M43 F38

Fistful of treasure

October 30 2022

“More….I need more” she pleaded between long, drawn out breathes.

4 fingers weren’t enough to satiate her desire to be filled.

He leaned closer to her ear “tell me exactly what you need” saying it as if slowly spelling each word, emphasising “exactly” so she understood she was in as much control of the moment as he was.

“Your fist, I need it inside me” flowed from her lips like it had been waiting to a lifetime to be said.

He softly praised her with her favourite 2 words “Good girl” as he eased his thumb inside her already creamy pussy.

This was where he craved to be, on the edge of something, that exciting moment of pushing a boundary and finding an edge to balance upon.

She had talked about this being one of her secret, dark desires and whenever she spoke of stretching herself with her bigger toys it always ended with her failing to contort her hand to get her own hand inside of her.

He knew she was capable of taking it from the first time they fucked. She had a tight pussy but was one of those girls that once fully aroused she would be practically dripping with anticipation and after he taught her to squirt, her pussy would completely relax as she trusted his intimate knowledge of how it worked.

This time was no different from every other time he spent between her thighs with his warm mouth. Between the rhythmic pressure of 2 fingers on her swollen g spot and the gentle sucking and caressing of her clit with his warm, soft tongue she was a noisy mess. He prided himself on the amount of her nectar that slowly flowed from her and she loved feeling her warmth trickling down over her tight little arsehole that he would use to lubricate her other dirty, needy hole. There was always a wet patch left on the bed even when he wouldn’t drain her of her squirting orgasms and a towel was never out of arms reach for these beautiful moments.

Uttering “Push back on it like a good girl” in her ear set her off again.

Her breathing erratic and staggered. She reached her hands down and grabbed a handful of her cushy arse cheeks, spreading herself wider. She matched his pressure and exhaled a long, wavering moan as he felt the last knuckle of his thumb being enveloped. Her eyes locked on his as his free hand gently found the side of her face, his thumb gently tracing her flushed bottom lip. Slowly she opened her mouth, her tongue softly flicking around it, inviting it in. As soon as she clasped her lips around it her eyes shut softly as if in a trance. He could feel her gentle moans reverberate through his now wet thumb and wished it was his hard cock. He throbbed as he watched her body undulate from head to toe in perfect measure. Her body flowing in time to an imaginary beat that gripped her body. He timed clenching his fist with her hip thrusts and her body responded in kind. Every minute movement of his fist amplified her pleasure and she rewarded them with harmonies that angels couldn’t match.

His cock hadn’t even been touched, yet precum dripped from its glistening tip. He knew tasting his essence would tip her over the precipice she was straddling so he waited patiently for his moment of gratification. Her eyes still tightly shut as her tilted her head slightly to accommodate his throbbing member. Once she let go of his thumb her moans amplified till they were once again muffled, this time by the pulsing thickness of his manhood. He made no movements besides the clenching of his fist as her body consumed him. His cock freely feeding her precum as he held back his burgeoning desire.

“Open your eyes” he growled as his palm engulfed her delicate neck as it strained to take more of him.

She looked up at his piercing eyes and as he uttered the words “you’ve never looked more beautiful, now cum for me you filthy girl”.

As he applied pressure and forced his fist wider inside her she began shuddering wildly. His cock expelled from her mouth as her body arched and her head craned backwards, releasing his grip from her throat. Gasping for air between long cries of pleasure her body ignited with pleasure. His hand grasping his cock tightly he threw his head back and growled. She knew his calling card and instinctively latched her soft lips around his engorged cock, her climax still rippling through her toned body. She was rewarded with a forceful first load that covered her tongue before he slowly pumped more seed into her warm mouth. Waves of her climactic moans vibrating through his shaft, draining everything he could give as his animalistic growls echoed around them. Her pussy still clenching around his fist as she milked him of his last drop, never once breaking eye contact.

“Good girl, such a good fucking girl!” He exclaimed as she suckled at his sensitive cock. As he gently eased his fist from her quivering pussy she took it firmly in hand and while still locking eyes slowly took his still hard cock from her greedy mouth and began to lick her creamy essence from his glistening hand.