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Dani's surprise

February 25 2023

I was away in Sydney working for a few days and I had arranged for dani to come visit me on the weekend. I booked a nice hotel and picked dani up from the airport on Friday afternoon. Dani's birthday had been a few weeks earlier so I wanted to do something nice for her.


I took her shopping, we purchased a new dress for tonight and some sexy lingerie. We then went and checked into our hotel. As we hadn't seen each other in a few weeks we spent the late afternoon getting reacquainted, making love and cuddling. As the evening neared we got ready to go to dinner, dani dressed in her new dress, a small blue summer dress that hugged her slim figure and showed off how fit she is. We went downstairs to the restaurant and enjoyed a nice meal. I had been receiving messages all afternoon and during our meal I told dani that this was work stuff to throw her off.


After the meal we got a drink and sat in the lounge area. I sat next to dani so I could whisper quietly to her, I asked dani if she would like another birthday present yes please she replied with a smile. I pointed to the bar at a younger guy sitting at the other end. I have organised a present for you I told dani with a cheeky wink. At the end of the bar was


Brett a 28 year old guy I had been chatting with about joining us for the night. Brett was Dani's type muscular but not too big, clean and well presented. I called Brett over to join us. We all chatting and got to know each other a bit, I could tell dani was nervous but excited by the way she keep touching my leg. After another drink dani excused herself and left for the powder room. I knew this was our signal, I made sure Brett was on board with our rules and what dani likes, he asked me a few questions and we chatted for another 10 mins, we then headed up stairs to our room.


When Brett and I enter the room we see dani laying on the bed wearing the new lingerie that we had purchased earlier that day. It was a sexy black lace bra with matching g-string and suspenders attached to thing high stocking, completing the look was black stilettos. Dani smiled at us as we walked in. so I have another present for u I told dani and then I asked Brett to undress, as he slowly disrobed dani watched intently. As he finally removed his jocks to reveal a 9 inch cock I heard dani whisper "oh my" to herself.


Dani did not need any more invitation she sat up on the bed and pulled Brett to her. She started kissing Brett as they both rubbed their hands over each other's bodies. I sat in the corner, pulled out my phone and started filming, which is something we like to do for the memories. Dani's hand had moved down and was now stroking Brett's massive cock that was now rock hard, dani then bent down and started to suck his cock as she devoured his cock she waved her delish little ass in the air at me. I knew what she wanted, i got up a slow pulled her g-string off and flung it into the corner. I knelt down and licked her bald pussy from front to back and could taste how wet she was. I could hear her muffled moaning as she continued to such Brett's cock. I pulled her up right and unclipped her bra letting the straps fall off her shoulders exposing her stunning c cup breasts, Brett stood there just staring at Danis beautiful body I pointed to her breasts and he immediately started kissing and licking her nipples as I kissed her neck from behind. After a few minutes I laid dani down on the bed and asked Brett if he would like to taste her. Brett pulled her legs apart and buried his head into Dani's puss, as he licked her pussy she moaned and started to squirm under his tounge attention. I sat back in the corner and watched as dani was clearly enjoying the attention as her moaning got loader and her breathing increased, Brett obviously noticed this and slowly worked his way up Dani's body kissing her finally arriving at her lips were her kissed her passionately. As he kissed her he gently eased his large cock into Dani's dripping wet pussy. As he entered dani gasped in pleasure. He teased dani by entering her slowly a little at a time then pulling out rubbing his cock up and down her dripping pussy then entering her again this time a little further. He continued this until he got to the point all 9 inches were inside dani there he stopped a ground his cock balls deep in her. I had told him that dani liked this so he was happy to spend some time doing this dani responded by excitedly grazing his Hips and trying to push him deeper while moaning loadly. Brett then started to stroke in and out of dani nice long strokes the full length of his cock. Slowly at first then getting into a good steady rhythm dani was now super turned on and I could see she was not far off. I got up went over to the bed and knelt down beside her kissing her passionately as he fucked her. I whispered in her ear are u a naughty girl? She smiled and nodded between moans. Are u going to cum I asked her yes she whispered at this point I started egging brett on I tell him to fuck her he grabs her Hips and increases his pace this is to much for dani she arches her back and screams as she orgasms brett slows and stops fucking her but I immediately tell him not to stop I hear dani say oh God as he begins to fuck her again after 30 seconds of him fucking her again Danis eyes roll back her legs start to shake as she again orgasms. keep going I tell him u know what she wants

As I can see he is ready to explode he strokes into dani three more times then pulls out removes the condom and stands over her then with a few strokes of his wrist he cums all down danis front from her tits to her belly. Dani is just laying on the bed still in the bliss of her orgasm as brett leans down kisses her then goes off and gets dressed. Dani cleans up and we say good bye to Brett. We then settle in for the rest of the night making love and watching the video of the earlier adventure.


  • JoeLiKori

    07 Mar 2023

    This is my kind of night! Love the bonding you had afterwards

  • FallenAngel101

    03 Mar 2023

    Mmhh I'd definitely love a surprise like that.

  • L2lickp

    01 Mar 2023

    Great story. Very sexy.

  • BeckFlash

    01 Mar 2023

    Very lucky and spoilt lady. I can only hope to have fun like this one day.

  • ajaussie

    01 Mar 2023

    Very nice story. Reminded me of the same encounter I had with a couple from meet and greet in Melbourne. Very hot.Thanks for sharing.