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Dogging Determination

September 10 2023

Let me recap for those who haven’t read our earlier story Dogging Delights. We are a couple into the kinkier side of life. Recently we, or to be more precise, mainly my wife decided to try dogging, having sex in public with random others.


Our first adventure during the day was a great success, multiple sex partners and great sex for both of us. Next the wife thought night time could be different again and a new site we read about was really swinging in the dogging world. So, after dinner on a weekday night we dressed lightly, in clothes that could come off and go back on quickly and easily. A tip we read from a seasoned dogger.


A 15 minute drive brought us to this new dogging site, and into an almost empty carpark on the shore of an inner city lake. We sat and waited for something to start, not sure what, but we knew it was imminent. At first just a solo guy wandered up to my wife’s car window and waited. We had read dogging participants do not force themselves on others, they wait to be invited. My wife said hi and asked if we had the right place and why it was so quiet. He seemed non-plussed and looked around. He thought maybe it was quiet mid week or still early.


My wife wasn’t deterred by only attracting a lone player, she slipped her top off her shoulders and with no bra on exposed both her big bouncy breasts to him. She beconed him closer and took his hand to her breast. He was nervous and over excited at the same time. She took the initiative and leaned out the car window undid his trouser zip and fondled his penis. I was proud of my wife’s forwardness and began to finger her pussy through her slacks. With no panties on she quickly soaked her slacks crouch. She was moaning softly and led his hand from her breast to her pussy. He baulked momentarily as he felt my hand there as well but soon slipped his finger in to her crack.


By then we noticed a few other guys standing back from our car watching. The wife said she was getting out to undress fully and check the new guys out. Totally naked she embraced our first visitor and rubbed her bust and pussy hard against him. She whispered he was nice and could go first doing whatever he wanted with her. Then she slinked off to survey the other talent and commence her action.


Returning to the first guy it became apparent he wanted her bent over the car bonnet with her lovely bubble butt receiving his attention. Although a bit tight on his rather big cock the wife’s arse soon relaxed to take him deep inside. Therein began the nights action. Guys number two and three were waved up by my wife for oral and hand stimulation. They stood either side of her foundling her boobs as they swung beneath her body and having their cocks expertly worked off.


I hopped out of the car and joined the small crowd waiting for their turn. I counted eight guys plus the first three with my wife. It did not seem to take very long before it was my turn with her. She looked back over her shoulder smiled at me and said her arse was full to the brim with cum if I wanted that or her pussy was still almost unused. I selected the pussy and as she rolled over to face me a huge load of cum gushed from her arse and down both our legs.


Slipping our clothes back on the wife asked how many guys she had, I told her 11 was the final tally or 12 counting me. She kissed me passionately slipping her cum covered tongue in my mouth. Laughing she said, I know how much you like tasting cum so I saved as much as I could for you.


I am more and more enjoying these dogging sessions.


  • jfrost99755

    05 Oct 2023


  • Gfuntimes

    15 Sep 2023

    Sounds like a wonderful afternoon 😀 can't wait for the weather to warm up again

  • icanhost

    13 Sep 2023

    Hot encounter 👍

  • The_fumbler

    13 Sep 2023

    Geez if only we could chat on here! I'm in Perth as well and would really enjoy an experience like this!.

  • BrisbaneHotMale

    13 Sep 2023

    I’m not sure it’s a fantasy or real but even when I’m interested it’s hard to find the right people for the right time to join them. It has many parameters that make it hard to have a good time

  • Voyeuristics7073

    13 Sep 2023

    Where can we find dogging locations in Vic? Is there a website, as we would love to try it one day

  • marc3006

    13 Sep 2023

    Interested in participating in this kind of sexual games

  • DeviousDave

    13 Sep 2023

    Hi there

  • Dave4fun

    13 Sep 2023

    I got nice and hard reading this

  • John70

    13 Sep 2023

    Mmmmm so hot i love it .