Fantasy box - Tick

September 23 2023

I felt a swell of excited anticipation as I pressed purchase. My heart was racing, an exhilarated tightness in my chest, and an inevitable stirring in my loins. The package was headed her way!


The countdown to delivery was killing me. I was tortured by each passing minute that felt like an hour, every hour that felt like a week. How on earth was I going to make it to Friday night? I hoped she was feeling the same insane wave of anticipation!


The night finally arrived. Whilst I was unsure if I could really feel my legs shaking just a little as I stepped into my chinos, the trembling of my hands was confirmed as the buttoning of my neatly pressed collared shirt was a little more challenging than usual. I stepped through a mist of cologne, grabbed my phone and headed for the fridge for a nerve settling beer.


The clock ticked 7:05pm. The long anticipated fun was to commence with that stroke. I opened by beer, and opened the app on my phone. We had agreed she was to place her remote controlled vibrator in her panties at that exact time. I knew that she was to be dressed up as I was, full makeup, lingerie only except her high heels. It was play time.


I started my remote control intensity gently and in short bursts, generously distanced apart. I wanted to provide just a hint of what was to come. An alluring suggestion of the night ahead. I imagined in my minds eye the small bump of her clit as my thumb gently made slow concentric circles on my control pad, barely heavy enough to register a control input, and my mind was flooded with erotic images and scenarios of what might be happening on the other end of my carefully considered app inputs. I wondered if she was smiling, whether she had a hand placed on her crotch, whether she was waiting impatiently - perhaps slightly frustrated with the gaps between inputs, or whether she was writhing in pleasure with an ever-growing dampness between her legs. I thought of her there, of her shared images that demonstrated her beautiful drop dead gorgeous features, her rocking physique that she so clearly works so hard for, and the shapely tone of her legs beautifully accented by the shadows of the half light. All the time in full makeup, lingerie and heels - every mans dream. She also looks at the clock, not a word spoken, not a single message sent, just the anticipation of phase 2.


7:30pm and that door had better get out of my way! I was out and I knew so was she. We were both headed to the club, a swingers club, a mutual safe space where we could meet for the first time. My palms were sweaty and my heartrate raced as I further increased the intensity and duration of my control inputs. I imagined her wriggling around with each change to the vibrations. Was she as excited as me? Would she like me? By now I was so worked up and desperate for her approval. There was no going back from my half. I longed to meet her. What would be the first sentence? What would we say? How would she react? One way or another I was about to find out. The car pulled up and I entered the club and found a chair. As we agreed, I was wearing my ultra blue shirt and I had ensured that I arrived before her so she was not the one waiting. The power was all in her hands now as I eagerly waited her entry. And enter she did! I recognized her immediately in an absolutely stunning little black dress and heels that accentuated every hard worked chisel of her figure, her hair pulled back in a tight don't fuck with me ponytail of power, that then flowed beautifully and freely gently waving down to her shoulders. She was even more stunning in person than her pictures could represent. She is amazing. She smiles at me as she covers the ground that lay between she and I. I could hear the gentle but somehow alluring clip clop as her heels met the floor with each purposeful stride. My mouth was held in an uncontrollable smile. , I'm sure my eyes bugged a bit?


As I stand to greet her we embrace and she whispers in my ear through brightly colored shining lips which amplified her stunningly white teeth 'Well that was a most fun I've had getting ready to go out. I don't want to wait, lets find somewhere, I want you to finish what you've started.' 'Sounds like you enjoyed that as much as I did' I asked. 'Oh how could you have possibly had as much enjoyment as I did?' she grinned back at me as she pulled me away leading me through the crowd to a room.


As soon as we arrived she spun around and kissed me. There was an inexplicable explosion of passion, we were in a world completely of our own. I ran my hands over every curve or her body as our togues spoke a language of their own. I ran my hand up her leg, over the ridiculously perfect curve of her arse and into the small of her back. It ran the length of her body until reaching that ponytail where I took a nice firm but gentle grip and a bit of control. I could hear her gasp as I pulled her head back and focused my mouth and tongue on her neck. I could read her and her soft moans perfectly, I'd hit a zone, she was going nuts. My other hand continued to explore that body.


She pulled back, looked me dead in the eyes as she slapped me in the chest with both hands as if saying, MY TURN! She dropped to her knees and frantically pulled my chinos down. My member sprung out to greet her like an uncontrolled jack-in-the-box, and she wasted no time in devouring him. I looked down as those beautiful red lips were further accentuated as she worked my shaft! Oh the view!


I threw her on the bed, watched as I slipped her body out of that LBD cocoon and buried my face between her legs. There I could take over from my control inputs in person. She grabbed the back of my head cupped with her hand and drove me in harder. She wriggled like an out of control sexed up worm as I felt her legs tighten around my ears and thighs quiver. Her button was swollen as I moved from bottom to top with my tongue, I could feel it engorged with blood as I slowly increased the frequency in the top area and inserted a finger to stroke the dripping wet opening. I inserted deliberately and knowingly to the second knuckle and searched for the rough patch on the lining of the upper wall as my tongue continued it's work on the button. She's gone again, harder this time and pulls me up in a passionate kiss that gave me no time to clean the wetness from by face and lips. She didn't care. 'I want you in me - NOW,' she whispered in my ear. With no time to even respond she had already grabbed my shaft and was inserting it into her saturated love hole. I drove in deep and our pelvises met in a deep grind. Her back arched, her mouth opened in extasy as she pushed hard before grabbing my hips and dug in her manicured nails orchestrating a ride like none I've experienced before. There we went through every position possible, when I got close to climax, I deliberately pulled out and went back down on her to regain some composure, I didn't want this ride to end! I watched her wriggle and moan and pull the most beautiful sex faces. It was quite the show! Until ultimately after another climax , she looked me deep in the eyes and said 'I want you to cum on my face. I want to watch you as you do it.' I rolled her over and with increased intensity and purpose as I pounded that perfectly shaped arse, The curvature of her back emphasizing her form. It didn't take me long. As I pulled out, she spun around in eager anticipation with those beautiful lips parted wide. The first burst shot right past landing in a line from her forehead, down an eye and the side of her nose and trickled on her lips. The next burst landed right in the intended target and finished on her outstretched tongue. A few bursts later and she was devouring my shaft in a sexy as hell groan and cleaned up any mess, all the time not breaking eye contact for a second. She smiled at me as she looked up in my eyes.


'Well what a way to meet a stranger.' she says through a smile.