Doctor Doctor

August 13 2019

It has been a long day at the conference but I have learnt so many new techniques that will help my patients when I get back home. To relax a little I set myself up in a bar near my hotel and nurse a drink or two.

I notice over in the corner a lady who looks about 35 years of age wearing some tight fitting clothing. Her shirt is stretched across a very plentiful chest and the skirt looks like it is leather. I notice her long boots fit her legs very snuggly. She is lying back in the lounge and her breathing looks shallow. The guy who she is with has a strange look on his face and keeps looking around the room. He is about 25 and very skinny. My doctor sense kicks in and I head over to see what is wrong and offer my assistance if I can.

When I reach them and say I am a doctor she looks at me with relief. She tells me that she has a tight feeling running from her chest down to the top of her legs. I ask the guy with her if had noticed anything strange. He says he has only known her tonight and is not sure what happened. She was fine until she walked into this bar and then said she had pains.

I tell her if she wants I can give her a quick once over on her vitals. She agrees with a smile. I start with her pulse at the beginning it seems normal but as I hold her hand it gets quicker - worrying sign. I look into her eyes - big beautiful blue ones by the way - and they dilate quickly - another sign. I check her skin around her neck and it is flushed and hot to the touch - another sign. I need to check her heart as well but I don't have my stethoscope with me. I tell her about the issue and state I can use my hand but it will mean touching her breast.

"I don't have an issue with that Doc if it means I get better," she states.

I place my hand under her shirt and bra (need skin contact for the best result). The first thing that strikes me is her nipple is rock hard and her breast feels so good - 'professionalism doc,' I remember. The heart rate is elevated. I notice she keeps squeezing her legs together while this is happening as well - another sign.

I finish my exam and tell the young lady that she needs immediate treatment as her condition was serious. The guy is shocked and looks at me with a 'what the fuck' face. I say I have what can treat her in my hotel room nearby if she is willing and is able to walk with me. I turn to the young guy and say are you coming with her?

"I think she is best left to you to look after," he says and walks away.

I smile and turn to her saying "let's go."

I help her up and can see she is very flushed still and her legs are weak. I support her back to the hotel room saying I am sure I can fix what is effecting her.

She smiles weakly at me and says "thank you doc, I am sure you can fix me."

As we step in to the room I tell her to take off her shirt and skirt. She has a shocked look on her face and asks "why?"

I need to finish my examination and the clothes will get in the way. Nervously she takes the top off and almost immediately I could see her breathing ease slightly. Next the skirt - stepping out of it she smiles and I see that she has matching white lace bra and panties - professionalism doc.

I gather my stethoscope and place it on her chest - it is cold and she shrinks back in the seat. I continue to move it around pausing occasionally to cool it down. Her heart sounds good and strong. I tell her the next exam with the stethoscope is a bit strange but vital- she nods and says "I trust you doc I am feeling better already". I lower the scope to her panties and place it right where her clit is. A low moan escapes from her mouth.

I tell her I have found out exactly what is wrong and how we can fix it. She smiles and says "is that so? And what is the cure?"

I turn around, undo my buckle and drop my trousers showing her I have no underwear on. I tell her "you need to suck on this big tablet until you extract its content.

She smiles and growls "Yeeesss Doc."

We laugh a little until she takes my cock and starts sucking. The first part of her cure has started. As she has my cock buried in her throat I ask her "Wonder if the young guy will ever know what he missed out on by running?"

An hour later she is back to 100% health and we fall asleep dreaming of our next fantasy adventure.