Dom and sub fantasy

June 06 2023

I have always had a fantasy of being in a dom sub relationship..

but as my dom he gets ownership of me

When i go out to social events i have to wear collar and return home to him n make sure he is satisfied before and after with lots of sex.. if he cant come then usally he drives me to the venues so he has control of the situation.


I had a wild dream i went to watch a band with my dom partner and on the way back he says "how much do you want my cock nikki?" .. i begin by sucking his cock in the car and then he says "good girl" We arrive at his house and we tip toe to the room and he begins to undress me sucking my nipples caressing them .. i lie down and he lifts up my dress taking it off and starts eating me out licking my clit.. im moaning with pleasure my hips rocking side to side..he says " mm you taste so good " i giggle as i pull his head in closer.. his cock is rising and he says "nikki my dick is so hard for you" he then slaps his cock on my pussy and says " how badly do u want it.?" . i say " yes fuck me.". He slides it in half way n pull out "i wanna hear u moan loader for me" i say "yes" then he puts his cock in longer and thrusts out.. im getting so wet with each trust moaning like crazy i stare at him and he puts his fingers in my mouth as i suck harder and he thrusts harder and harder he says " fuck im going to cum babe" as he takes off the condom and blows his load all over my tits.. "that was great" i say! He grabs me a towel and as i get up he smacks my ass lightly and says "you better be ready for round 2 babe".. as i enter the shower im washing his cum off me he enters the showet to join me pushing me onto the shower screen and says "look what you have done to me" referring to his hard cock rubbing it up against my butt i then turn around bend to my knees and begin sucking him off the shower with the water running down. "Mmm thats good " he says as he pulls my head in further as i suck his cock he then says "come out i want to fuck u again" i walk out he slaps my ass lightely and tells me to lean over the bed he then pushes my head down in the covers as he puts his big cock in me i moan and he starts slowly pushing my head in the pillow then building up the pace

reaching for my tits then grabbing my hair as he penetrates harder.. Omg im screaming with pleasure

He keep going for a while before he cums and shoots his load all over my ass and down my leg.. mmm he then says " i better drive u back home" ..after i clean myself up we begin driving home on the way he keeps touching my clit knowing im always wet around him. He takes a detour and we stop at a park and he says " i wanna taste you " he pulls my chair back

and lifts up my dress and begins licking i say "what if someone sees you?" " i dont care haha" he says "just lie back enjoy"" look how hard u make me" as he pulls out his cock i then begin sucking "mm omg im gonna cum" and he cums in my mouth and i swallow .. "your a good girl nikki" he says as he drops me home.