M66 F60

Happy Birthday

January 08 2023

A few weeks after leaving our new friends we received an invitation to return for Rick's birthday to which we readily agreed. The invitation came from Mel and it was a surprise party for him and a few friends whom we were to meet were also to attend.

The weekend arrived and we arrived around 2pm to see what could only be described as a full on garden party, Rick was no where to be seen as it had been arranged for him to be away for the best part of the day and he would return a little later. We were met by Mel's daughter whom we had met briefly on our last visit.

Doing the rounds meeting people and getting to know them a little better the time just went by without anyone really noticing the arrival of the birthday boy Rick.

Mel and their two children Caitlyn 24 and James 22 were there to greet him hurriedly telling everyone to yell SURPRISE.

The afternoon garden party was a great way to celebrate a special day in a family and friendly environment. As most people attending were from a fair distance away many had left early in the evening until the only people left were a couple in their late 30s and ourselves, Caitlyn and James had also left as they had other plans for the rest of the weekend, the six of set about clearing the tables and cleaning up, when Rick ushered myself and Callum, the other guy into the lounge. He began to undress and asked us to join him, we did just that and returned naked to the garden. The girls were looking at us with amusement and started to flirt with us. Callum and Julia are bi also, Mary had removed her top and Julia was playing with her tits teasing Mel who was playing with her pussy, it was now that I realised the girls had no underwear on under their dresses and in fact had placed them around the table, obviously a planned move, Callum and I were told to join the girls while Rick was to sit and watch and play with the underwear. Mel, Mary, Julia, began to make out with each other and as they moved into a perfect 3some Callum and I both hard began stroking ourselves at the sight of our ladies love making, Mary took his cock in her mouth while being eaten out by Mel and Julia burying her face into Mel's pussy, Callum was now stroking my cock as I leaned to passionately kiss him we looked to Rick who was now pumping his cock draped in panties.

We kissed and soon found ourselves sucking each other putting on a show for the birthday boy, Mel was now directing the show and was giving instruction to Rick to choose a pair of panties to wear, put them on and the owner will do the rest, it was Julia.

She moved toward Rick pushing him back to the seat she straddled him riding his cock the others supporting her and teasingly playing with Rick he was in heaven, Julia rode him till she climaxed letting out a squirt and scream I'm sure that was heard a mile away, Mel directed us guys to clean up his cock ready for the next , Mary began to stroke his cock to its fullness and took him in her mouth Callum and I now on either side our cocks ready for him to use as he wanted, he took us in turn sucking and stroking it was magnificent to have my wife give our friend a birthday present while he sucked and stroked our cocks, it wasn't long before Callum and I and Rick blew our loads all over Rick and Mary .Mel and Julia came and licked up cum on Rick while Callum and I cleaned up Mary, now Mel had moved in position straddled Rick rubbing her pussy over his stomach and chest and she was so full she began to play with her pussy squirting over her birthday boy Rick drank swallowed and tongued her pussy Mary and Julia were sharing his cock with Callum and I supporting Mel. We went on for some time each of us taking turns on Rick and wishing him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY