Film it

September 26 2023

She handed me her phone.

“I want you to film you fucking me”

She had already opened the camera app.

Standing at the end of the bed her tight pussy beckoned me.


Only moments ago she was riding me hard, with my hands taking handfuls of her voluptuous breasts and the odd squeeze of the nipples. I had to push her off before I spurted inside her. She flipped over and positioned herself toward the end of the bed. I needed more control, I would decide when I was ready to cum.


With one hand on her left cheek and the other holding the phone, I slid into her and edged her slowly, then with slow long deep thrusts in between faster, harder and more feverish fucking.


She played with her clit while I entered her from behind. The moans of pleasure had me reaching the peak again. I had no choice but to pull out.


“Don’t stop” she said.

“You don’t get a say”, I replied


I laid next to her on the bed and guided her mouth to my cock, still dripping with her juices. She went to work, from the head to the base she slobbered and slapped my cock against her face. All caught on camera.


“Don’t cum in my mouth - I want to feel it inside me” she demanded.


I held her head deep onto my cock and could feel the poison rising as she choked and slobbered. I grabbed her hair and pulled her up.


“Let me get you ready” I said.


I gave her back the phone, knelt of the floor and positioned my head between her thighs. I could see her silvery wet juices glistening on her pussy and down her inner thigh.


I sunk my tongue in deep and opened her lips with my fingers finding her pearl.

I looked up to see the phone pointed at the top of my head. She was still filming.


It didn’t take much, just a strong firm press of my tongue against her spot for maybe five seconds, her legs gave way and she writhed while I gripped her thighs. I felt the full orgasm on my face, I was covered in her juice.


“Cum in me” she demanded.


I was already rock hard and slid right in. Her pussy was still twitching. She dropped the phone and pulled my ass so I was deep inside her. That pushed me over the edge and I deposited a load of cum deep inside.

After thrusting a few more times, I withdrew slowly and watched the cream pie appear.


Her hand slid down and her forefinger spread the load all over her pussy.


“Yummy” she said as she licked the end of her finger.


We were both spent.


“Send me that video” I said