Floor Show

February 22 2018

I’m like most blokes and have sexual fantasies, mostly there about my wife. One involves watching my wife Jenni having sex with another person, another woman. Very few of my fantasies actually happen, and this was to be one of them. It happened when a friend came to visit, she was on a business trip and instead of staying in some dive motel we offered her our spare room.

Kim is a very open minded person, conversations with her usually turn to sex, although she would never be unfaithful to her husband, but she seems to take a lot of interest in sex. She is blond with a nice waist and well shaped butt and has the most perfect pert breasts of all the women I know and she doesn’t mind showing them off, by wearing tight fitting, and low cut clothes.

One night the conservation as usual turned to sex, and this time it was about same gender sex. I put my thoughts forward saying “I wouldn’t mind my wife, Jenni having sex with another woman the only condition was that I get to watch”. I consider Jenni to be a bit of a prude but sometimes she can surprise me. She would never pursue sex with another woman but I’ve always though that if she had the opportunity she would enjoy it.

After talking about girl on girl sex for a while I was getting pretty horny so I went for a walk around the house to help calm down. When I returned the girls were giggling. They told me they would make my fantasy come true, in part, as they would put on a show and pretending to have sex. We all moved into the lounge room and I sat in my usual seat while the girls stood near the lounge.

They began by touched each other, starting at each other’s arms, giggling in a nervous excited way. I didn’t say a word waiting to see how far they would go hoping not to be disappointed, buy just arm touching. Next Kim ran her hands up over Jenni’s shoulders and down her sides purposely avoiding her breasts, Jenni following Kim’s lead and did the same. Kim kept the action going and then crouched down and rubbed her face into Jenni’s breasts while pressing her crouch up against Jenni’s hips. Jenni blushed with a cheeky smiled and put her hands down onto Kim’s hips. Kim did some more body rubbing and Jenni joined in rubbing back.

What happened next is what I’d been waiting for, Kim placed her hands on Jenni’s breasts cupping them in her hands and working her way into her buttons she then slowly undid then. She removed Jenni’s blouse then reached around and unclipped her bra letting her full breasts spring free and then grasping them in her hands she teased her nipples with her fingers making them hard and erect. Jenni reciprocated by pulling Kim’s shirt off and sliding her hands up under her bra flicked it off releasing the most perfect set of breast I have ever seen. This sent my shorts throbbing and I wondered how much more I could take. To watch my wife and another woman fondling each other breasts was a dream come true.

The show continued as the girls rubbed bodies and danced suggestively both topless, rubbing bodies and caressing each other and themselves. I hoped for more and I had not long to wait. This time to my surprise Jenni started first undoing Kim’s jeans and motioning her onto the couch were she finished removing her jeans, she then removed her own shorts and they continued the teasing motions. As they rubbed bodies Kim started to lick Jenni’s breasts spending time teasing and tugging at her nipples to they were erect and rock hard again, she has very sensitive nipples that when aroused are very erect. When she had finished with her nipples she moved down her stomach to sensuously tease her navel. While this was happening she slid her hand down the front of Jenni’s G-string and I could see the look of pleasure on Jenni’s face as well as the look of anticipation on Kim’s. I think that this was the point it went from being a game to something that was more real, very real and my penis was as hard as rock and throbbing, and I was finding it hard to sit still.

The last pieces of underwear were quickly removed revealing two nicely groomed bushes with Kim’s being a natural white blond and Jenni’s the strawberry blond I was used to. Both their hands their went straight for the others cunt, rubbing and teasing the folds of skin, the speed started to quicken as the pleasure over took them. Moans started to be made as hands caressed bodies in a more vigorous and pleasurable way, both turned on by the others heightening pleasure.

Then to my amazement Jenni put her head in Kim’s crouch and dove her tongue deep into Kim causing her to moan loudly and she in turn plunged her fingers deep into Jenni’s hole. They both went for it while I sat there just watching in a pool of sweat. As their moans grew the pace quickened and Kim gave out a long moan as she came, this seemed to send Jenni over the edge and her hips tightened and shook as she too came. Their intertwined bodies relaxed and they both began to laugh and Kim said in a labored voice “how was the show” I just smiled displaying a large wet stain on the crouch of my jeans. Once the girls were partly dressed and we all had regained our senses Kim said “we’ll have to do that again”, “for my husbands benefit” my reply was “Can I watch”.



  • fantasyfillar

    18 Mar 2018

    Thanks for spending the time to post a comment :)

  • JustunMe

    08 Mar 2018

    Have been lucky enough in the past to be there, but also had the pleasure of being invited in to finish off, great story and brought back fond memories.😋

  • Hawt1

    07 Mar 2018

    Wow, that was hot! I did enjoy that, thanks :)

  • 1easygoingguy3

    07 Mar 2018

    Mmmmmmm. Yummy. That was simply delicious

  • jaspur

    06 Mar 2018

    It had me on the edge real good

  • sweetnsensual

    06 Mar 2018

    Sounds like fantasy