First couple part 2

May 08 2023

So, as we left part 1, I was pounding F from behind, whilst hubby circled the bed, filming and jerking his cock. She had already cum on me in the first 2 minutes of me being inside her, and my nerves had gone and I was now a confident beast here to pleasure.


I pull my cock from her drenched pussy and lay on the bed next to her, she positions herself and takes my wet hard cock in her mouth and licks up all of her juices from my shaft and balls, hubby has moved over close enough for her to wank his cock, she continues wanking him while sucking my cock l, not breaking eye contact with me, they both know that I’m her priority and hubby is coming last tonight.


She stops sucking and straddles me, my cock now slides in with ease as she rides it deep, grinding on me with the full length of me inside her, still playing with her husbands cock, he gets up and stands on the bed so she can suck on him, they laugh as she takes his cock in her mouth whist grinding on my long shaft, we all have a chuckle, I have my hands on her arse and hips, he undoes her bra to reveal her large, full tits, and they wobble as she rides me, starting to lift her ass up and slam it on my cock, beginning slowly, then getting faster until she’s pretty much twerking her pussy on my cock, sliding up and down, she can no longer focus on hubbys cock and now has her body pressed against mine as she works me, my hands slapping her big ass l, she lets out whimpers with each strike of my hand.


I pull her knees into my sides, lift her ass up a little higher and hold it there so I can pump her pussy hard and fast from below, this sets her off, cries of “oh fuck that’s so good”, soon followed by “don’t stop, I’m cumming!” as I pound her hard. She lifts herself off my cock as she cums and squirts all over me. She’s shaking but I slide back in without hesitation and continue pumping until she pushes me out again shortly after, squirting again, her feet and toes are curled as her body shudders in pleasure, I slide back in, balls deep and hold her ass down on me so she can’t pull up, practically soaking my cock in her pussy as she writhes around on top of me, hubby supporting her with words I cannot recall, saying how good that looked and how he’s never seen her squirt before ever!


I release my grip on her ass and she collapses onto the bed beside me, but I’m not done yet. I kneel on the bed and roll her onto her back, she spreads her legs and I slide inside her missionary, I pull her knees together and lean forward, her knees on my chest, and begin deep stroking her pussy. I begin slow, but deep and hard, each stroke ends with a loud clap of our bodies colliding, as well as a gasp from her, I slowly increase the pace until it’s almost like someone applauding us, the sound of the claps. I can feel my cock harden even more, I know I’m approaching orgasm, she has muffled her screams by burying her head into a pillow, I’m watch her tits bouncing, hubby is filming and letting out the odd “fuck yes baby, take that cock” to which she cannot respond to, all of this new scenario, this new visual, has my cock tingling and rock hard as it plunges deep inside her silky wet pussy, each stroke bringing me closer, I lose control and pull out, she releases her grip on the pillow, spreads her legs and pushes her tits together, opens her mouth, tongue out, I know where she wants it.


She does all this with such speed, I’ve just pulled out and have one hand at the tip of my cock, she’s aching for that load, once stroke of my hand, tip to base, and my cock explodes, throbbing and twitching as ropes of hot cum cover her tits, face and tongue, she beckons me to move forward so she can milk any extract of cum from my swollen knob, sucking on the tip until there wasn’t a drop left inside of me. I move off, stumbling, my legs not quite working properly, out of breath and in a dazed state, bliss, my eyes fuzzy.


Hubby then climbs on top of her, kisses her cum soaked lips and slides his stubby cock inter her destroyed pussy. I lean against the wall, my cock slowly softening but still moving with each heartbeat, hubby pumps her fast and cums within seconds of being in her used pussy, he fills it with a nice load and pulls out as cum leaks from her now open hole. We have a laugh and get cleaned up and dressed, I say goodbye and drive off home with empty balls and a night that I’ll remember forever, as would they, we continued meeting up many times since and it’s always a great time, but I’ll never forget the first…


  • Coolc72

    12 May 2023

    Love a hung suitor to plow my gal and film for me especially reverse cowgirl her pussy splayed open to camera

  • Tirthat

    11 May 2023


  • pineapplecouples

    11 May 2023

    Feel like the part about his stubby cock was unnecessary

  • Rrandy7

    11 May 2023

    So good. X

  • Young30scpl

    10 May 2023

    Sounds hot and so much fun