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Dogging hotwife

September 02 2023


Another of Ellys fun hotwifing adventures was around 5 years ago. We found this great little secluded spot by the Swan River a while ago at the end of Caversham Avenue in Caversham (its on google maps). In summer if we were bored, we’d head down there with a few drinks. I had a Mitsubishi 4WD Ute with a high fibreglass canopy and a mattress in the back so we could sleep in it when we went camping.


Down the river we would reverse up and sit on the tailgate with a few drinks, music on and enjoy the sunshine with a great view up and down the river as well. With Elly being quite the exhibitionist for fun if there was a boat with an all-male crew coming along, she would flash as they went pass. Anyway, it was a Saturday arvo in summer when we decided to head down to our spot. Arriving there were four guys in deck chairs fishing and enjoying beers, probably in their 40’s. They were only 15 metres from us and looked around as we set up on the tailgate.


Elly wearing a denim skirt and singlet wasn’t showing too much, so they didn’t pay much more attention. Once organized she discarded her skirt and top, underneath she was wearing a cheap micro bikini I had brought her off eBay. I didn’t know her bikini had arrived, so this was the first time I had seen her in it. It was white with a tiny strip of material around 2cm by 5cm in the front making up the bottoms and tiny triangles that barely covered her areola for the top, all held together by thin elastic. Her 38 dd tits were hanging out and with the elastic between her legs slipping between her flaps her meaty pussy lips were also on display. I must say they did suit her size 8 curvy body. Elly had just finished her stubby of ginger beer when a dingy with two guys in it was coming down the Swan river. At that time, she decided to stroll over to a fixed bin about 10 metres away to dispose of it. From behind she looked naked and quite a sight with her long blonde hair halfway down her back and bare arse wiggling as she walked. Putting the stubby in the bin the guys in the boat spotted her and whistled and shouted out as they went by, she waved back at them as she continued walking back to our car. Wondering what was going on the guy’s fishing were soon rubber necking, watching Elly walking back to the car. In her little bikini, with her bare arse showing they probably thought she was naked.


The guys were now constantly looking around. After a few minutes Elly decided to wander down to where they were fishing. She’s quite the social butterfly and talked to them for some time before returning She sat back on the tailgate and said, nice bunch of guys but there not catching anything. I told them if they got sick of fishing, they could always join us if that’s OK with you, I simply said sure. I had no idea of how long they had been fishing for but two of them took up the offer within 10 minutes. Walking up with beers in hand they offered me stubby. We shook hands and they introduced themselves as Tony and Bryce. Bryce was a good-looking muscular guy in shorts and a tee shirt and Tony the chubby fun of the party type guy. We started chatting while the other two continued fishing. Apparently, years ago they all used to play footy together, so the topic soon got onto sport. At that time Elly decided a conversation changer was needed. As we chatted, I noticed she had picked up her bag and was going through it before pulling out a tube of sunscreen. Straight away I knew where this was going with this as it was something she often did at the beach. Holding the tube, she said any chance you boys could help put on my sunscreen, Tony said yeah sure thing. Elly jumped off the tailgate and said best not get any on my new bikinis hey!! Tony just laughed and said is that what you call them. The guys looked on intently and somewhat surprised as Elly simply undid the buckle on her top and pulled it off to fully expose her breasts then pulling off her bottoms and throwing them in the back of the Mitsubishi. Now naked She grabbed the tube and squirted a heap over her tits. Bryce intrigued at this stage curiously asked are you guys’ swingers or something. I said not so much swingers, but she is a hotwife. As we chatted Elly had already taken Tony’s hands and put them on her sunscreen covered mounds. Bryce continued with the topic asking so you guys are married, but she plays with other guys. Elly answered that saying, she certainly does hon as she handed him the tube. Tony was now cautiously rubbing the cream into her tits. Elly said to Bryce you can do my back, or should I say rear hon as she laughed. Putting cream on her upper back Bryce rubbed sunscreen into her shoulders and upper back. Occasionally slipping a hand lower to feel her arse.


