Dressed to impress

November 06 2023

It wasn’t normally something I would do, but she was so excited to know that I was going to be wearing the lacey underwear she had brought me the week before. I didn’t even know they were there until she told me to look at for the gift she had left in my glovebox last week.

Initially I thought they were hers, but it was evident that they were more my size. She had this way of pushing my boundaries gently and I found myself following her lead on many occasions.

She had sent me a message in the morning that I had to wear them to work and that I had to take a pictures of them during the day to send to her.

It felt so erotic, my cock rubbing against the fabric as I walked from the train to the office. I felt very self conscious and every time someone smiled at me I wondered if they knew what I was wearing underneath.

The first picture I sent was a cheeky snap of the top of the lace as I sat at my desk. I was so careful nobody was looking, but my heart was racing as I had pulled the top of my pants down enough to see the black lace.

She messaged me back… “not good enough”

I replied “sorry, I’ll get a better shot soon”

It was another hour before I had a chance to head out for a coffee. As I hoped in the empty lift, I quickly undid my pants and took the second shot before quickly tidying myself up again. This time you could see the outline of my cock bulging through the lace. I was certain she would like it but she responded quickly, “still not good enough, I want a full shot” she said.

Next to the cafe is a trendy seconds clothing shop and I had an idea. I walked in and smiled at the lady behind the counter. It was early so I guessed she was happy to have a customer. I selected a pair of jeans from the rack and asked if I could try them on. She nodded and pointed to the change room down the back of the store.

I pulled the curtain across and took off my shoes and slid my pants to the floor. My black lacey panties actually looked pretty good in the mirror and my building excitement was evident. I turned to one side and took a photo just as I heard a voice from the other side of the curtain.. “everything ok with the size?”

Her voice startled me and I fumbled my phone to the floor, just as I was about to pick it up I saw her hand grab it “ I’ll get that she said”….. oh shit the photo!

“Ohhh, what have we here then… mmmm… very nice indeed” she had spotted the picture on the screen and responded by pulling the curtain wide open.

There I was, standing with my pants on the floor in a pair of black lacey underwear and my cock bulging through the front. I froze in the embarrassment.

She reached forward and ran her hands over my cock…”you look sexy and it looks like someone is happy” she said.

I just stood there stunned, not knowing what to say or do.

“Don’t worry”she said, “I have something else you may want to try on instead of those jeans.” She reached around the corner to a rack next to the change room and passed me a small plastic bag. “Put these on as well” she said as she closed the curtain, still holding my phone in her hand.

She had handed me a pair of black fishnet stockings. I didn’t know what to do, but I realised that behind the initial embarrassment I was feeling very horny, so I did what I was told.

“Show me, does that look better?” As she pulled the curtain aside…”yes much better”

Before I could say anything she took a photo… but not with my phone, it was hers. Then putting that in her pocket she took a picture with my phone and smiled before handing it to me.

“Now put your pants back on over the top and I want you to come back later, I’ll have more for you” she looked down at my cock which was dripping through the lace, she smiled and pulled the curtain shut again.

What the hell just happened…I quickly pulled my pants up over my new stockings and my lacey panties, I put my shoes on and quickly dashed towards the door of store. I herd a laugh and turned and saw the lady with another woman looking down at her phone, she looked up and said, “ don’t forget to come back later gorgeous, or else I’ll send this picture to some of my friends, we will both be here waiting!”