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Friday Quicky 2.0

February 15 2023

This story takes place roughly 3 weeks after our first adventure my wife and I don't really talk in person about much of this stuff around the house as have kids and all and they don't need to know about what we do an our spare time so it was a little bit of texting back and forth throughout the week trying to fullfill this fantasy


My wife was keen for another cock but at the same time didn't really want all the riff raff and drama to go along with it and especially not the emotional attachment that some guys have with having sex with another woman I had explain to my wife that I wanted someone at the house and this time I didn't want to directly watch I wanted to walk past the house out the front with the windows open and slightly hear her going at it she had agreed so the adventure would begin once again


After chatting to a male for 3 days we had a agreed to invite him over and explain to him the terms of course we had a agreed to get off work a little bit earlier it was a Friday and we realise that we had the house to ourselves for roughly an hour


Friday came at 2:30 and I had agreed to go on a walk we had spoken to this gentleman previously and he seemed like a well-mannered guy and someone who my wife at this stage was attracted to she was a little suspect as he was a little older and the original plan was not to go over the age of 45 but he seemed very attractive to my wife being 49


As I left the house I could see my wife was in a t-shirt and a little G-string I wished her good luck as we received a text from the gentleman saying that he was only 5 minutes away.


Upon me listening to some great tunes that I have not heard for a while I received an intriguing text message from my wife saying that he was here and that they were about to start my pants immediately grew and I found myself adjusting myself in the middle of the street.


Upon making my way back to the house for some reason I found myself sneaking up to the house when I really didn't need to but upon approaching the house I saw that the front windows we're open which was a good start the blinds with slightly ajar and upon me approaching the window I could hear my wife faintly Whisper it's just my husband I decided to peek in the blinds I could clearly see a gentleman sitting on the bed and my wife sitting beside him with her mouth wrapped around his cock and his head tilted back as I could see her head bobbing up and down she refused to look at me as she focused on his big cock she didn't seem shy at all as she put her mouth around his manhood and found herself going balls deep and the best thing about it was when I stopped looking I could still hear the gagging and sucking noise and the faint grunting noises of this gentleman I suddenly realised that my neighbours were looking at me looking through my window and it obviously how silly and dodgy I must have looked so I decided to walk down the street and give my wife some space this I could not handle after 100m so I made my way back to the house upon sneaking in the front door I can now hear my wife's moans this had to involve her and his cock upon me peeking in the doorway I could now see him leaning up against the bedhead and my wife slowly riding his cock, his unprotected cock was oozing her juices as she bobed up and down with her beautiful white ass I scored a look from my wife which was kind of a look to say stop looking in the room so I decided for the best to back off a little bit. I started making myself a sandwich and grabbing a cold Pepsi out of the fridge I could now here a slapping noise and this is something I couldn't miss I decided im now going to peek around the corner again


I could now see her kneeling on the bed bent over now with her breasts fully out and her back arched so her beautiful plump white ass was sticking out as he continued to pump her with his hard cock the slapping of the skin was immense and just as he let out a loud moan his cock protruded from her pussy and squirted at least four times on her back my wife then did the usual thing which she does if she doesnt cum getting her hand and rubbing her clit to make herself orgasm as she remains bent over his hard cock sat there wanting more even though there was a river of cum on her back he proceeded to re-enter her vagina pumping it two or three more times before she let out and immense moan as she made herself cum with her fingers.


I could here down the hallway she had instructed him to clean her up I don't think he exited the house fast enough after that little session lol


But once again for a 10 minute session what a turn-on the best part about it was my wife inviting me back into the room afterwards for another session this time the white stuff remained where it belongs inside.


No one can handle this bum that's for sure.




  • Chooby98

    20 Feb 2023

    Man that made a small puddle in me grow heaps but very well written

  • eligiblejames

    18 Feb 2023

    Delicious story 🤤☺️

  • LolaBee

    17 Feb 2023

    Love your adventures 😍

  • subdesire

    17 Feb 2023

    That’s is an awesome story. If an outdoor scenario is something you might be interested in I would be very keen

  • Cougarxx

    17 Feb 2023

    That even got me hard on the train home

  • Friendlyfar101

    17 Feb 2023

    Great story - glad to hear you both enjoyed the fun!

  • Adieo

    17 Feb 2023

    Hot 🔥 Great story. Well written ! And yes she has a great bum 😉 Men happy to share their wife and let her live out fantasies is so amazing, intriguing a turn on ! Strengthens some couples in the best way 👍

  • Rrandy7

    17 Feb 2023

    Fantastic fantasy story yum x

  • Cdjen

    17 Feb 2023

    That was hot as fuck. Both got what you wanted. Great story guys,

  • Jimmy12

    16 Feb 2023

    Sounds like a lot of fun….how do we sign up?

  • JustR

    16 Feb 2023

    Great story. Good turn on but I did laugh a few times. Haha. ‘It’s just just my husband’ and the neighbours looking at you peeking through your own window. Nice.