By now Tony was full on massaging her breasts and squeezing her nipples. They both seemed quite comfortable with the situation now and obviously having had a few beers probably helped relax them. Grabbing the tube Bryce filled his hand again with sunscreen, throwing the tube back on the tailgate he put his cream filled hand straight onto Elly’s bottom. I moved back to get a better view as he rubbed her butt cheeks. Tony seeing Bryce’s lead picked up the tube putting more on his hands. He went to apply it to her tits again, but Elly redirected his hand down to her pussy. Tony wasted no time and put his hand between her legs. I had the perfect view for a stag hubby, watching Tony standing in the front of my wife one hand on her breast the other between her legs massaging her bald cunt, while Bryce was behind her working his hands all over her arse and reaching around to feel her tits. Elly moving her hips back and forth in a fucking motion was looking me straight in the eye grinning, knowing she was giving me what I wanted. I totally forgot all about the other two still fishing as they also approached with beers in hand jokingly saying do we get an invite to the party. Laughing I said sure as we shook hands, they introduced themselves as Peter and John, Elly said Hi again guys. They seemed to have the situation in hand and were soon standing either side of Elly feeling her up as well. She looked like such a slut, standing naked surrounded by four guys all groping her, she was feeling for their cocks through their shorts, and also taking turns open mouth tongue kissing Bryce and Peter. Elly now moved to the back of the car sitting on the tailgate. She then shuffled back so she was sitting on the mattress, she lay back putting her feet up on the tailgate, with her knees up in the air she spread her legs wide so the boys could see her cunt. Tony went straight in fingering her with two, three then four fingers in a thrusting twisting motion in and out of her hole. Happy to put on a show Elly was now rubbing her clit in a circular motion with her right hand and with the other she was pulling on her nipples while we all looked on. Gyrating her hips in time with Tonys fingers as she masturbated, she began breathing heavily, then moaning as she thrust her hips up and down faster before her whole body started shuddering as she orgasmed in front of us. Bryce said, fuck she a dirty bitch hey as they laughed!! Catching her breath Elly propped herself up on her elbows smiling and said, you can fuck me if you like guys. Bryce taking up the offer said shit yeah, pulling off his shorts he was already erect.


Elly moved back into the car so she could be more comfortable laying on the full length of the mattress. Bryce joined her and got on top. She looked like such a dirty slut, legs spread and up in the air as this guy who she had just met shoved his knob straight up her fuck hole. The rest of us had a great view, his balls bouncing around as his cock was slamming in and out of her vagina. Elly with her arms around him. After a while he pulled out, his cock still at attention it started jerking and his big balls pulsating as he pumped his load over her stomach. As he rolled off Elly began rubbing his cum into her stomach and breasts. Now the boys were really wanting a piece of her as Tony grabbed her hand and pulled her out of the car, Elly got straight to her knees in front of him as he pulled out his cock, she briefly licked his balls before putting it in her mouth and began sucking him. with John now standing next to Tony Elly was taking turns wanking and sucking on both of them. Meanwhile with pants back on Bryce went and grabbed some more beers. After 5 or so minutes of sucking and wanking the guys, Elly stood up, moving to the back of the car, she bent over with her hands leaning on the tailgate. Looking at Tony smiling she tapped her butt and arched her back to make her bottom stick out more, he moved straight in and put his cock into my wife’s pussy and started screwing her. Her tits hanging down like udders were swinging back and forth as he pounded away.


Tony didn’t last long as she took his load inside her. John moved straight in as she remained bent over and took his turn with my wife. John was now pounding away and soon had her tits swinging again. After a while he pulled out and wanked his load over her arse. Elly stood up with a big smile on her face as she started massaging his cum into her bottom. Peter now had his cock out as well, Ellys grabbed it and backed up to the car. Sitting up on the tailgate she laid back with her legs spread and dangling over the edge. Peter moved in between her legs, putting his cock head at her entrance. With a few thrusts he was now balls deep inside Elly, holding onto her hips he started fucking her. After several minutes he also pumped his load inside her. Bryce not finished yet had now reloaded and fucked Elly for a second time. With that we exchanged numbers before we all headed off. That was a great end to what started off to be just an afternoon of flashing, ending in a four-guy gangbang (unplanned fun is always the best fun). She did see Bryce and Peter several more times after that.


  • William55

    06 Oct 2023

    It would be nice to see some pictures, if that’s okay.

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    24 Sep 2023

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    05 Sep 2023

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    05 Sep 2023

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