Diving Cairns

October 23 2023

Time had come , weeks break and so a diving trip to Cairns planned.

I booked a 5 star live a board and was lucky to get a last berth for a 2 nights 3 days of diving.

Being by my self I had a spacious cabin and with 3 other couples I found myself immediately accepted. 2 couples from England husband and wife both couples my age and one very young couple from India.

By myself I was asked to buddy with a group in my dives.

The first dive was with the young Indian couple both were lovely in their coordinated wet suits which were skin tight showing off a very stunning figure for both ... on the dive, they had issues mask issues, ear issues and then air issues. I had to look after both for the entire dive when it ended I was exhausted missing the second dive.

That night i had a quick snack and went to my cabin. Only to hear a knock on my door both were standing there with gratitude and a small gift , I invited them in and they were so sorry for the trouble wanting to make up for the stress.

Before long they were throwing compliments at me and I said please stop im embarrassed- thats when she said why are you embarrassed we are all adults and open minded.

Smiling she leaned forward offering a beer,

her dress had a low v showing off her perfect breasts, nipples erect no bra and her breasts nearly falling out. The view showed off her figure and the fact she wore no panties ... wow what a sight!


The husband then asked there must be something we can do or offer you, he then stands up and offers another beer, as he stands the outline of his cock in his shorts is there for all to see. I noticed she noticed that I noticed and they are both smiling at me.

Oh God do I...

Ok I got up walked to the door and locked the cabin. Looking at them I got naked I was huge fully erect both sat there looking and smiling.

She spoke up asking you are very lovely who would you like first. I put my had out to her one said both of you. She stood dropped her dress. She was naked and petite but round perfect breasts hard long protruding nipples clean shaved virgina. She walked up kissed me on the lips while grabbing my swollen cock and began rubbing and playing with it, I then found Neil on his knees naked in front of me Eunice putting my cock in his mouth as he began to suck. She watch and continued to kiss and play with my bum rubbing stroking and squeezing. I start to cum as I was close to blowing she pulled me out fronted me then jumped up and impaled my cock into her ... again kissing me while using her legs around my hips to slowly pump my cock inside her.

Neil stood, wow I could see his cock was huge and then Eunice saying fuck him... while she rubbed her fabulous body up and down on my big dick.

He did .. he came round and I felt the pressure of his cock pushing in tight and hard but smooth moving in and out in a rhythm with Eunice riding up and down on my cock.

She started riding me faster and faster as Neil started pumping faster and faster...

Omg I felt an explosion in my ass... as I exploded in Eunice we all screamed in pleasure.

Im sure the entire boat heard us. And with that we collapsed on the bed and slept the night out.

That Dive Trip was fantastic.


  • JonnyV69

    19 Nov 2023

    Thats hot as fuck especially the wife feeding her hubby your cock.

  • Ironhorse234

    27 Oct 2023

    I've had the same thing. I was in the wife while the husband was in me. Sensational.