and in between that time we had fucked on her bed five times and fucked in her shower twice with me coming every little session all over tits and all over her face. Then late that morning towards 10 I make sure that she was okay and that she needed anything before I took off back home.


Never in my life, have I ever had such an amazing experience with another woman and I doubted my body was capable of doing such amazing things, but cumming seven times I mean, I’m humble but at the same time it’s something different I’ll never forget. Unfortunately her and I don’t talk anymore, but the memory still remains.