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Double Dogging

October 22 2023

As a highly sexually active couple we have found dogging to be most enjoyable. We both get excited with the anticipation of a coming session of unrestrained sex, the thrill of having sex with unknown strangers, and the exposure of our naked bodies to others.

Most often since we have taken to the dogging scene, our sex at home has been intertwined with recounting experiences of dogging events, telling each other of hung partners who penetrated to depths of our bodies not achieved before, ways of bringing on sexual climaxes on multiple occasions, and downright base sexual urges we were unable to control. These fuelled our own lovemaking and exaggerated our desires for more dogging time.

Wanting to add a further twist to the whole experience, my wife Sarah and I hatched a plot to draw dear friends of ours into dogging and give them a taste of all the pleasure we get from it. So one warm and steamy night we broached the topic with our friends Steve and Sue. Surprisingly they were happy to participate that evening, they seemed almost too anxious to do it. Perhaps it was the copious amount of wine we had been drinking or the sexual petting we do with each others partner that had them aroused and ready to go. But I had a lingering doubt it was that, they just seemed too much in agreement for newbies.

Well it wasn’t long before we all jumped in our car, me and Sue in the back and Sarah and Steve in the front. Off we went to see which sites were active and to show our friends a new experience. On the way we all took the opportunity to fondle and excite the partner sitting next to us. I found quickly that Sue was on the brink of climax, she was wet between her legs and moaned heavily as I played with her boobs and pussy. Sarah who was driving was fondling Steves cock and balls, she also spread her legs as much as she could to give his fingers access to her pussy. I love watching my wife get off with other guys, but was fearful she might not drive too well if she climaxed.

Fortunately we arrived safely at the first dogging site without incident, we parked in the corner of the carpark, flicked our vehicle headlights several times and waited for a visitor or more. Sarah was first to notice a guy hanging back in the gloom near some trees. All of us squinted to check him out, agreeing he seemed a good prospect, so we lowered our vehicle windows and waved him to come over. As he approached into the cars parking lights, the Sue gasped and said she knew him from work. I whispered did she want to cover her head and we could leave. She stunned me by saying it was okay, her and Steve had fucked with him before. Sarah was the closest to him and spoke to him through her window. She invited him to come alongside the car and he could feel her up. She already had her boobs out from fondling with Steve in the front seat.

As he fondled her, Sarah slipped his zip down and pulled his cock out. We all looked on at a huge hard cock glistening with pre-cum. Sue said, I hope she can handle a whopper. I confirmed she was up to it, and asked her how she had taken him previously. She just winked and mouthed a big O. She then hopped out of the car and said to the guy that both women wanted to bang his big meat stick. Sarah also hopped out and quickly undressed. She lent over the car bonnet and claimed the first fuck. Sue was kissing the guy and playing with his balls as he mounted her.

Both Steve and I watched on as the women worked our well hung visitor. Discretely other guys and another couple were gathering around and enjoying the threesome action. Sarah and Sue tried as best they could to get other guys to come forward and drop their cocks out for a suck and wank. The other couple also came forward, stripped and joined in with Sarah, Sue and Mr well hung, never did get his name.

All up there were now about 10 of us naked, fucking sucking and fingering each other. The women took turns in having guys fuck them on the car bonnet or the back seat of the car. It was such a turn on to see so much bare flesh in the moonlight all sweaty and covered in cum. I managed to fuck all three of the women, had anal with two of the guys and had Mr well hung fuck my arse. To quote the Toyota advert “Oh what a feeling”. I’m no anal virgin but it felt just as tight as my first time, he was a big. I couldn’t take any more anal after him.

Like all good things the time had come to finish and head off home. Some of the others had already gone and only Sarah and Sue were having a final fuck. Or so it looked to Steve and me as we waited patiently for them. As the girls disentangled we saw that it was the three women fingering and fisting each other with great gusto.

In the car on the way back to our place, Steve and Sue confessed the were experienced doggers. They had manipulated Sarah and me to go to that particular site, where Mr well hung aka Trevor, and the other couple Jill and Brian would be waiting. We agreed it was a great evening made even better by their friends being there.

Later as Sarah and I were turning into bed, we divulged our highlight moments from the night to each other, funny both of us said Trevor in unison. She said her pussy was still raw from his huge cock and deep penetration. I confessed my arse was as sore and still leaking his cum when I moved. I didn’t mention that for sympathy, but Sarah felt obliged to help. She got the Vaseline and fingered huge dollops into my arse, wow that was great, but when she used her vibrator to slide the Vaseline deeper I was beyond it and cum again on the bedsheets. Waking late next morning, I found Sarah still asleep with her vibrator deep in her pussy and Vaseline and cum all over both of us.

I am sure we are going dogging with Steve and Sue again very soon.


  • Timetobe

    01 Dec 2023

    Where in Perth is this site. I’d love to watch.

  • Andy_Magn

    12 Nov 2023

    Any dogging places in Victoria?

  • Adventures4us

    12 Nov 2023

    I think we need to look into dogging!!! Yummm

  • rover35

    06 Nov 2023

    Great story very sexy indeed😈😈

  • cheza

    03 Nov 2023

    Hot story, I immediately started searching dogging sites near balmain lol

  • fun2behere

    03 Nov 2023

    Recently had my first dogging experience. And loved it. Yours is a ripper yarn

  • JonnyV69

    03 Nov 2023

    Sounds like a great time. No holes barred. Awesome.

  • Funfourone

    03 Nov 2023

    Done this years ago uninvited however was in the mist of it all. That’s great hospitality.

  • J_sunnyc

    03 Nov 2023

    How do you find locations? I’d love to be a naughty perve in the bushes waiting for a fuck 🤣

  • Alan69

    03 Nov 2023

    Last time my partner and l went to try our luck dogging we just about ran out of fuel trying to find a place oh well Summer is here again will have to try once again Never had this problem in the UK even a few weeks ago we were lucky in a few places near Derby and in the lake district.

  • Funtimes777

    02 Nov 2023

    Would love to know some of the dogging locations

  • ajaussie

    02 Nov 2023

    Nice one. Never experienced dogging action.