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Dogging Delights

September 09 2023

As a hot couple in hot Perth, Australia, we often sought out sunny excluded places for our sexual pleasures.


Reading about a dogging site in our area that was trending with couples and voyeurs, we both were super keen to check it out. Very soon on a warm sunny spring afternoon, we drove to the site not really knowing what to do or how to express our desires. Luckily a young guy approached our car and asked if we were interested in joining in at the site. My wife almost creamed herself from just chatting through the car window with this spunky guy. Little did I know then that he had pulled his big cock out and was slowly wanking it while my wife watched.


We agreed to walk with him through some trees to the meeting site. The young guy walked alongside us still with his cock out and swinging as we went. Deep into the trees he turned and invited the wife and me to undress. Standing naked in this small secret opening in the trees my wife and me agreed that anything that happened that afternoon was acceptable to us both. The young guy started feeling her up and kissing her mouth and breasts. Just as he moved to fingering her pussy and arse, movement around the fringe of the trees became obvious and other naked guys moved into our circle.


I saw that my wife was looking anxious as the number of guys grew. I said to them that she was willing to suck and fuck them all but please show respect and restraint we didn’t want to be hurt or abused. She smiled back at me and layback on a nearby tree stump and invited our young friend to go first. He was big and certainly filled her pussy, she moaned and humped back as he plunged into her. Not content with only one cock she waved two other guys to join in with oral and handjobs.


Then I noticed another guy standing back from the circle of guys with his woman naked next to him. We locked eyes and soon joined together with me lapping her dripping pussy and him wanking my cock. Soon she wailed with excitement and squirted over my face. Without missing a beat she grabbed my cock from her husband and bent doggy style to take it in her arse. Her crawled under her and managed like a contortionist to enter her pussy.


I had a quick glance across at my wife and saw she also was being double penetrated by two new guys. Our young friend was still present fucking her mouth deeper than I had ever been in before. That afternoon seemed to continue forever. Body parts and fluids everywhere. I know I sucked and wanked maybe six or more guys and had two women as well. I couldn’t count how many my wife had it was often impossible to see guys cumming and going from between delectable thighs and boobs. Alas eventually the crowd thinned and we both took our last partner. Needless to say for the wife it was our first young friend and for me the woman from my first couple. Afterwards we dressed and sauntered back to our cars as a group.


There was still a little rustling in the trees as we past, a few were getting their final tug in before dark. We said our byes to our new acquaintances and drove out of the carpark. My wife said that was huge and she had also saved a deposit from each of her eight partners, which she wanted me to lick and suck out from her soon. We stopped at the next deserted side street and I feasted on her pussy delights.


We will definitely go dogging again real soon, and if you chat with me here on this site I will tell you the address and when we are next going.


Hope you you enjoy, I will post more soon. I also publish sex stories on xnxx in the story section. Bye for now


  • shaynacd

    08 Oct 2023

    Oh wow hot as. I would love to join in

  • Dober_man

    03 Oct 2023

    Fantastic story. Im in perth too. Love to join next time 😈

  • SirSpankalot1966

    24 Sep 2023

    Great story Love dogging Would love to join you guys one day or night for a little fun

  • OzRednecks

    24 Sep 2023

    That is, without a doubt, one of the hottest, sexiest, horniest stories I’ve read (and I’ve read a few) Thanks for sharing. I’m wetter than ever 💦💦🔥🔥🔥

  • In4somefun63

    21 Sep 2023

    Great stuff guys! If you can message me with next location hopefully I can make it and join in thank you

  • Jaws1996

    20 Sep 2023

    This was awesome. Would love to know in perth this might be happening thankyou

  • Yash_always

    19 Sep 2023

    Can know where is this site?

  • Sandgroper76

    16 Sep 2023

    Great story please message next time you are heading out would love to help pleasure your wife

  • TopFFun

    13 Sep 2023

    I was very turned on by ur story. Pls msg me ( I'm just a guest sorry) would love to chat more and know where these places are as well as where ur goin to be next. Thx

  • Funcpl069

    13 Sep 2023

    Very hot story guys. Would definitely love to participate were was this spot located pls

  • Mr_Interested

    13 Sep 2023

    I like every other hotblooded guy who read your story would love to know where this dogging site is.

  • Timetobe

    12 Sep 2023

    Would love to know where in Perth that was

  • Jonper

    12 Sep 2023

    Very hot.

  • elegntcpl

    12 Sep 2023

    Thats hot we would love to know this spot!

  • rover35

    11 Sep 2023

    Such a hot story. Would love to know where this spot is for sure😈🔥🔥🔥

  • The_fumbler

    11 Sep 2023

    Now that was hot! I'm in Perth too, coincidentally 😛

  • MzTracey

    11 Sep 2023

    That’s hot guys 🔥😍

  • Yoursifyouneedme

    11 Sep 2023

    Cannot wait for your next story!