Fantasy come try and more.

September 02 2023

When I first separated from my Ex-wife, I headed out on a meet and greet on a Saturday night. I met up with a woman from RHP at a local restaurant and had a meal and a few drinks before she informed me she had to head home as the babysitter was only booked to 10 pm. We arranged to meet the next day for a more intimate catch-up as her ex-partner had her kids for the day. I kissed her good night, and we headed off. As the night was early, and after chatting with this hot lady, I was horny, I headed off to the local nightlife spot to shave a couple more drinks and see if I could find some company for the night.


At the bar, I was chatting to a friend having a drink, and my ex-wife and her work friends walked in. She was dressed to impress, and I saw one of her work friends was the young storeman she had told me she fantasised about fucking. Before we had split, I had discussed with her about swinging and if she ever wanted to fuck someone else, and she said no. But then told me about her fantasy of fucking the young ( he was 19) storeman (Dale) at work.


As the night went on, the Ex had a few drinks and came up to me and said she had not had sex for a while and when she leaves could she come to my place? Because of my meeting earlier in the night, I was horny and said yes. But remembering the fantasy, I had a thought. I asked the Ex what the occasion was to be out with her work friends, and she told me the Dale was moving to Melbourne for university. The Ex went back to her group and started dancing with the Dale. As the night went on I went over to the Ex on the dance floor and said I was heading off home and to call when on her way. The Ex said she finish the dance and share a taxi, and then Dale piped up and said he wanted another drink with the Ex. So I invited Dale to join us for a drink at my place. He was unsure, and so was the Ex, and I said it would be fine. The Ex whispered in my ear and said she wanted sex not a drink, I whispered back it would be only one drink or could be a little more if you wanted. The ex then turned to Dale and said come on, let's have a drink at his place.


We headed out I got a taxi, and Dale sat on one side, the Ex in the middle and me on the other side. The Ex had a skirt on and a button-up shirt, I ran my hand up her leg, and Dale was watching. I made sure the skirt came up and Dale could see my Ex's panties, and I could feel her wetness I rubbed her pussy, and she let out a sigh. Dale saw this and suggested he would head home once we got back to my place and I said no come in for a drink.


We all got out of the taxi and went inside I got the drinks and gave them to the Ex and Dale. I went into the bedroom and got the condoms and lube out and went back and joined them in the living room. I kissed the Ex and was chatting to Dale about how he was going off to university. I asked him straight up if he ever had sex. He answered no,and I said he would have fun at university after hours I unbuttoned the Ex's top and uncliped her bra letting her breasts fall free. Her nipples were erect and Dale was looking at my ex's breasts when he got up and said he should leave. I told him he should not leave as the ex had a fantasy of fucking him and if he wanted he could fuck her tonight. You could tell Dale was nervous and could see his hard-on in his pants. I told the ex to go kiss Dale and she did. I removed her unbuttoned top and bra and invited Dale to suck her breasts, which he did. I grabbed her skirt and removed it and her soaking panties. I started to finger her wet pussy as Dale was sucking her breasts. I suggested we move into the bedroom and told Dale to get undressed and I did the same. I told my Ex to sit on my face so I could eat her and to suck Dale's cock. which she did. The Ex climaxed in no time and I climbed out from under her. I gave her a condom and she put it on Dale's cock. She then laid down and I said to Dale to fuck my Ex he climbed between her legs and missed sliding his cock inside my Ex so she grabbed hold of his erect cock and guided it towards her wet pussy. Once inside her, she let go of his cock and he thrust inside of her. I kissed the ex and played with her breasts and sucked on her erect nipples. Dale stopped thrusting and monad as he had just come. He slid his now limp cock out of my Ex with a condom full of cum.


I told Dale to lie down and the ex got on all fours and kissed him. I moved behind her and entered her pussy, doggie style. I started to trust gently inside her and she was getting excited and she continued to kiss Dale. she move one hand to Dale's cock which was now beginning to harden due to the sight of my Ex being fucked in front of him and her attention from my ex. I began thrusting harder as she moaned in pleasure. She began organisming so I stepped up the trusting and I was pounding into her with a slapping sound on her ass. I came deep inside her pussy filling it full of cum. I slowed my thrusting down and withdrew my cock from her creampied pussy. I moved around so she could suck our combined juices from my cock.


I notice Dale was hard by this stage again so I encouraged my Ex to keep sucking me until I was also hard. I passed another condom to the Ex and said I think Dale is ready for another round.


She put the condom on Dale and I told her to climb on top of Dale, so she did sliding his cock into her cum filled pussy. He mentioned how wet she was and I told him she was full of cum, he had a big smile on his face. She started to ride his cock and could see she was starting to get worked up and she grabbed hold of my cock. I took her hand away, got the tube of lube and applied it to my cock. I positioned myself behind her. I Drippled some lube onto her ass and positioned my cock at her ass with the tip resting against the opening. I whispered in her ear do you want me to enter. She was moaning with pleasure with Dale thrusting into her from below and she she said yes. With that is slide my cock into her ass and she had both of us thrusting into her. One in her ass and one in her pussy. She orgasmed shortly after I entered her from behind. Dale came also and I told him to keep thrusting into her and not to pull out. I kept thrusting into her ass and she cum again flooding juice all over Dale and his now limp cock slid out with the extra juices. I kept thrusting into her ass and then I filled her ass with cum. I pulled out and cum run out of her ass. We all laid down the Ex in the middle and all went off to sleep. I woke up in the morning and Dale was hard so I threw him a condom and said to wake the ex by fucking her. He put on the condom and enter her and started to fuck her. I went into the kitchen and made three coffees and came back in and the ex was cleaning the cum of his cock she said she liked being woken that way. After coffee, Dale dressed and left. I filled the Ex with cum again showered and took her home. Then headed off for the pr-arranged date from the night before. That is another story


  • sandman15

    11 Sep 2023

    Man thankyou that got me exited,what a awesome night and best morning finnish. Picture perfect.

  • cockolddaddy

    04 Sep 2023

    Wow that was so hot 🥵

  • BrisbaneHotMale

    04 Sep 2023

    Lucky Dale, it would be better if you put a name for Ex in the story instead of saying Ex in each sentence

  • oomf_94

    03 Sep 2023

    damn dale you got lucky! Love the build up and the eventual climax of the story, hope the babysitter meet went well!

  • LustfulLion

    03 Sep 2023

    Good ol' Dale!

  • Zippycactus

    02 Sep 2023

    The ex lol. The Dale. Yet she is still the ex